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Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I'm thinking of subscribing to at least Ipsy and possibly Birchbox.


Anybody have any preferences, likes/dislikes, recommendations?


Are there others?


Thanks. Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

Depends on what you like.  I get ipsy and Birchbox.  ipsy is a lot of makeup, and often multiple full-size products each month.  Birchbox has a wider variety - I get a lot of hair sprays, etc, and lotions.  I almost always get a perfume sample, which I think is kind of lame.  But, just when I'm thinking I'll cancel the BB, they send me something awesome, and I keep with it.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I never tried Ipsy because it had stuff that I could easily find.


Birchbox might be improving but they did not follow my profile, so I unsubscribed... I would only love 1-3  things our of 4/5 from each birchbox i got.


If you have tons of money try Wantable if you want something more customizable and with unique makeup brands.  


Good Luck =]





Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

Here's what came in the Glossybox Holiday box. This is the separate Holiday Box. Still waiting on the December box to ship. 


Super happy with this one. The Philip B smells just like chocolate milk. 











Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

Here's what my husband got in his Birchbox men this month for those that were curious. Smiley Happy Some stuff he will use and some he never would. He wasn't thrilled with the rubber watch or the shoe shine towelettes. Considering he filled out a pretty thorough profile he felt like they missed the mark with selecting items for him. 









Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

Oh and you can get the limited edition Holiday Box for 40% off with the code gold40. Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

If anyone is on the fence about signing up for Glossybox they have a 20% off promo this weekend so your first box is only $16. 


The code is Thanks20. Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I am subscribed to Glossybox and Ipsy. I think that both boxes are hit or miss. This month from ispy I got a sample of GlamGlow with a 30% code for a full size. To me, that was worth the box cost alone. I hate the GlossyBox I got this month. I got a $5 shadow brush, hair treatment oil and a sample of a face moisturizer that cost over $200.00 for a full size. The was not the best box I have received from GlossyBox .I got Birch Box for one month and it was awful. I never got another after that. I agree with some else here who said that Ipsy doesn't always give you the best or higher end brands. However, I still enjoy getting the bag every month.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I agree that this month's Glossybox was weak. I gave away all the samples. Last month's was so awesome, though!

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I'm jealous of your GlamGlow sample and discount code! Smiley Happy  I got Tresemme hair spray. Smiley Tongue

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I'm currently getting only Julep, Glossybox, and Ipsy.


I've subscribed twice to Birchbox, and also have tried Beauty Army, Square Hue, and Starlooks (gave it all to my mother).


Non-beauty, I get Conscious Box and Nature Box.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

Gah! I found two more potential boxes.


Does anybody get Lip Factory Inc's subscription? I watched some youtube unboxings for this one and while I wasn't familiar with the brands it did look like a great value box and people that have it seem to like it. 


What about Mugler Addict from Thierry Mugler? 

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I think Birchbox is higher quality brands and products, but you'll maybe get smaller samples... while Ipsy, you get deluxe sizes more often, but the quality of the brands usually aren't the best.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I get Birchbox, Ipsy, and Beauty Box 5. I keep thinking about Glossybox but the price puts me off. I'll probably start getting Sample Society soon.


I've been getting Birchbox for 7 months and how much I like it varies a LOT from month to month. They theoretically have the best chance of getting something you like, because they send out the biggest variety of products each month. (i.e. BB5 and Ipsy - and I think SS and GB - send out three to five of the same items to everybody and one or two items differ from person to person. This month, Birchbox sent out 76 different products. BUT they don't always do a great job of being accurate with customizing your box. I will say that of my last 4 boxes, 3 have been excellent, and one was kind of meh. Also, their points program is really really good. AND some of their special boxes (you can choose whether or not to but them) can be great. Their CEW Best of Beauty Awards boxes were FANtastic! Maybe my fav boxes ever.

Also, I think their presentation is the nicest, except for what I've seen of Glossybox.


Beauty Box 5 is kind of boring and their presentation is unimpressive. They have included some lame products and some good products. But sometimes you can get a good value. My November box had a Secret deodorant in it. My first thought was, "What the heck is this doing in my box??" But Secret is my much preferred brand and it was full-size. And there was a coupon for another full size one. So... good deal, actually. Not fun, but a good deal. There was also a drug store moisturizer (ugh), a facial mask (okay), a "Be A Bombshell" eye crayon (not too bad - okay, even), and cosmetic glitter. I'm 40. I do NOT use glitter. UGH. Also, their website has been in a state of disrepair since I started with them. If they have any kind of rewards program, I am unaware of it. I keep meaning to unsubscribe.


I just received my first Ipsy bag after being on a waitlist for a couple months. I have mixed feelings about it. The products seem on the most part, to be good products. But most of the colors they sent me are AWFUL for me. Also I found this month's bag to be tacky. But the pics I've seen of other bags have been really cute, so that's just luck of the draw and personal taste. 


Personally, I think Birchbox is the best box to start with. It was mine and I'm loving subscription boxes now. For $10 a month, just the experience of opening it and going through everything is worth it for me. And more often than not, there's at least one thing in there really like or even I love.


There's a site called mysubscriptionaddition that's very helpful is finding subscription boxes and getting an idea if it's something you want. I can't recall her ever saying anything negative about a subscription, but you can see what was sent out.


I hope this novella of info I just wrote is helpful somehow! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

Very helpful. Thanks. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I recommend Glossybox. It's more expensive, but you get higher end products and a lot of full-sized ones.


I also do Birchbox because it's cheap.


I am a big fan of the home and living boxes like Fancy (very expensive) and PopSugar Must Have (I love/use everything they send).


Check out all the subscription box review sites through Google. 

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I have done both, and have unsubscribed to both. With Birchbox I felt that I got too many very small samples (mostly foils)  and that the things they sent me didn't match my profile very well. Also, I do not want tea or stationary or stuff like that in my box. On the plus side the birchbox points mean that you get the box for about $5 because when you right a review of your products you get points. So, those can add up pretty quickly.


I just unsubscribed from Ipsy. Overall, I liked the box better because it tends to send a lot more make-up and less skin-care and lotions and such. On average the value of their items is less high-end then Birchbox. The downside is that I got a lot of make-up items that I really can't or won't use - e.g. bright orange lipstick, frostly light purple eyeliner. I'm 44 - I don't really do trendy make-up. I think Ipsy is maybe geared to a younger demographic and would be perfect if you like to experiment. I will also say that depsite being somewhat less expensive items I was always happy with the quality of what I was sent.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I had the exact same thought about Ipsy being geared toward younger people, like teens and twenty-somethings. Birchbox seems a little more for grownups. Smiley Happy


I see a lot of people talking about getting foils in Birchbox. I've received a few, but not that many. Actually, I only got one. There were three items in what could be called foil packets, but they were single-use items: a mask (yay!), a deodorant wipe (um... okay...), and the teeth wipes (wha-huh?).


I did some tweaking of my profile and my products did get better. YMMV, of course.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I subscribe to Ipsy and Julep.


With Ipsy,  I like the products, challenges and community setup. The best of the boxes I looked at and the experience most inspiring. No foils, my 5 bags so far have mostly been makeup, most products I at least like, a few I would never have bought but turned out to really like. Only one complete dud. 

The best thing is personal, it may or may not be true for others.

It's cut my impulse  makeup buying in drug and grocery store to almost nothing because I know I'm going to get my $10 bag of surprises like clockwork. That alone saves much more than $10/month! 

No month skipping is allowed. There is a yearly subscription option that saves $10, but they warn you might get stuck back on the waitlist switching from monthly to yearly and to contact customer care. 


I've been skipping Julep regular boxes, I got my introductory box, then second box with one add-on polish to test the service. BUT...they put many of the polishes on sale a couple of weeks/months later for 1/4-1/2 less than box price. Latest was several collections of 3 for $10 and subscribers, 'Mavens' get free shipping. You can select 'skip' any time between the 20th and 24th of the month. I like the polish quality and there are some unique finishes. I like the brush and the coverage but the bottle volume is small and for the box price plus an add-on, I can almost buy a Chanel Vernis which is my favorite if I like the latest LE color. I can see buying some more of the colors I skip when they are on sale at least until they give me the boot for skipping too many monthlies, if they do such a thing. 

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I love that the subscription cuts your impulse to buy more cosmetics! I was thinking  it  might help mine too! I am pretty bad at not spending tons on makeup/products!!

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

It's surprising how the little nothing purchases can add up to something. I still buy some drugstore cosmetics but only the ones I have read reviews of and planned the purchases. The other side to that is I'm treating myself more at Sephora and Chanel. So my collection is growing more slowly, mindfully and with much better products. A very good thing for me. 

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