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Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

So I finally gathered my favorites from the recent Holiday Haulin' and took a few snapshots!  Anyone else want to share?  


Starting off with nails.  

Julep Mind your Mani set -- LOVE the Mighty nail & cuticle serum because it's so easy to apply and absorbs really quickly.  Would definitely repurchase this one separately!

Sephora X The System (chose Standout from the Neutrals line, love it!)

Sephora + Pantone Elemental in Confetti


Here's what Standout and Confetti look like:


Made use of the UD offer with Melt, Sellout, Desperation, Naked.  Seriously these are so high quality.  But wish I'd gotten a midtone rather than Sellout.

INGLOT!! wooo!  woooo!  So excited to see these instore at a Macy's!  330, 402, 326

Cargo in Tonga (yes, poshified's fingerprints are all over my holiday haulin' what can I say, she has good taste Smiley Very Happy )  Awesome everyday color, perfect for just giving my face some definition after foundation.

Tarte in Thankful, Hello Kitty Apple Balm in Cherry Blossom (I buy these up whenever I see them in sale bins...really a lovely gloss).


What's in the tiny bag?


MINIS!  Auuugh!  They are too cute!  It's almost a full face in a teeny little makeup bag!  (Yes I am obsessed with mini makeup)

Bare Minerals READY eyeshadow and blush

Marvelous Moxie mini lip

IT Cosmetics mini Bye Bye Undereye concealer

Bare Minerals mini Stroke of Light

CARGO mini eyeliner


Trish McEvoy makeup planner with lots of goodies


Laura Mercier Custom Portfolio, also with lots of goodies


A few fun LORAC items!



Samples galore!   Wooooooo who doesn't love deluxe samples!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

It warms my heart to see my enabled purchases! Smiley Very Happy What a fun thread! Those are some great hauls, and I'm glad to see you're enjoying them just as much! <3 You definitely picked up some goodies, and that Trish McEvoy planner is SO cute!!



Starting off with some Sephora Black Friday purchases, which now that I look at it, I'll most likely pass on the Smashbox palette and MUFE pencil sticks to a couple family members and just keep the -- embarrassingly enough -- untouched Stila palettes. As you can probably tell, I have no self-control when it comes to palettes.


A few random purchases here and there:

-Laura Mercier Color to Go Nudes: probably my most reached palette the past week. So convenient!

-Laura Mercier Metallic Cream Eye Color in Alloy: I've been looking for a dupe for Tom Ford's cream shadow in Platinum, and this is quite close, not to mention easy to use!

-Burberry eyeshadow quad in Mocha: my Christmas splurge from me to me. I've decided to start using it after Christmas.

-Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nude Glow: Like I needed another highlighter. I was never a big fan of her shimmer bricks prior to this, but I love this one because I can use it on my eyes too!

-Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for Eyes: ended up using my $20 off $50 on this at Sephora and like it so far. Plus it's so small and sleek!



-Cargo Meet Me in Paris eyeshadow palette, and the free accompanying full-sized Cargo blush, lip gloss, eyeliner, and glitter top coat. I wouldn't have known about this amazing deal from Macy's had Drrragon not told me on Black Friday!

-Bare Minerals minis: Again, another Drrragon-enabled purchase, and I couldn't resist it with the markdown plus extra 20% off!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

aauughh drooling over those beautiful palettes! That Burberry looks luxe! Next holiday season I definitely gotta get myself that Laura Mercier face case......provided she releases it again. and the colors of the CARGO lip quad and beautiful!

posh did you take your photos in natural lighting? the colors look so vibrant. When I did my snapshots this morning I was disappointed that they came out so washed out looking, but it was cloudy all day so I never got good natural light.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

The Cargo lip palette is like a work of art; I haven't been able to bring myself to use it LOL!


I thought your pictures turned out really well!! Did you use your camera phone? I had to use artificial lighting, since it was so dreary out today :-\

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I also have problems dipping into a freshly opened jar of peanut butter....the smooth surface just looks so pristine Smiley Very Happy


Yup, I used my camera phone.  I was disappointed since the LM cream blush just looks....kinda overly pale with hardly any color.  I like taking nice pictures, but I'm too lazy to actually research actual technique Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

That's exactly why I can't keep up with beauty blogging, despite two attempts haha! My patience is non-existent when it comes to working around natural lighting. I really liked your Inglot palette next to your Milly bag picture though! Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Posh, love that Burberry quad... You are tempting me!! I think I would go for Pale nude though for me Smiley Happy


Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I was initially eyeing that quad too!! Smiley Happy But I passed because Nordstroms won't be carrying it, and it was back-ordered on Burberry's site for a while.


Did you see the new Spring collection? 3 eyeshadows + 1 blush = *droooolin'*


Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

oh my goodness! that is really pretty! thanks for sharing Poshified

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Happy to share, girl! Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

*gasp* so gorgeous!!  I wonder if they'll be selling a special miniature blush brush for that palette LOL!


between the two of you I suddenly need a Burberry palette in my life.  Maybe for my bday next year Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Ohhhh I hope so!! Even better, it might come with the palette -- you'd be all over that in an instant! Smiley Very Happy


Ain't got nothing but love for my BBFFFFs! Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

@poshified,  what is the shade name of the Cargo blush in your final photo?


Impressive haul Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Thank you! It makes me feel better a good number of them were GWPs Smiley Happy The color is Lyon.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Agreed- a nice GWP can justify almost any purchase Smiley Happy  There have been some really nice ones since Black Friday at both the department stores and on individual brand sites Smiley Happy 


Thank you for the shade name. For some reason I don't own anything from Cargo and I think it's high time to take the plunge by starting with a blush purchase.



Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I agree! If not GWP, a lot of dept stores like Neimans offered $50 gift card with $200 purchase, which is still quite generous! Smiley Happy


I never paid attention to Cargo prior to this year either. I've never bought their products full-priced (maybe once?), but I've been told they go on Hautelook quite often, so you know what site I'll be stalking now Smiley Very Happy

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Any comment on how the Burberry palette performs? Even though I'm not sure if I bought something so pretty that I could bring myself to use it!

I'm seeing lots of Cargo in these hauls too. I've not really thought about the brand before, oh darn, looks like I have some "beauty research" to do (aka buy things) Smiley Wink

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

The quality of the Burberry quads are just as good as the singles (and the plus side is that some of the quads contain colors from the singles form.) I probably would go as far to say that their eyeshadows are some of the best in the market -- definitely in the Top 3. It's hard to over-apply the colors as the colors are nowhere as pigmented at first touch like UD's, but the butteriness, staying power, and uniqueness is what makes them some of my favorites. They're definitely great for that Burberry classic, effortless 'no makeup' makeup grunge look. The packaging alone blows Chanel's out of the water Smiley Very Happy


If it helps at all, Cargo's blushes are just as good as NARS Smiley Wink. Now that I know they go on Hautelook quite often, I know when to stock up.

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Posh, you must tell me what has everyone raving about tonga! 

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

It's the blush Jennifer Aniston always wears Smiley Happy. More importantly, it's a blush that pairs with any eye look, since it's a neutral matte blush. Also, on lighter skin tones, it can work as a contour and blush.


Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

Oooh, sounds very tempting, especially as I'm in the market for a new powder blush. Thank you!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

oh great, i've always sort of wanted LM alloy, and now that you say it is close to TF platinum... I'm sold!! 

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

I asked for $1 million dollar gift card from Sephora from my Secret Santa at work. And… I got it! lol


Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

LOL!  You could buy a whole Sephora for $1million!  and imagine the truckloads of pt perks too!  You'd be in the checkout line and the SA would yell out "You have one million, three thousand two hundred and 52 points!" and everyone would stare at you!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

lmfao!!! haha! And i will say, no I am saving the points! thank you!

Re: Holiday Hauls! Wooooooooo!!

hahahahahahaaa!  saving the points, that's hysterical!!

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