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Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

So I finally gathered my favorites from the recent Holiday Haulin' and took a few snapshots!  Anyone else want to share?  



Starting off with nails.  

Julep Mind your Mani set -- LOVE the Mighty nail & cuticle serum because it's so easy to apply and absorbs really quickly.  Would definitely repurchase this one separately!

Sephora X The System (chose Standout from the Neutrals line, love it!)

Sephora + Pantone Elemental in Confetti


Here's what Standout and Confetti look like:




Made use of the UD offer with Melt, Sellout, Desperation, Naked.  Seriously these are so high quality.  But wish I'd gotten a midtone rather than Sellout.

INGLOT!! wooo!  woooo!  So excited to see these instore at a Macy's!  330, 402, 326

Cargo in Tonga (yes, poshified's fingerprints are all over my holiday haulin' what can I say, she has good taste Smiley Very Happy )  Awesome everyday color, perfect for just giving my face some definition after foundation.

Tarte in Thankful, Hello Kitty Apple Balm in Cherry Blossom (I buy these up whenever I see them in sale bins...really a lovely gloss).



What's in the tiny bag?



MINIS!  Auuugh!  They are too cute!  It's almost a full face in a teeny little makeup bag!  (Yes I am obsessed with mini makeup)

Bare Minerals READY eyeshadow and blush

Marvelous Moxie mini lip

IT Cosmetics mini Bye Bye Undereye concealer

Bare Minerals mini Stroke of Light

CARGO mini eyeliner



Trish McEvoy makeup planner with lots of goodies



Laura Mercier Custom Portfolio, also with lots of goodies



A few fun LORAC items!




Samples galore!   Wooooooo who doesn't love deluxe samples!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

The more I look at the photos of your haul, the more and more I want the Bare Minerals mini set!!! The blush is so pretty and so is the eyeshadow duo!!! Ahh... I don't need it, but I want it so badly!!! And now that I can't find it anywhere (it is sold out) I want it even MORE!!!!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Looks like Macys still has it in stock!  Someone posted a new spring mini set in BT a little while ago:

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I always forget about Macy's when shopping for makeup... Lol. AND IT IS ON SALE??? WHAT??? Omg... I am so excited. I just want the mini blush and eyeshadow, everything else can go into a TSB!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

drragon- What Deborah Lippman nailpolishes are in your first picture? I don't see the names of them anywhere- thanks!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

the DL polishes in the order of the photo are "Baby I'm A Star" "Planet Rock" and "When Lightning Strikes".  Not sure if they're part of the regular line or not, I found the set at SiJCP (I don't think normal Sephora carries it) and other online retailers.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Such a beautiful haul!  I love everything especially the eyeshadows you chose.  I have Sellout and when I use it as an all over lid color, it brightens my eyes up times 10!  It also blends wonderfully into whatever other colors I use on the outer corner.  Just my 2 cents!  Haha Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Thanks NikkiShops!  You're absolutely right, I tried Sellout again today on my lid and it reminded me a lot of my beloved Stila Stardust.  I really like how it looks just on the lid, blended up to but not in the crease.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Drrragon, how are you liking your UD Desperation?  I've thought about buying that one.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I'm liking Desperation a lot!  I love how blendable it is, even though it's pretty dark!  It's sort of a mysterious shade that's hard to pin it brown?  grey?  purple?  I guess that means it's versatile.  It's perfect for extra definition in the outer corner or a bit blended out in my crease.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I swatched it again today in store.  If I get a giftcard for Christmas, it very well may be mine :-)

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I'll cross my fingers for you! Smiley Happy  Really I feel you can't go wrong with any UD, but Desperation is part of my daily go-to-work kit,but definitely could be used for wild nights out if I applied it heavier or with damp brush!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I am so happy I could cry (and the fact that scoring makeup brought that thought in my mind makes me want to cry harder lol)! 


I have wanted last holiday's 4 blush set from Tarte for so long, and I finally got it! It popped up on the Tarte site and I grabbed it a few minutes ago!! Whooohooo!!!


I bought other things this month, but nothing that wasn't a repurchase.


@drrragon, did you try the Julep oxygen base coat or the Deborah Lippmann minis yet? If so, what do you think of them. Anyone feel free to chime in with opinions! 



Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Thanks for posting about the Tarte blush set! I've got it bookmarked, am hoping it comes back in stock again! (serious Tarte blush addict here Smiley Tongue )

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

@pearlgirl -- NO WAI!!!! you got last year's Tarte holiday blush set, what a major SCORE!!  congrats and hope you have lots of fun with those adorable little blushes Smiley Happy


I have been using that Julep oxygen base coat for a couple of weeks now.  I just do one layer, it's a nice milky pink color that of course chips since I'm not applying top coat or anything, but for the most part it's pretty, shiny, and polished-looking.  I'm not actually sure if it's doing anything for my fragile peeling nails though, I'm kinda afraid to use nail polish remover since I want to let my nails "rest" for a few weeks.  


The DL minis are nice!  Although now that I've tried them, I probably would use the glitters on a much lighter base color than the purple that came in the set.  The glitters are nice and fine, not chunky, and apply pretty smoothly.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

image.jpggot the em night palette and the highlighter/ bronzer stick. 

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!


heres the palette I built 

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

ooh those look like fun! I haven't gotten my hands on any actual palettes, but I did really like the texture of the shadows I got on a sample card from Ipsy.  I was pretty impressed with how one of the bronze shades felt.  Definitely worth trying out!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I love the packaging bc its really heavy (not what I was expecting).   The eyeshadows are pigmented quite comparable to UD.   The lip colors are not super pigmented, it just gives some hint of color if you apply heavily and it adds a glossy finish w/o feeling sticky.  The blushes are ok, not super pigmented.  I havent tried the contour/highlighter yet but I hope its as good as Ive heard.  

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I, too, would love to hear what you think of your life palette.


I love their highlight/contour stick myself!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Oooh let us all know how you like Em Cosmetics! I've been wanting to try some stuff out but I've heard mixed reviews.

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