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Ipsy June 2014

I love the sneak peeks, so I wanted to start the new thread for this month.  Even though I love trying new things I otherwise would never buy, I like having an idea of what is coming.


Looks like the bag does have the lei/flower theme in support of the luau.


Spoiler 1 (Lips)


NYX Butter Lip Gloss



*No other items are in the picture, so it looks like everyone will be receiving one.



Spoiler 2 (Eyeliner)


Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

NickaK Shimmer Eyeliner (both in the middle are this brand)

Ofra Cosmetics Eyeliner


*It looks like everyone will receive one of these three options.



Spoiler 3 (Face)

OleHenriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths

Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

Laneige Complexion Correction BB Cushion

ClariSEA Sea Salt Solutions Face Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant

MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Cream SPF30

Ofra Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil

Skinn Olive & Enzyme Rich Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask 

Essence of Beauty Wind Kissed Fine Fragrance Body Mist

DERMADoctor DD Cream

Realtree Perfume


*It looks like everyone will get two of these ten samples.



Spoiler 4 (Hair)


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti Breakage and Anti frizz Styling Cream


*It looks like everyone will get one of these three options.



Spoiler 5 (the bag)



Re: Ipsy June 2014

I do agree that the bags generally are "worth" $10, but for me, in the context that you could not purchase all of the products (in the sample sizes) for $10. So I'm definitely not knocking ipsy by any means. I just decided I'd rather spend that $10 on something else because I'm not particularly inclined to use the products they select.


I do at least try everything that Glossybox sends, on the other hand.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I did not think you were knocking Ipsy and would not care if you did anyway.  If you are dissatisfied, you should cancel.  It is your money to spend how you see fit.  I have only received one Glossybox so far (well two because I got a gift sub as well), but it was amazing!  Currently, I have five subscriptions and I will likely cancel all but 2-3. Price will not factor into my canceling decision.  It will a value based decision.  If Glossybox keeps sending boxes like May, I cannot see myself canceling it.


For me, I have not yet determined Ipsy to not be worth it.  Of course, I have not used many products yet, so it very well may not.  That said, I have only tried one of the Glossybox items so far, but I know I will get to ALL of those.  They all excite me.  The eye serum is amazing, but I will never spend the $350 to buy a bottle.


Saying you canceled because you were unhappy is completely different than getting mad and going off on Ipsy via its Facebook page.  That is the only thing I take issue with.  Why do people need to do that?  Although, the people who go off on them are not much better, so I stay out of it.  Anyone who says they were happy with every item they received in a sample bag over a prolonged period of time: is either very easy to please, not very critical or a sugar coater.  The March bag is the only one that I have really liked recently.  Maybe I will end of liking the others when I get around to trying more items.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I completely agree with you about the public bashing. I've actually ribbed Glossybox a couple of times because their shipping is so horrible. My April box got to me on May 16, which actually made receiving my May box on the 30th seem early! Kind of funny how that worked out! But even on Facebook I suggested they stop calling their boxes by month so people wouldn't be so frustrated when they didn't receive them in the correct month. At least it was a constructive comment. But one of the worst things about social media is its means of uniting unhappy people, which, to them, only tends to reaffirm their unhappiness. It's pretty sad, really. There's just a lot of angry and entitled people in this world and now we're all exposed to them!


I've only gotten I think... 3, maybe 4 Glossyboxes and May is DEFINITELY the best one. I don't expect others to live up to May simply for the free $25 alone! I'm a little bummed about the items I got purely because mascara is my single favorite make up item and it finally looked as if I might get one... but no. My Mom got the Hourglass mascara and I told her to send it to me if she doesn't like it. Smiley Happy 


Which eye serum did you get? I think I got two... Was it the Lancome one? I know the Lancome serum I got retailed for $350. A couple of the other products were in the $150-$250 range - so I almost hope I don't fall in love with anything from the box! 


Though I suppose that's ACTUALLY what the $25 gift card would help with... since the full size price tags in the box are for the most part pretty significantly higher than normal. Awesome box though, can't wait to try everything!


Re: Ipsy June 2014

I am a huge Lancome fan already and have already tried that $360 cream, so I am a little glad I did not get that.  The jar they sent is 1/10th full size, so that sample is worth $36.  It works all right for me in the summer, but it does not help my dry patches enough in the winter.


The eye serum I am referring to is Revive.  They had a few serums in this month's box.  I got lucky or should I say unlucky to get the most expensive sample.  It retails for $350 and the sample is 1/5 the full size.  That means, my sample is worth $70.  I got one in each box too, so the value is $140 just on those!  Of course, I love it.


There is nothing wrong with expressing concern or stating dissatisfaction, but going off on people is a whole different beast.  Your suggestion is actually a good one.  I would not be happy if I was being charged for June before I even received my May box.  That happened to a few people again this month even though I know the shipping was a little better this time around from what I have read.


Those $25 gift cards were awesome, and I got 2.  They allowed me to finally buy my Tom Ford lipstick without breaking my no buy.  Made me happy.  The sneak peek for June already has me excited too, because I am always happy to try new nail polish.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I think I got that Revive serum as well - I'll definitely need to test it out! Any recommendations on usage? 


I have fairly normal skin. I tend to think of it as sensitive because I don't like products that have unnatural/added fragrance and I do get sensitive to detergents with scents. 


I saw your post about getting two identical boxes - that's kind of a bummer, but at least you found something you love and ended up getting two of them! No question it was worth the monthly fee. I wish I would've ordered a gift box as well! The gift card alone makes it worth it.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Yes, when you open the bottle for the first time, be very careful.  The entire first pump flew at the sink.  All I could think was it wasted at least a few dollars.  I find that half a pump is more than enough to cover the top and bottom of both eyes, so do not push the pump all the way down.  It has a thin consistency and spreads very easily, so a little goes a long way.


I have very sensitive skin too and break out with acne and rashes from so many things.  The eye serum seems fine for me so far.  I did not notice a smell but I generally do not in eye serums/creams since they would have to be pretty strong to reach my nose.  


I just tried the perfume about 20 minutes ago, and I am not feeling it.  The second one will go into a TSB for sure.  The lip gloss will likely go into one as well, because even if it is fantastic, I have more lip products than I can ever use.  The eye serum is a keeper for both bottles.  It will be a while before I try the face primer or the eye cream, so I am unsure whether I will keep both or not.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I'm alright with the perfume, but I tend to like rosey scents, but it doesn't seem very long lasting. I don't think I'd pay money for it, but the bottle is a decent size so it should last a while. 


Thanks for the tips on the serum, I might do a little digging since I don't know much about the product itself. Ditto for the Lancome serum (which I'm excited about because I'm also a big Lancome fan).


I totally know what you mean about wasted product. I recently got a new moisturizer and way more came out than I expected the first time and all I could think of was how not to waste it so I tried to squeeze the tube a bit to see if it could vacuum the excess back in! 

Re: Ipsy June 2014

The Lancome product is an elixir (moisturizer), not a serum.  It is not specifically for the face, but most women use it as a face cream.  You can use it on other parts of the body if you like $360 cream on your elbows (I know there is some wealthy woman out there who uses it for that).  It does not have any SPF, so I usually only used it at night.  Although, you can add an SPF and use it during the day.  If you like rosy scents, you will love the Lancome product.  It has a very subtle rose smell, not overbearing at all.  I love the smell.  


I try to save excess product whenever possible too (especially when they are expensive samples I will never be able to buy).  Unfortunately for me, it flew right at the sink, and I was not able to do anything about it before it made contact.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I'm still unsure about how I feel about ipsy. It's cute to get that pink bag every month.. but at the same time.. I don't know if it adds up to worth it to get it here in Canada. :/

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Yeah.  As cute as the bags are, I am never going to use them.  I do not factor them into whether I am getting my money's worth or not.  It takes me so long to sample the products that I may not know whether or not it is worth it for me for a long time.  March was worth it for sure.  April and May are still up for debate as I have way more products to try.  Hopefully, I get some winners (for me) in June. 

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I definitely hear you on that. So far of the May bag.. the only thing that I've really used was the sunscreen and that's because I really just needed to start using sunscreen and it was handy haha. On the plus side, I've contemplated giving some of the bags to my niece (who's 9) or using them as pencil cases for my multitude of stationery (the May one I keep in my purse so I don't lose my lip balms). I figure, I'll give them a little more of a go and then I might cancel just to save money :/

Re: Ipsy June 2014

That's a good idea.  I sprayed the mist from the May bag one time.  That was it for me so far.  Hopefully, I get around to trying everything eventually.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I know what you mean. I separated everything so I'm not even sure what all I've gotten from them in my last couple of bags.. but I hope I'll use stuff as I go. I tried the honey mask (from last month I think?) once.. It was interesting. Luckily, I have a love of peel-off masks haha.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I could not remember what came in my bag either.  If you go to your Glam Room and scroll the month down, you can see any month you want.  It is interesting when you are like, oh, I forgot I even had that.  It also helps you know how long you've had something, so you can use it before it gets too old.  I always intend to date samples when I receive them but I forget.  Now, I am just trying to date them when I open them and start using them.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

That is a good plan! I have a feeling that I have quite a few things kicking around that I forgot about haha... But I finished the sunscreen today! And it made me go out and buy more (but of a different brand because they don't sell Hang Ten in Canada)! So yay. I think I need to start dating my makeup... That's a really good idea. I kind of smell/eyeball things to see if they're still good. Things are usually okay as long as they're not opened .. right? lol

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I went through my stash today and found three things that were expired.  The odd thing about two of them is they expired in October, and I did not even receive them until February.  I put them away so quickly that I did not even notice they were expired.  Things without expiration dates are fine unless they're opened or smell bad, I think.  I still try to use them in the order they arrived, so nothing gets too old.  If I have a sample for many years even unopened, it has to go bad at some point.  I only started collecting beauty supplies and makeup at the end of last April though, so nothing is too old.  Prior to that, I just bought one thing at a time, never subscribed to any boxes, and rarely bought anything that had a GWP.  Weird to think of how far I have come in a year.  My stash is crazy.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Hmm I guess it's a good thing to triple check them before just tossing them somewhere.. That's not very good on ipsy's part. They should definitely not be sending out expired products. :/ It's a good idea to use things in the order that you get them.. Sometimes it's hard though because you need something before something else (ie. I needed sunscreen before using the tinted (more like opaque) lip balm that I got in the ... March bag?) so I started to lose track Smiley Tongue 

I hear you! My hoarding really started around boxing day/new year's.. It's such a slippery slope (more like an avalanche HA!) 

Re: Ipsy June 2014

The two items that expired four months before I received them actually came from Beauty (online), not Ipsy.  I only mentioned them because we were talking about expired products.  It is not the first time they have sent me expired products either, but it is the first time I did not notice and just filed them in my stash.  Every other time they sent me an expired product, they were foils though.  Having expired deluxe products bums me out big time.  The third one expired in May, but I received it months earlier.  Therefore, I had a chance to use it before it expired (if I would have known it was expiring).  


I have to get my product hoarding under control!

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I'm content with this bag so far because I like trying new products/brands. I see several things that I would love to try. I've found a few favorites (such as Nicka nail polish) through Ipsy. It's $10 of fun per month for me.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I love trying new products too.  That is the biggest appeal to me.  It introduces me to things I normally would not buy, but I sometimes end up loving them.  The Be a Bombshell eyeshadow quad from March is amazing.  It is pigmented, buttery (for the price, I think it's $16 or so) and does not crease.  It is the only thing I have used from the March bag so far, but it made the bag worth it.  I never would have bought that on my own.  Plus I love that stunning blue/green shadow color.


I have five subscriptions, and Ipsy was my least favorite in May.  That makes it a little less fun for me, especially when there are so many other boxes out there I can switch to.  Based on March's bag and the fact that I still need to try more products from April and May to assess value, I am still happy with the subscription.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Some months I don't really feel like I got $10 worth of products I'll use.  BUT I still feel like the surprise, the anticipation, the thrill of getting a pink package and the opportunity to try some new things is worth $10.  Every time.  Many of the products I pass to my teenage sister, so that's two of us getting surprise goodies for $10!  I don't think I can beat that. 

Re: Ipsy June 2014

I definitely love the anticipation and the surprise.  However, when the products do not excite me, they sit in my stockpile unused.  Eventually, I may pass them on to someone, so they can be used.


With all the box options out there, I need to feel like my investment is worth it (for me, not whomever will benefit from the items I do not want).  So far, I am sticking with the box based on how awesome the March bag was and because I have more products to try from April and May before I can decide if they were worth it.


I guess the takeaway is while a product may not excite me upon receiving it, you never really know until you try it.  Once I try it, I could love it.  I currently spend at least $77.21 a month on my 5 boxes (more at times because I often upgrade), so I would cancel one in a heartbeat if I felt it was not worth it.  It would save me money, and I have four more to pick up the slack (although I would probably find another one to add).


Re: Ipsy June 2014

I'll admit that I have cancelled and then subscribed to Ipsy a few times, I think I just like getting mail... In Canada depending on the exchange rate I pay $16-$17 a month for it, I don't understand how angry some people get on Facebook over the $10 price in the US because it is always a way higher value and you can't always please everyone. The products I know I won't use (from Ipsy and other subscriptions) I put away and throw in gift bags to give my girlfriends for Birthdays or Christmas, I always find a use for them and factor that into the value.

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Those comments on Facebook are sad.  I have to assume that the people getting angry: 1. probably do not have a lot of money 2. are hard to please 3. do not handle disappointment well.  Of course, I could be wrong, but that happens when you make assumptions.  I think the type of people who take it personally when they do not get what they want (more than just getting a little bummed) do not belong in any subscription box.  They should just buy the items they want.  


I never get angry when I do not get a sample I wanted.  Ipsy cannot mind read after all.  They probably do not have enough of the most lusted after items anyway.  Yes, I have gotten bag envy, but not to the extent that I create angry posts.  I have not cancelled yet, but I can see why when paying a 60-70% premium that you would have a harder time with disappointing months.  


I would only factor items I do not use in the value if I put them in a TSB or traded them.  If I give them away, I am not benefiting from the value.  That may sound selfish, but I cannot think of it any other way.  I actually give things to friends and family often and donate things as well, but other than making them happy and me feel good there is no monetary value earned (with the exception of large charitable donations in which I do get a receipt for tax purposes).


Someone on Facebook yesterday made a comment about her business background and others took issue.  I have a business degree, so her argument made perfect sense to me.  When you sit in all of those classes, it is hard not to let the information sink in even in your personal life.  Her point was no matter how little the cost if you are not getting the value, it is not a good business decision to invest.  Who cares if the items are worth over $10?  Will I get more than $10 worth of use?  And, by I, she means her, not her friends/family.  I agree with her.  A business would get a write off for things given/donated away, so it is not a perfect theory.  Write offs never equate to the full value though, so it explains the "greed" a little bit.


Of course, we all come in with opinions on the value of the bag.  For those who feel the bag is worth $10 as long as their friends and family benefit when they do not, no one can tell them they are wrong.  It is their money, and they can value it the way they see fit.  That said, I am sure my friends and family who benefit from my purchase decisions are grateful, and I am happy when they like the products.  


For me, thus far, I have not determined the value is less than $10, so I will continue to subscribe.  Even if one bag dipped below $10, I would not cancel right away either.  It could be an outlier.  

Re: Ipsy June 2014

Ipsy also likely makes all profit on the bag...they likely get the samples for free from these companies, thats how most boxes work.

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