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Ipsy July 2014

I received the first sneak peek for Ipsy in my inbox this morning and figured I should share and get the July discussion going Smiley Happy


Sneak Peek #1

Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items from bareMinerals


Sneak Peek #2

Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items


Sneak Peek #3

Everyone will be receiving 2 of these items 


Sneak Peek #4

Everyone will be receiving 1 of these items

Re: Ipsy July 2014

The glam rooms have been updated! 


Here's what I'm getting:





Re: Ipsy July 2014

Box envy here.  Loving yours!!

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I'm happy with everything except the nail polish (just a color I won't wear) and another Pur-lisse product, I wish they would switch up their Skincare a bit.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Interested in trading the duo for the 5-1? Lol

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I'm in Canada so it would most likely be more cost efficient for me to just buy the 5 in 1 Smiley Sad Also, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I was away for the weekend.

Re: Ipsy July 2014


no worries! Hope you had a fun weekend

Re: Ipsy July 2014

The tanning oil is for sure going in a TSB. A little sad I didn't get the purple eyeshadow, purple is my thing! Smiley Wink

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I got the exact same box! I'm not super excited about the tanning oil and I'm so-so about the 5 in1 BB Cream Eyeshadow, but I'll give it a try Smiley Happy Same with the Hair spray stuff

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Ditto! Same box. I had wanted the purple eyeshadow too! I love bareMineral's shadows Smiley Sad they feel so silky. And I hope that bronzer picture isn't lying and I'll end up getting something that looks like I was attacked by an orange marker. The one thing I'm excited about is the beach spray.


Re: Ipsy July 2014

We both got the cream, bummer.  I am negotiating a trade that may still get me a powder duo for a different item, so I guess I will try the cream shadow after all.

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