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Incredible April Hauls 2024

Please post your incredible hauls for this month. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets during the Sephora Savings Event which starts first for Rouge members on 4/5.

Sephora Savings Event 2024 FAQs (Updated 3/4) 

Happy Birthday month April babies!!!



Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

@ather  Thank you 😊  These are fun summer colors 🧡🧡

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

@Cissy63, that aqua liner and lip gloss shade are fabulous! 😍 Bright and vibrant and how great will they be for spring and summer?!! 

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

@itsfi  Thank you very much 😃. Yes for sure I am so ready for spring and summer colors 🩵🧡🩷💜💜

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

*squeeeee!* Everything you got is so bright and cheerful @Cissy63 Howe beautiful is all this! 🌈

The blush color duo really catches my eye. Have you gotten to test them out yet?

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

@CynthieLu  Thank you very much 😃. I am so ready for summer and summer colors 🌞.  I have not had the chance to test as yet.  We are under construction in our main bathroom so the house is a bit of a mess 😆

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

What a fun haul!  @Cissy63 

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

@CorgiMommy  Thank you very much 😃

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Macy’s, MAC, and more Sephora spring sale: 


Sephora spring sale (again).Sephora spring sale (again).MAC and Macy’s.MAC and Macy’s.

Swatches & notes: 




  • #BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY Clear-Wash: Detox Clarifying Shampoo 10.4 oz / 310 mL - hoping this won’t bully my coils like most clarifying shampoos do. 
  • BASMA The Cream Blush Peach - hmm, this is very emollient; kinda reminds me of Tower 28’s blushes. Might be hard to get an even layer on my cheeks, but we’ll see how it performs. 
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Dry Shampoo Brush Cleaner - restocking, as I do during each sale. Not happy that both cans are dented in 2 places 😒 but, eh, they’ll still work. 
  • Brown Girl Jane Discovery Set - Dusk is the only fragrance I was interested in, so of course I can barely smell it on my elbow pit. 🙄 On me, it’s a skin scent to the extreme. Meanwhile, on my other elbow pit, Dare projects more—but its rose and cherry are fighting each other while leather’s nowhere to be found. I’ll have to keep checking on Dusk to see if it transforms to something more obvious; I’m starting to get some of the toasted almond now, but I gotta bury my nose in my elbow pit to find it. I might need to wash Dare off my other arm to keep it from competing with Dusk. 

MAC direct: 

MAC Cosmetics Amplified High-Pigment Lipstick shade Dark Deed (“MAC 40 Disney Favorites” limited edition) - “are you sure this isn’t just [MAC Satin shade] Diva in the Amplified formula,” I asked myself as I added this to cart. 😅 Did a few comparison swatches today and yeah, the 2 shades are very close. Dark Deeds has very subtle pink, purple, and silver shimmer that make it look slightly cooler toned than Diva, especially in person. 

Lipstick comparison swatches: a study of burgundies and oxbloods.Lipstick comparison swatches: a study of burgundies and oxbloods.

  • MAC Extra Dimension Blush shade Cheeky Bits - rather than buy one of Rare Beauty’s new (and very pretty) powder blushes, I opted for MAC’s satin glowy kinda-metallic blush. It was (might still be) marked down and I had some Star Rewards to use. My camera didn’t pick up the gold sheen, but it’s quite subtle in person. 
  • Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro nail polish shade Dream a Little Dream of Me - absolutely did not need this shifty sheer pink > purple > blue, but I’ll use it as a topper and on days I just want a sheer mother of pearl look. 


Caught a sunbeam through window blinds for varied lighting.Caught a sunbeam through window blinds for varied lighting.



Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Great hauls @WinglessOne . Love the comparison of the burgundies. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. 

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Thank you @Loretta55 ! I feel 90% back to “normal” now. I’m trying to get an ENT appointment to find out what’s going on between my nasal cavity and throat, because things feel weird back there now and it’s not just the usual post-nasal drip I get after other viral infections. Meanwhile, I’m still hoping you’ll get some relief too. 

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Beautiful haul @WinglessOne and love the comparisons of lips! ( I wondered about Dark Deed and didn’t get it because of the formula so I appreciate seeing this! Diva is one of my all-time favs! MAC’s Blush is so good, I forget to use it. Reminder to self! )

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Thanks @Sunnysmom ! I like MAC’s Amplified formula a lot, so I was happy to pick up Dark Deed even if it’s quite close to Diva. In person, Diva’s not as cool toned. I think Dark Deed actually has a more violet berry base than Diva, and the subtle pinpoint glitter pushes Dark Deed further into cool toned berry territory. Diva and NARS Bette are closer than Diva and Dark Deed. 


Is this just me justifying having all these lipsticks in the same color range? Maybe. 😂 The first time I decluttered my hoard, oxbloods were the first group I thinned out. So this swatch comparison is a head start for me: gotta pull all my burgundies and oxbloods (and deep berries) again and compare ‘em all. Anyway, yeah, folks who have Diva probably don’t need Dark Deed. 😅

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Great to know @WinglessOne thank you! Makes perfect sense. I have Bette too so it’s good I didn’t cave. Lol  I like the formula too , just get a little bit cranky when it isn’t as long-lasting as I always think I need. Probably don’t!  I think burgundies/berries run a quick equal to my reds in my stash. Ugh. Comparing is so helpful when decluttering, good on you! 

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Some beautiful swatches @WinglessOne 

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Thanks @lmaster !

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Nice haul @WinglessOne !!! Omg seeing your post makes me miss MAC LOL I would love to know your thoughts on the BASMA The Cream Blush because I'm eyeing the red one... I actually quite enjoy the tower 28 blushes.. I just hope the basma one won't overbleed?!?!


hehe @Sunnysmom 😂

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Thanks @jaaayp ! I haven’t tested the Basma blush yet. But since it feels (to me) so similar to Tower 28’s, I expect it to perform similarly. I have and enjoy several T28 blushes. Sometimes I apply a T28 blush over a sheer/less pigmented powder blush to extend T28 wear time, or I’ll reverse that application order. It’ll be interesting to see how long-wearing Basma’s is by comparison. 


To test for overblending, I probably need to try a bolder shade than Peach, which is quite soft on my skin tone (as I expected and wanted). During my hand swatch, Peach was kinda patchy—but that could just be due to this particular shade. I’ll probably order the Fuchsia shade with my next rouge reward. 

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

Mmmm. I havent had any fading issues with tower 28 but I am definitely on the fair side so whatever blush I put on, its very noticeable + long lasting! But it also makes me careful about like patchyness (it shows every flaw)


I would be very interested in your thoughts @WinglessOne lemme know when you get to it 🥰

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

@jaaayp I do have a BASMA blush but it’s the fuchsia one! Drats. Keep at your quest!) 💞 BASMA The Cream Blush Fuchsia 


Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

What are your thoughts on the BASMA blush @Sunnysmom ?? Is it easy to overblend? Does it ever set without powder? DOES IT HIDE ALL YOUR PORES?!?!

Re: Incredible April Hauls 2024

🤣 @jaaayp I wouldn’t say it hides all my pores even tho mine are quite small but it doesn’t not hide them?! Somewhere in the middle maybe?! 😆 I have used it on its own and over my tinted moisturizer that I also mixed with Supergoop Glow. I prefer the latter as it was a little bit too flat on its own for my liking. It’s smooth creamy ish but not sticky and it does dry down right away too. It comes on strong but you can blend it out esp if you use it with something forgiving over or under! I didn’t need to use powder but I’m sure you could.  I prefer a glowy look so that’s why I did that but I’m sure it’s cute as is! The Cherry red may work for you if it doesn’t turn but the Fuchsia is def pink! (Think I posted this end of Feb hauls. Keep me posted of course! 🤓)

Pics in spoiler. 😊

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