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I hate waiting

Waiting STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!


I made my first online order last night, and I really have no patience. According to the tracker, it has been sent to the warehouse. I want it to be sent to MYhouse.Phooey.


Anyways... what I got was...

1. Aqaolina Pink sugar

2. Tokidoki mascara- Baby rocker

3. sephora smoke pencil case

4. 3 parfum samples, dont know which, when i get it ill post again

5. bobbi brown sample eye cream




~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: I hate waiting

One of the great perks about shopping online is the fact that you can do it during anytime of the day without leaving home; but waiting can be killer! I always get so happy when my packages do get here. I literally jumped up and down when the UPS guy came with my last Sephora order Smiley LOL. I prefer ordering online rather than going into Sephora locations, only because I have a tendency to go in for one thing, and often leave with lots of extra goodies.



Whimsically yours,

Re: I hate waiting



I submitted my first order last night too, and also anxious to recieve my order!


I ordered:


1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation #125

2. Benefit "Hello Flawless" in Beige

3. Tarte Blush in Bright Pink

4. Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion


I LOVE these products and I am scraping my foundation from the sides.


I too got samples and a .17 oz bottle of my FAVORITE perfume; Dolce & Gabana - The One...smells so AMAZING!


Hope you get your order soon!



Re: I hate waiting

I totally know how you feel! I ordered the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette a week ago and I got so tired of waiting for it. It actually came 3 days after ordering (I got the regular shipping because it was free!). It was really early compared to how long other online orders have taken. I need to be more patient but I was just so excited for it to come!

Re: I hate waiting

pinkforlife15 wrote:

I ordered the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette a week ago and I got so tired of waiting for it. It actually came 3 days after ordering (I got the regular shipping because it was free!).

mine must be coming on day three too. I assume on day one, it was from store to ware house, day two warehouse to Ups and then tommorow it will come (please).  I actually only added in the pencil case because it waas $3 and that roundedmy order up to $50. Free is fun!
~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: I hate waiting

It finally came and I was ecstatic!

Re: I hate waiting

What were you waiting for dear ??



Re: I hate waiting

antoine0000 wrote:

What were you waiting for dear ??

It's on the original post, my aquolina pink sugar! It smells really good, but its so hard to describe!


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: I hate waiting

I have the Naked Pallet, I absolutely LOVE it. I use it every day! I was debating on getting the Naked2; do you love it????

Re: I hate waiting

I have the NAKED 2 and absolutely love it!  There are more usable colors in it for paler skin than NAKED 1, in my opinion. And the little metal case is so nice, it wipes up in a jiffy, unlike the first one, that velvet cover just attracts lint and always looks messy. 

Re: I hate waiting

Hi BernieBeauty!


I definitely know how you feel, I am SO impatient waiting for goodies I order online! Especially with Sephora orders! All of our orders take 1-2 business day processing times and can ship out rather quickly, especially now that the post-holiday slow down has begun! Smiley Wink I wish I didn't have so many stores. I must make a weekly trip and end up buying everything else but what I originally intended. I have a Tokidoki mascara too, in the bright purple and I LOVE it! It's a great little extra flair of color to wear alone or on top of another black or brown mascara. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: I hate waiting

Hey, Berniebeauty!

Sounds like you got some great stuff! I have Pink Sugar... I used to wear it a lot!

The color that mascara is really pretty, too! I want to know how you wear it.

Those sephora bags are really useful and easy to clean out, too. Smiley Happy


I hate waiting too, there isn't a sephora store in my town, so I have to order online if I want anything! But it usually only takes two days to get to my house lol. Smiley Happy


xoxo, Charlotte Smiley Very Happy

Re: I hate waiting

I know! Thank god it only takes 2 days. I couldnt live on the west coast, the shipping time for that says like 5 days. I feel bad for them

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