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Ipsy June 2014

I love the sneak peeks, so I wanted to start the new thread for this month.  Even though I love trying new things I otherwise would never buy, I like having an idea of what is coming.


Looks like the bag does have the lei/flower theme in support of the luau.


Spoiler 1 (Lips)


NYX Butter Lip Gloss



*No other items are in the picture, so it looks like everyone will be receiving one.



Spoiler 2 (Eyeliner)


Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

NickaK Shimmer Eyeliner (both in the middle are this brand)

Ofra Cosmetics Eyeliner



*It looks like everyone will receive one of these three options.



Spoiler 3 (Face)

OleHenriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths

Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

Laneige Complexion Correction BB Cushion

ClariSEA Sea Salt Solutions Face Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant

MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Cream SPF30

Ofra Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil

Skinn Olive & Enzyme Rich Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask 

Essence of Beauty Wind Kissed Fine Fragrance Body Mist

DERMADoctor DD Cream

Realtree Perfume



*It looks like everyone will get two of these ten samples.



Spoiler 4 (Hair)


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti Breakage and Anti frizz Styling Cream



*It looks like everyone will get one of these three options.



Spoiler 5 (the bag)




Re: Ipsy June 2014

I am trading Maria the black eyeliner for a blue one.  Woohoo!  Now, we will both be happy.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

So jealous of your OH wipes!  I buy those and really wanted them in my bag.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Oh, lucky! You're getting the wipes! Smiley Very Happy Mine just updated too: 




No wipes for me :-/ But I do love NYX and Be a Bombshell, and I'm always open to getting fragrance in my boxes!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

This is the same bag I'm getting.  I hate Be a Bombshell. But I am always happy for any kind of lip gloss and yay NYX.  I'll use the beach spray and I was just about to buy a new black liquid eyeliner so I am very glad to be getting that.  The body mist is meh for me.  That's cheap like CVS brand stuff, but if it smells good I guess it's okay.  So not bad.  Love 1 item, like 2 items, okay 1 item, dislike 1 item.  Still jealous of the people who are getting the OH wipes.  Whenever there's something awesome in the bags, I never get it.

Re: Ipsy June 2014


Check out what I just got in the mail today! I haven't even checked my glam room or gotten a tracking number lol and it's my first box. The bag is pretty cute, something I'd actually want to use. The NYX gloss isn't in a shade that would be flattering on me but oh well. I got the blue sparkle eyeliner and am a little scared to use it because liquid is already challenging, let alone a bright blue liquid Smiley Very Happy can't wait to try the Carol's Daughter style cream

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I just received this same bag today! The NYX gloss shade wasn't flattering on me either but I like the formula. I've never tried NYX lippies before. I also think that the blue eyeliner isn't something I would wear daily, but it's beautiful. I like the other three items though.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

My main profile got the exact same products as yours. My secondary profile got 3 different ones. I might change a bit the settings on one of them to see if I get different other type of stuff next time!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

That bag is cute, looking forward to getting it! I'd be a little scared of the blue eyeliner too, lol, but it's a gorgeous shade!


My glamroom still hasn't updated and I'm afraid my June Ipsy + Glossybox are both going to arrive after I leave for vacation. :-/ buuuut my June Birchbox came in a couple of days ago (without any notification/updates to my account, lol) so I suppose I can't complain. Smiley Tongue

Re: Ipsy June 2014

My glam room hasn't updated yet either, have hope!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Nice.  Is the Ofra item indeed an eyebrow pencil?  Please share what is in the pink tube, so I can update it above.  I see that it says RealTree.  Is it a perfume?  Thanks!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Yes to both! The eyebrow pencil is a dark brown and the little pink tube is a sweet smelling perfume

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Wow! The Glam Rooms haven't even been updated yet and you have your bag! I'm a little jealous Smiley Happy I'm actually hoping for the sparkle blue eyeliner.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I know, it's crazy! My Glossybox came very late so I'm glad I got this box in a timely manner at least. I'm not big on colored liner but I might give it a try Smiley Wink

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Has anybody gotten a tracking # yet?

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I finally got a shipping number today at noon.  It looks like my bag shipped yesterday morning, so I am hoping to receive it tomorrow or the next day.  There is no anticipated delivery date listed, so tomorrow is probably unlikely.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Not yet, but I am stalking my Glam Room to see what I am getting.  According to Facebook, they are posting the info today (even though it was not up by the 10th for the last two months if I remember correctly).  I cannot wait to see what everyone is getting actually to see who is getting what they want.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

yup, just got it

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I Can't believe that it may actually be the bag I'm most excited for this month! Now if I got the Ole wipes with it I would be ecstatic! I'm pretty pleased with all of the options this month. 

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I just saw what is in my Sample Society box, and I am definitely thinking this has to be better than that.  They are sending me four moisturizers and two perfumes (one of the four is one I just received from Ipsy too).  I have more moisturizers than I can use already, so it is weird they are sending me four in one box.  Perfumes are not my thing either, so I am not really pleased about getting two in one box.


This bag looks awesome, and I think everyone wants the Ole wipes.  I cannot wait to see who actually gets them.  Game on!  I want them, so please, please, please!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I love the bag! The only other bags that I've liked were the leopard print and plastic pink ones from last summer.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I really like this bag too.  Someone on Facebook mentioned that she was selling a dress in the same pattern for either $275 or $375, so this is probably going to look even better in person.

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