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Ipsy July 2014

I received the first sneak peek for Ipsy in my inbox this morning and figured I should share and get the July discussion going Smiley Happy


Sneak Peek #1


Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items from bareMinerals


Sneak Peek #2


Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items


Sneak Peek #3


Everyone will be receiving 2 of these items 


Sneak Peek #4


Everyone will be receiving 1 of these items

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Box envy here.  Loving yours!!

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I'm happy with everything except the nail polish (just a color I won't wear) and another Pur-lisse product, I wish they would switch up their Skincare a bit.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Although I'm not mega psyched for this month, there's def some good stuff in here. I'm cool with either Bare Min option. Do NOT want the tanning lotion. Yuck. But I bet we'll all get it. Smiley Tongue  I'd like almost everything in the third peek except the nail polishes. Preferences would be for the Pixi and the faux benetint. Conversely, nothing appeals in the 4th peek. Maaaaaaaaybe the BB cream or the Jojoba gel cream. 

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I actually like what might come in this month. I can go without the tanning and sunscreen lotion. But the lip tints, the mascara, and the eyeshadows looks good. I have also been wanting a nail polish that color! Or maybe I'm just being too positive. lol

Re: Ipsy July 2014

For some reason I can't update the original post at work in my browser so here is the final sneak peek!


Sneak Peek #5

Ipsy 5.png 


After loving the bag so much from last month, I'm a little disappointed in this one but it's not like I really need another makeup bag,

Re: Ipsy July 2014

It's a Pepto Bismal ravioli!!

Re: Ipsy July 2014

It definitely has a ravioli vibe, not something I usually want associated with my beauty products! Haha

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I almost woke my husband up with that laugh.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

After the first spoiler, everything just went downhill.  Please do not send me tanning oil.  My Dad has skin cancer, so I have zero interest in tanning.  They're Real is the worst, so that is going straight into a TSB should they mail that to me.


Maybe, I can get a nail polish.  Then, I'd be happy.  I review them well, so fingers crossed.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

If any of you lovely ladies get tanning oil, you should call Ipsy with your stories about family having skin cancer. Maybe they can swap the product out for you?

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I agree 100%.


My mom was actually just diagnosed with skin cancer, she's tanned her whole life, I have no problem remaining pale. 


At least we have one item to look forward too.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Hi girls sorry about your parents, but it's true. My boyfriend as well played sports outside his whole life with no care for sun protection. He is in his early 30s and was just diagnosed with melanoma which is the worse kind and it has been spreading for a while. So I have no interest in the tanning oils either, let's hope we don't get them!  

Re: Ipsy July 2014

*hugs* Hang in there, hope you and the bf are doing well!


I have no interest in tanning oil either, I'm pretty tan as it is Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Thanks Maria! Sorry I haven't raken the time to reply to you. I got quite a few messages from the girls here and I've read them all, but I haven't really stopped in front of a computer since we've got the news. Life is really crazy right now. But I promise once I can I'll take the time! Smiley Wink I really appreciate the support!

Well I'll come back to post my glam rooms once they're on! Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy July 2014

My dad also had malignant melanoma, but thankfully, they were eradicated. He now takes routine trips to the derm every 6 months to get more suspicious-looking flesh burned off of him to prevent a recurrence. It is a pain, but we are grateful that he is staying cancer-free and vigilant. I'll keep your boyfriend in my thoughts and I hope he has a positive end result like my father did.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Thanks Lari! I'm glad your dad is cancer free and well. My bf's case is no longer in the skin anymore, he has tumors on his chest and lymphatic system. We are still waiting for test and appointments to find out our options. But we surely hope for some good news and the best possible outcome. Thanks for all the support too. Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Thanks.  Sorry about your boyfriend too.  My Dad had a couple of melanomas on the back of his head about a decade ago.  Luckily, they have not returned.  More mild forms have though unfortunately.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Somebody out there in the world is getting paid to put felt bikinis on pencils.


I spy:

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm

Benefit They're Real! Mascara

Some sort of Benetint knockoff

Purminerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara


Some nail polish

Pop Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer

more nail polish

Re: Ipsy July 2014

How about the job of finding mini steaks and spatulas? And floaties?? Who does this???

Not going to lie - I want it to be my job Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Somebody out there in the world is getting paid to go out and buy felt for someone to make felt bikinis to put on pencils. Smiley Tongue


Heck, someone's out there deciding the COLOR of felt to buy to put on pencils. Bwhahaha!

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I know! Where do we sign up for that job? Haha

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