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Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I'm thinking of subscribing to at least Ipsy and possibly Birchbox.


Anybody have any preferences, likes/dislikes, recommendations?


Are there others?


Thanks. Smiley Happy

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

birchbox at the end of the year you have basically earned 70$ in points so if you can look past the foil packs its pretty cool! I think I will re-subsribe to them soon. I have Ipsy and JUST learned about the points (kinda lame points) BUT the bags are pretty and nice.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I received a subscription to Glossybox. The first month was AMAZING!!!!


The box is so beautiful, I've kept and reused every one. The packaging is the best I have ever seen, and each box has full-size  products and some deluxe samples.


However, after the initial impression subsided, the brands aren't very nice nor are they products that I would ever buy. Last month I received a bronzer from a company that has gone out of business--what if I had liked it? How useless!


But to repeat, I love the boxes so much that I wish I had more! If anyone has theirs, I would love to have them!

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I tried Glossybox, but I really wasn't impressed.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

There is popsugar must have witch is pretty good but they are going up in the price next month. E.LF. has a box that's bi- monthly (8 weeks instead of 4) thats 19.99 + shipping

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I initially subscribed to Birchbox.  I found that I was disappointed that I mostly got foil samples, just like what we can get at checkout at Sephora. I canceled Birchbox.


I am currently subscribed to ipsy.  I like it better.  The sample sizes seem to be a little bigger.  


I subscribed to QVC test tube.  The items are much higher $ amount, but it also costs more than the other two.





Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I agree birchbox was disappointing, ipsy is better 

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I am really happy with Wantable.  It's more ($36/month), but it's more customizable and you get larger products.  You get 4-5 full-sized products per month.  They are usually smaller, newer brands, though.  But the customization is terrific.  You have the choice of 'love'--send me that a lot, 'like'--send me that sometimes, and 'dislike'--don't ever send me that.  And you can rank the types of things (blush, lips, eyes, mascara, eyeliner, tools, bronzers, etc), the type within each category (liquid eyeliner, pencil, ... lip gloss, lip stick, lip stain ...), and even colors for each type (neutrals, bright colors, etc).  Also, it's make-up only--no skin care, no hair care.  You get $10 off your box if you refer a friend and they subscribe.  Oh, and you can skip a box and even return a box if you hate it all.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I am thinking of joining Wantables after I saw you mention it once before - you should PM me the code or link so you can get credit for referring me if I join Smiley Very Happy! Someone might as well get something, and I wouldn't have known about it if you didn't tell me!  Not sure yet if I will subscribe, but thinking about it.

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I have ipsy & love it. check out eleventhgorgeous ipsy vs birch box to get an idea of what you get each month

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I get ipsy & really like it. it allows me to try products I'd never buy myself. Some I like & others are not impressive. It's fun though 

Re: Ipsy? Birchbox? Glossybox?

I'm subscribed to Ipsy and Beautybox5... with Ipsy, I joined at the end of August/beginning of September - and i'm still on the waitlist.

But from what i hear, Ipsy is awesome.


with Beautybox5, i've paid for 2 boxes and have recieved none.

Haven't heard much about this one.

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