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Holiday Haul :)

What did you get for the holidays (makeup or not?)  

-A lot of chocolate and candycanes

-iTunes cards

-24 tv show boxed set (all 8 seasons) 

-Batman, Batman Returns, Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever movies

- Tarina Tarantino eye dream hyperliner in Spark of Envy

- A fuzzy batherobe from Victoria's Secret

- A hoodie from American Eagle

and some other stuff. 

Re: Holiday Haul :)

Im very picky when in comes to gifts so I always ask my parents for cash or gift cards so I can really buy what I want.  So I got cash, a few gift cards from Forever 21, Express, the mini skincare kit from Benefit Cosmetics, a few nail polishes for my manicure addiction, and I think thats it.... Smiley Happy I already used the F21 gift card and I've been using the Benefit Cosmetics skincare kit and I love it.... 

Re: Holiday Haul :)

fun! I got some great gifts (nothing crazy but i was really happy with them) and the beauty related ones were a lush golden wonder bomb (amazing!) and a sweet makeup mirror with 4 light settings! it's super fun to play with!

Re: Holiday Haul :)

Aww you all received some great gifts! Smiley Happy


I never know what I want for holidays..  I purchased most things I really wanted myself to make it easier on my family. Smiley Wink


-LOTS of tea (green, peppermint, chamomile, etc. )

-a huge makeup organizing shelf/tray

-an Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow (diabetics can't eat sugar, this is the closest I can get!)

-a few sweaters I can wear for work (black and gray!)

-Money which is always useful

-hairclips and some makeup accessories (I'm hard to shop for, most ppl know what not to get me in makeup!)

-new jacket I LOVE with a huge faux fur collar


All very simple things that make me happy. But a puppy and a huge case of perrier water would have been amazing LOL

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Holiday Haul :)

- A digital camera

- Handmade crafts from Chile and a book of poems by Pablo Neruda

- A donation to my favourite charity

- Lingerie

- Olive oil and balsamic vinegar set

- A yoga mat

- German philosophy books

- Vintage wine


No makeup this year! It's ok, I think I have enough Smiley Wink

Re: Holiday Haul :)

You guys all got amazing gifts! I didn't receive any makeup this year, which is fine...I already have and get so much.


-Lounge pants

-Truffles (they're so good!)

-Lots of gift cards

-A ring box

-A variety of different goodies from Lush


-A flat screen TV

-A really pretty nightgown

-A hoodie

-Tickets to a comedy show


Whimsically yours,

Re: Holiday Haul :)

-Kindle Fire -Coach Poppy parfum (SO good!) -An adorable top -A blazer -A dress -A skirt -$135 worth of forever21 giftcards (my absolute favorite store) -$50 Sephora giftcard -A new brush set! My aunt got me the pink sephora collection Smiley Very Happy -A very pretty traditional turquoise ring <3 -ALOT of makeup (: -Pink pepper spray (it looks like lipstick lol, my sister got me it) -So friggen much candy -Nail polish I can't think of what else Smiley Tongue lol. Hope you all have a GREAT HOLIDAY! Smiley Very Happy LexiKaye <3

Re: Holiday Haul :)

What I got for the Holidays!

-Naked2 Palette (I had to pay my mom for half)

-Philosophy 3-in-1 in Holiday Hugs

-Coach Poppy Flower perfume

-Sweet & Flirty Body Spray from Victoria's Secret

-A box of Ferrero Rocher (yum)

-A Francesca Battistelli CD (I have never heard her music before but it is actually really good!)

and some other stuff!

Re: Holiday Haul :)

Happy Holidays! Smiley Happy

Clarisonic PRO Facial Brush

3 Mini Clarisonic Face Washes, I'm loving the blue kind... I think it's called the Refreshing Gel Cleanser or something like that?

Some lipglosses, don't know what shades, etc. and they aren't with me right now

Same thing with a few nail polishes

Some really cute & comfy pajajma pants (they're navy blue and lime green!)

Lots of headbands and hair accessories like flower clips, etc... I love them so much!!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume (I love it SO much!!)

A Deluxe Perfume Sampler set (came with a cute atomizer!)

an ADORABLE camera case my sister got for me

one of those "Bobble" water bottles that filter the water as you drink it... I got a pink one of course Smiley Happy

Pink Sugarplum Bath&Body Works body wash... it smells SO amazing!! I'm going to buy more of that line before it's gone!!

A Sweet Pea gift set from B&BW... One of my favorite scents from them! It smells so clean and sweet at the same time!!

some Wii games, I don't play video games all that much but these are really fun!

some movies,

and lots of other things i'm forgetting or just don't feel like typing lol.


xoxo, Charlotte Smiley Very Happy

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