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Ipsy June 2014

I love the sneak peeks, so I wanted to start the new thread for this month.  Even though I love trying new things I otherwise would never buy, I like having an idea of what is coming.


Looks like the bag does have the lei/flower theme in support of the luau.


Spoiler 1 (Lips)


NYX Butter Lip Gloss



*No other items are in the picture, so it looks like everyone will be receiving one.



Spoiler 2 (Eyeliner)


Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

NickaK Shimmer Eyeliner (both in the middle are this brand)

Ofra Cosmetics Eyeliner



*It looks like everyone will receive one of these three options.



Spoiler 3 (Face)

OleHenriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths

Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

Laneige Complexion Correction BB Cushion

ClariSEA Sea Salt Solutions Face Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant

MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Cream SPF30

Ofra Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil

Skinn Olive & Enzyme Rich Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask 

Essence of Beauty Wind Kissed Fine Fragrance Body Mist

DERMADoctor DD Cream

Realtree Perfume



*It looks like everyone will get two of these ten samples.



Spoiler 4 (Hair)


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti Breakage and Anti frizz Styling Cream



*It looks like everyone will get one of these three options.



Spoiler 5 (the bag)




Re: Ipsy June 2014



No tracking # yet but my room updated Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Oh, lucky! You're getting the wipes! Smiley Very Happy Mine just updated too: 




No wipes for me :-/ But I do love NYX and Be a Bombshell, and I'm always open to getting fragrance in my boxes!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

This is the same bag I'm getting.  I hate Be a Bombshell. But I am always happy for any kind of lip gloss and yay NYX.  I'll use the beach spray and I was just about to buy a new black liquid eyeliner so I am very glad to be getting that.  The body mist is meh for me.  That's cheap like CVS brand stuff, but if it smells good I guess it's okay.  So not bad.  Love 1 item, like 2 items, okay 1 item, dislike 1 item.  Still jealous of the people who are getting the OH wipes.  Whenever there's something awesome in the bags, I never get it.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

So jealous of your OH wipes!  I buy those and really wanted them in my bag.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I was going to post mine, but we have the exact same Glam Room.  I am excited about the wipes for sure!  I am a little bummed about the mascara and black eyeliner, but I will survive.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I am trading Maria the black eyeliner for a blue one.  Woohoo!  Now, we will both be happy.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Congrats on getting the OH wipes! Hope you like them (but not enough to become an addict like me, lol. At $15/30 pack, it's hard on the wallet!)

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I am hoping the same thing.  There is no way I am going to pay that much for them, especially anytime soon.  I bought a bunch of cheapies from Target, and I need to use them all.  So far, none of the cheapies are keepers.  I really want a nice one that I can actually afford.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Getting 2 ipsy bags this month:




I can't wait to actually get the products and see how they work though!

Re: Ipsy June 2014



I didn't get the items I was really hoping for but it's still a decent bag so I'm not complaining.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I must say I'm really excited for everything in this bag, especially that eyebrow pencil! <3

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.42.14 PM.png

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I wanted the eyebrow pencil!!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I got this bag too!! I'm unsure about the perfume sample... but I'm sure I can use everything else!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ipsy June 2014

It's a pretty good brow pencil, it lasted all day for me! Also a good shade

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I love the pencil, it works beautifully Smiley Happy The beach spray has to be my favorite item though <3

Re: Ipsy June 2014

This is my first time actually checking my glam room (I prefer to be surprised) and I think i'm happy!

I'm getting:

Nyx Butter Gloss

Dove pure care dry oil nourishing treatment

laneige bb cushion

MD solar sciences mineral tinted creme

Nicka K New York shimmer eyeliner


I would've preferred something other than the MD product (finally realized my skin reacts horribly to most sunscreens), but I always expect to have at least one product that I won't like/use.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Even after all the previews, I was still okay with having cancelled my subscription. But my coworker got her bag today, and even though I probably wouldn't have gotten any of the same stuff, I was really impressed with her items. 


And yes, she got the OH wipes... super jealous. 


Oh well. Smiley Sad

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Aren't you claiming those wipes as a referral fee or was that a different friend you can swipe them from?

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Same friend... she said I could take one, but I'm never able to use them at work! She never really wears make up though, so as soon as she got the package she used one immediately. 


It's all good... I really should just buy my own anyway. I've been falling asleep on the couch lately and it would just make things so much easier when I'm too lazy to use my normal cleanser. 

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I love skin wipes for the same reason.  My dermatologist prefers I only do a full wash once a day (really dry patches of skin), so I also rely on cleansing waters and other products I do not have to wash off.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I really need to figure out a cleansing routine that actually makes sense for me. 


I bought Philosophy Miracle Worker pads for the evening, which are supposed to be used after cleansing, and I also bought Time in a Bottle for the morning, which is supposed to be used after cleansing. 


But my skin definitely doesn't need cleansing twice a day... Normally if I wash my face at night and moisturize, my face feels great in the morning and I don't need to wash or moisturize again. But I don't know how absorbent my skin is in terms of being able to use Time in a Bottle... so I'm not quite sure how to adjust my routine to be able to get the most out of both of those products. 


I've been eyeing cleansing waters but have never quite understood the value of them... sounds like they could be something to help?

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