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🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I just received the most wonderful Holiday SURPRISE!

Thank you soooo much Sephora, The BIC Team and @KatieBT, First aid Beauty Herbivore, Kate Somerville, NARS and from the bottom of my heart to my dear friend @tsavorite for nominating me❣️❣️❣️That was so nice of you to think of me <3

I’m in love with all these new launches of skincare and makeup that I received as gifts!  I can’t wait to try them all out and report back on how wonderful they are.F472985E-EFAC-45F4-AE3C-0037F70CB6F4.jpegSephora Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis box



41D19363-3276-4B15-8634-A3A99DFBDDC6.jpegAn amazing collection of new launches to try


B61C990F-FB48-46BC-B6C9-826ECE852A1E.jpegIt’s all so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank You!!!

 First Aid Beauty berriAir Cream: A light moisturizer that provides adaptable hydration to normal, combination and dry skin


Herbivore Emerald Oil: This is a glow inducing blend of cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, squalane and adaptogens to calm and nourish the skin.


 Kate Somerville Liquid ExfoliKate: This nightly leave on peel resurfaces and renews while you sleep to reveal smoother and more radiant skin 


NARS Ignited Pallet: This is a limited edition Sephora exclusive eyeshadow palette featuring a lineup of 12 blazing eyeshadows in a versatile range of Matte, Shimmer and Glitter finishes 


Such an Amazing lineup of high quality products!!!

I’m so very grateful 💝 Many many Thanks❣️

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Sorry it took me a while to get back with my thoughts but my skin was acting up and didn’t think I could give a fair review when it was in that state.


KATE SOMERVILLE - Liquid ExfoliKate® Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment

I usually don’t do well with her products so I was hesitant to use it so after two different patch tests I went ahead and used it all over. I didn’t feel any tingle when I applied the product but my face was a bit red. I followed with just a moisturizer that night. The next morning my skin looked more radiant but also felt sore/tender, almost how it feels when you get a sunburn. I waited a week and didn’t use other exfoliation products during that time. This time I applied the product and followed with my night cream and a sheet mask for extra moisture. Again my skin looked nice and more radiant in the morning. This time it didn’t feel as tender as before but maybe just a tad. I’m starting to think that these types of overnight chemical exfoliation are just not agreeing with my skin. It’s sensitive and fragile and most of what I read about my particular condition says to be careful or avoid them. I think in my case masks or treatments that stay on the skin for a very short amount of time is my best bet. I might continue to try it but it would be on a weekly basis for me.


HERBIVORE - Emerald Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil

This one I was super excited to try! It’s light, has a minty type scent and absorbs quickly. It does give your skin a very nice glow. So far I like it a lot but I’m not like crazy in love with it as I am with certain products. I don’t know why... can’t put my finger on it. I mean I like it, I’ll use it but unsure if I would purchase it again, although this might change as I use it up. Still it doesn't take away that it's a very good product!


I’m very thankful to be able to try these. Thank you again Sephora!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thank you for the reviews @veronika23!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Oh, no. I was hoping it would work for you, @veronika23 . The Liquid Exfolikate. It works for me, and nothing of the sort ever works for me! So I always think, if it works for me, it must work for everyone. Smiley Very Happy


Maybe try it weekly. But be careful if you suspect it not agreeing with your condition, in which case you better just stop using it at all. DDG Alpha Beta peels is the only ( other ) thing that works for me. And once a week only. They are daily peels, but I can only use them once a week. Been using them for years, and never managed to built it to at least twice a week. Bummer. I sooooo love what they do for my skin! I wish I could use them every day! Oh, well. I'll take whatever I can. Not that I have much of a choice, anyway. Now I'd like to try to use both. Somehow. The Liquid Exfolikate on its own is not quite enough. Pray for me! Smiley Tongue


I feel the same about the Emerald oil. Glad I'm not the only one. Smiley Tongue It is not bad at all. It seems to be a very nice oil, and I am glad I had a chance to try it. It is just not for me. I so wanted it to be so awesome like it's been for everybody else. But it is just ok. I don't hate it. Far from it. But I don't love it, either. I like it. Kind of. I can use it. And I will use it up. But I doubt I will purchase it. 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@veronika23  Thanks for your detailed reviews. I always enjoy hearing your opinions because you have sensitive skin like me Smiley Happy

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Ok ya'll, it's been about 7 weeks now, and I think I'm finally ready to review the skincare stuff Smiley Very Happy


Skin type: oily/dehydrated. A super dry winter has me a bit confused as to whether my dryness this season is because my skin is changing or if it's just the drier than normal air affecting it...I'm leaning towards winter for now. All of these were incorporated into my nighttime routine.


Herbivore Emerald Oil: this is simply lovely. I started it immediately after receiving the box, and have been quite happy with it. I use an oil every night, mixing 3-4 drops with my moisturizer and azelaic acid and applying them all at one time as a cocktail. This seems to be a bit lighter weight than my Tarte Maracuja or SW Basics, so I typically use a drop or two more than I would of the others, but it does such a nice job of moisturizing and keeping my natural oil at bay. There's something about it that I can't quite put my finger on, but I do notice a bit of a difference between using this vs any of my other oils. The texture is perhaps a bit drier? It seems to soak in a little quicker, and there's just something about my skin after using it...can't really explain it, but I do really like it.


I had a couple of weeks of irritation (not caused by this, but by a cleanser I thought I loved), and it wasn't quite enough to completely soothe my skin then, but an extra layer of a sleeping mask before bed generally helped me out. I also suffer from some congestion, and swap out for my Clarins Lotus Oil periodically, but all in all, I'm quite happy with the Herbivore.


At $48, it's cheaper than some of my oils, but more expensive than others...I'm on the fence about actually repurchasing, but I would absolutely use it again. (This bottle will last me a year or more anyways, so I have plenty of time to decide Smiley Tongue)


The next item I incorporated into my routine was the Kate Somerville Liquid Exfolikate, and I added it about a week after receiving the box IIRC. This fits in as my toner step (every night, though I did swap it out for another toner occasionally), and I find it quite gentle. I might get a touch of stinging if I have an open spot I've been picking at (which I try very hard not to do, but it's so hard not to Smiley Tongue ), but other than that, I get no irritation or sensitivity from it. It does a great job of knocking out any flaky spots, and helps keep me glowing. It does seem to leave a bit of a film on my face, but my steps afterwards generally take care of that. I do kinda feel like it blocked absorption of my PTR Retinol though (squalane-based, oily texture), but I've also moved on from that to a creamier retinol and haven't noticed this as much since the switch. 


At $58/4oz, this is way out of my comfortable price range for toners, but I would absolutely use it again. I'm also going to start alternating with my other current acid toner just to stretch it for a while Smiley Very Happy


FAB BarriAir Cream: I like it, but it's not true love. It took me about 3 weeks to get to this one, as I was just finishing up a moisturizer mini when this package arrived (a mini that lasted way longer than I thought it would lol). The whipped texture with the bubbles is...a novelty, but unnecessary IMHO. The cream itself is nice, light but moisturizing, though almost a taaaaad too light on the driest days here...I found myself supplementing with a sleeping mask more often than usual, but it's also been way colder and drier than usual here too, so I can't necessarily say the cream is at fault. I'm curious to see how well this works for me in warmer, more humid weather too...I'm a bit concerned it may be too heavy for me then, but that remains to be seen.


I like the cream, but I hate the tub, and I hate having to dig through bubbles to find the cream. I would love to see this in a tube or pump, but of course then you lose the cute bubbles visual...

I don't think product is evaporating though. I had a bubble mask in a jar that was similar...if you push or stir the bubbles back down, they reintegrate with the product without affecting performance. I'd imagine after some time the bubbles may be completely gone, possibly thickening up the cream a bit since there would be less air mixed in, but as of 7 weeks (errr, well, 4 weeks of true usage though), I see no evidence of them decreasing in volume jar is still "full" every time I open it.


This one I would not rebuy; I would consider using more if I got it, but I'd really only be interested in a tube or pump...while I have a ton of jars in my collection, I'm trying to be more mindful about avoiding them whenever possible. I don't like sticking my fingers in there, and don't really like pulling out a spatula either. Packaging aside, the cream itself is nice, and if you don't mind a jar, I think it would suit a wide range of folks...perhaps not the driest of the dry, but oily/combo/normal should have nice success with this one. The price is a bargain at $30 for 1.5oz.


Thank you again to BIC, Kate Somerville, Herbivore, and First Aid Beauty! It has been great fun to try new products I never would have bought on my own, and to really give them a whirl. I look forward to finishing all of them, and possibly replenishing one or two when the time comes Smiley Happy

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I’ve been using all the lovely gratis off and on since receiving them and thought it’s about time I got to sharing my thoughts on these treats.


FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream – I used this morning and night for most of January and have used up the entire jar.  My skin is dehydrated-dry in the winter and, while this moisturizer goes on smoothly and feels nice on my skin, it’s not moisturizing enough on its own for this time of the year. I found myself having to use a couple of layers of this, usually with the last layer including a drop of oil of some sort. I think that all skin types could use this, but that it is better suited for those with normal, combination or oily skin. The product also creates a foam on top and makes me think it is evaporating on me – hence, my using it morning and night to get the most out of the it before it disappeared; a pump dispenser might be a better vehicle for this product.


HERBIVORE - Emerald Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil – my skin looooves this product. It claims to be a “deep moisture glow oil” and it certainly lives up to its claim. It’s an A+ product for me. It hydrates and moisturizes my skin and gives it a healthy glow. Sometime early last month, I used a mask that did not agree with my skin at all – stinging (not the good kind), redness, unhappy, irritated skin. The first thing I saw on my countertop after removing the mask and washing off the serum from it was this oil, so I immediately reached for it and pressed a couple of drops onto my skin. My skin felt better and, after letting the oil absorb, I went back to look at my skin in the mirror and it looked better too – the redness had disappeared as did the couple of spots where it was irritated. I’ve been using this nightly ever since. I’ve also been dealing with a cold off and on this month that has meant me going through boxes of tissue and much redness around my nose. I don’t know about you but when I’m sick, my skin looks ill too as it works to purge the icky out of my system. I’ve been using the oil a lot, including days and nights when I can’t be bothered to go through an entire skincare routine – it’s just sheet mask and it’s helped to keep the redness at bay and my skin soft and moisturized.


KATE SOMERVILLE - Liquid ExfoliKate® Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment – I eased my way into this product, starting out with using it once a week for two weeks with a dampened cotton round and increasing it all the way to a couple of times per week at full strength. I rotate a few chemical exfoliant into my skincare routine and this one worked well with my other exfoliating products and skincare products. I was a little iffy about its claims to resurface the skin immediately but after using it for a month, I’m a believer. I could see it working on my skin and pores. I think it performs best on my forehead, cheeks and nose. I haven’t tried using it everyday yet, but it seems like my skin should be fine with it and I plan to try that later this month.


I’m still testing out the NARS - Ignited Eyeshadow Palette Since I’ve been sick off and on, I wear even less makeup than when I’m at 100%. So far, the mattes and shimmers in the palette are great – they apply smoothly and I’m able to get some good wear time with them - love! I’ve been having a harder time with the glittery shadows, but have been reading through the comments and recommendations from others here so I plan on working with the glitters more – this palette will be the one I reach for when it comes my “everyday” look (and evening look, too) this week and the next one. Will be back to report on my experience with the glitters later this month.


Heartfelt thanks to @SephoraBIC@KatieBT@firstaidbeauty, @Herbivore@katesomerville, and NARS for these amazing gratis! And a big ‘thank you’ and even bigger ‘virtual hug’ to @Shosh85  for nominating me to receive these wonderful goodies – it has been such a treat to mask with you – I’ve learned so much, laughed even more, and have had a fabulous time getting to know you better over our shared love of sheet masks and food. Smiley Happy 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

I've used the skincare for almost a month now, so I think a review is appropriate 😊

I've already given my thoughts on FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream

and NARS - Ignited Eyeshadow Palette.

I will update and say regarding the barriair cream, it continues to work well as a primer - however at the speed it's dissolving due to air exposure, I wouldn't purchase this item when it's done. 


HERBIVORE - Emerald Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil

💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 I love it! I'm so thankful I got to try this out. I like to apply it after I get out of a hot shower when my face has been exposed to steam. My skin - she glows and is oh so soft! To me, I detect a minty like feel on my skin that is kind of cooling. It absorbs easily and did I mention the glow? 


KATE SOMERVILLE - Liquid ExfoliKate® Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment

I love me some chemical exfoliation. Like LOVE. I found this very easy to use. I could see this being great for someone new to the exfoliation game. I went right into applying this everyday and had no irritation in doing so. The only snafu I ran into, which I believe I read another member also shared was trying to incorporate Good Genes into the mix at the same time. My skin started to peel; 

If I were to continue with LEK I would discontinue use of GG. 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Ok, I think I’ve finally used the products long enough that I can give a pretty informed review. 


First, the Herbivore Emerald Oil. I use (or have used) several facial oils. The Herbivore actually felt a little thicker than some, although it absorbs readily (FYI I have dry skin and live in New England). Even though it’s cannabis-based, it has a pleasant herbal scent — not at all like weed 😁. The scent is light and dissipates quickly. 


When I first started using it, I was battling a little scabby remnant of a pimple near my mouth (sorry to those eating breakfast) that refused to heal. The Emerald Oil really seemed to speed up the healing and ease the dryness there. I was also fighting a lingering cold involving much nose blowing. I applied the oil liberally around my nostrils and the skin there didn’t get that horrible dry peeling appearance at all. 


I also tested it both am and pm — one or another or both. I had no issues applying makeup over it. If anything I found my makeup applied better because of the extra moisture. It left my skin feeling hydrated, not at all greasy. After using it at night, my skin felt soft and smooth in the morning. Since using it, I think my skin looks and feels hydrated and — dare I say? — glowy!


So, yeah, I give this one a big thumbs up!  So much so, that I used my Christmas GC from my MIL to buy another bottle!


Onto the Kate Somerville Liquid ExfoliKate! I was a little skeptical about this at first. I wasn’t a fan of the scrub (too harsh) and I wondered what would happen if I left an exfoliant on all night. Soft smooth skin and smaller pores apparently!  It ended up working very gently and efficiently. And it’s kind of nice to be able to just put it on and let it work without carving extra time out of your day or having to time the application steps. I only exfoliate about every three days, so I can’t speak to how it would work on a daily basis though. 


While I didn’t notice any tingling or burning when I applied it, my skin did feel tight. I made sure I applied a good amount of the Emerald Oil (see above) on top to relieve that. 


The only issue I had was when I used my SR Good Genes one morning after having used the ExfoliKate the previous night. It didn’t feel irritated, but my face was rather red the whole day!  I haven’t had that problem when using my normal peel which is Dr Jart Micro Milk Peel. I could use that and continue with my regular routine. Just as an FYI. Overall, though, I like the ExfoliKate for its effectiveness and certainly its convenience. I will definitely consider purchasing again. 


Third, the FAB Barri-Air Cream. While being moisturizing, I felt like it just wasn’t quite enough for my dry winter skin. I think it would be better for the warmer months for me. Any additional thoughts pretty much mirror those of @veronika23 further down. The one thing I did notice and I’m not sure anyone mentioned, was that it feels very cooling when you apply it. So maybe another reason to use in the summer?


Lastly, the NARS Ignited Palette. I couldn’t wait to dive into it and posted a couple looks early on. The mattes are super buttery and incredibly pigmented. They blend very well. I also had good results with the shimmery and glittery shades. I had little fallout, but I was also using TF Glitter Glue as a primer. The Glitter shades are the most difficult to make show up, but I find that to be pretty typical anyway. Applying with a finger seems to work best with those. Overall I like the palette. It’s not so Glitter bomb that you could never use it for work, but it has enough sparkle to jazz up a day look and transition to night. 


ETA: I just wanted to say thanks again to @SephoraBIC@KatieBT , @Herbivore , @katesomerville , @firstaidbeauty  and NARS for this most fabulous gratis!  This one was truly awesome guys!  Thanks for allowing me to play!


Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@jozkid, I'll have to try using the TF Glitter Glue under the glittery eyeshadows from the NARS palette. Thank you for the tip! Smiley Happy

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@jozkid Great review! 


I’m also very impressed by the Herbivore Emerald Oil. In addition to spot-treating a couple of pimples (it really does seem to help there), I’ve been dabbing a tiny bit on my eyelids and brow bones for a few days and man, I didn’t realize how dry and crepey my lids really were before. 😂 I also like using this oil under my eyes during the day. Unlike the Kora Noni eye oil (which I LOVE hardcore for overnight), the Herbivore oil doesn’t make my eyes water while they’re open. It’s also not as plumping as the Kora oil, but so far it’s given my under-eyes a much needed daytime moisture boost this winter. This product’s earned a spot on my rebuy list. 


I’m still in nervous patch test territory with the liquid ExfoliKate, mostly because I had a bad reaction to the physical ExfoliKate scrub. Reading reviews by you and others is nudging me closer to “oh just try it all over your face already” mode. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend. Good to know about your Good Genes/ExfoliKate reaction; I don’t use Good Genes but I know what’s in it, so I’ll plan my post-ExfoliKate product layering extra carefully now. Thanks! 

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Thanks @WinglessOne !  So.... Herbivore on the lids huh?  Hmmmmm. I am a bit crepey there. It didn’t make your eyes puffy at all? That would be my biggest concern along with burning +/ watering. 


I understand your hesitation about the KS. I did NOT like my sample of that scrub. Maybe if you tried it just along your jawline first where it wouldn’t cause too many visible issues. But unless you react easily to things, I think you’ll be just fine. 👍

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊


Nope, Herbivore doesn’t make my eyes puffy. Smiley Happy It also doesn’t completely remove the crepe factor from my lids, but it does reduce it by 50%. I think my lids are just so dry, any good hit of moisturization will smooth them out quite a bit. And I rarely put moisturizers (including eye creams) on my eyelids because that usually makes my eyes water all day. If you try it on your lids, use the teeniest tiniest amount at first—not even a whole drop—to see how much your lids need. I haven’t tried wearing eyeshadow or shadow primer over this oil yet, but that’s next on my test list. 


I usually patch test in one or more of 3 places: chest, neck, and jaw. I’ve kept ExfoliKate no higher than my neck (because nervous), but now I think I’ll move it up to my jaw and see what happens. My skin’s an angst-ridden teen, so I sometimes have no idea which things will cause a tantrum. I’ve had no bad reaction on my neck yet, which is a good sign that I should stop worrying already. 😂

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Great review @jozkid! The FAB does feel nice when you apply it but now I'll have to pay attention to see if I find it cooling! Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@veronika23  Thanks V!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

So I finally have some thoughts on one product. Smiley Very Happy  The FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream


The texture is really nice... it’s light and airy, almost mousse like. It applies nicely and absorbs quickly. I really like the fact that the main benefit of this cream is to strengthen the skin barrier. That is definitely something I need. I also find it has a mattifying effect on the skin which I do like even though I have dry skin.The down side is that it’s just not hydrating and moisturizing enough for my dry skin, even during the day. I will have to mix it with other products to really get the hydration and moisture I need. I also have to agree with @lyravega that this cream probably shouldn’t be in a jar. It’s like some of it disintegrates every time I open it. I like the texture but I don't want it all to go to waste... Overall it’s not a bad just not enough on it’s own for someone with dry skin in my opinion. I think people with normal to oily skin would like it better.




Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

Great review!  @veronika23 

From the beginning I catagorized this cream just as you pointed out as repair barrier. Right before I recived this generous gift I had just finished a jar of Perricone MD cloud cream and before that I used  the Dr  Jart ceramiden gel cream. I’ve been using Glycholic acids for over 25 years and I think it is a good idea to apply a light watery reparative (ceramides)  moisture layer on to calm the skin after the acid application. Then after that soaks in  I apply a good moisturizer. I like that this cream doesn’t have dimethacone so the next moisturizer application won’t be out blocked

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@PaletteAddict99  Thanks! That's a really good way to look at it. I'm still new to chemical exfoliation but I like the tip about applying this after and then another cream after that. Thank you!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

You’re welcome @veronika23  after acids I always had felt I should apply a light watery lotions to calm my skin but it was from 2 You tuber’s; Carolyn Hirons and Stephanie Nicole that I learned about using ceramides. I think it is so perfect!

Glycolic Acid is the best thing that ever happened for me.

Starting to use  glycolic acid along time ago was one of the best things I have ever done for my skin and at the time I really had no idea it would turn out so good. Thanks to a very forward  thinking dermatologist back in the day <3 

The Exfolikate is a very nice product with quality ingredient and is very reasonably priced compared to many other brands. 


Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊

@PaletteAddict99  so glad it worked out so well for you!

Re: 🎊🎄Holiday Mystery Friend Gratis🎄🎊


I agree with you.  I don't think that the Ultra Repair BarriAir Cream is much like a conventional moisturizer, especially for dry skin.  I think it's something different.  I like how it makes my skin feel, but I have combination skin.  I agree with  @GG84 about using it as a primer, and I also agree with  @jozkid that it might be better for dry skin in the Summer. 

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