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I love love watching/hearing about hauls. I'm interested in what people got and what they recommend. I went to Sephora today, and went out with an empty wallet. lol. I manly went to get skincare products:


Korres Milk Protein Cleanser

Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening Refining Buff Cleanser

Boscia Bright White Mask

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Reflief

Givenchy Mister Mat



Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment

Fresh Face Polish


What did you all get recently?

Re: Haul

Nice Haul! I got 3 of the Ren Mask too!! I can't wait to use them and see how they work!!

Re: Haul

I just finished a Koh Gen Do Gommage Spa Gel sample, one of my Amore Pacific Enzyme Peels, and I'm almost done a PTR Peel Gel, so I think it'll be a perfect time to try something new! I'm excited to find out Smiley Very Happy

Re: Haul

How do you like the gel exfoliators? I tried them bu have mixed feelings...

Re: Haul

My skin has some sort of weird issue with letting go of dead skin and no scrub/bead type exfoliant will do. I am in love with the gel types and the amore pacific peel because they actually work for me!! I use them on my elbows and knees too because those are some of my biggest problem areas and no amount of moisturizer helps. My elbows are soft and not grey from dead skin for the first time in my life! Even as a little kid this was a problem so I will rave ecstaticly about these products, haha.  I find the Koh Gen Do I have to be super careful with, if I scrub too much with one or two fingers they actually hurt later from being abraded! My face is always fine though.

Re: Haul

I wasn't crazy about the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel, too gentle. But it did soften my skin. I still haven't had a chance to try the Guerlain mascara samples but i think i will today!! I got three of those!

Re: Haul

Mini-haul Smiley Happy

UD super saturated lip pencil in Naked

Dolce and Gabbana Nail Laquer in rose petal

ysl rouge volupte perle 107 impetuous beigeswfupload_1288373784555873087.jpg
And stay tuned for a haul of several different acrylic orgaanizers that I plan on putting together for my own 'custom designed system' lol...I hope they come fast

Re: Haul

Well here is a little haul. I'm mostly obsessed with skincare items so thats usually what i buy! But i got a ton of Samples! I got two ITKITS and the VIBCLUTCH, Shisheido Mask promo, and Bday2012 promo code!

I got two of the 100 point perks of the Korres Sleeping facial and the Bite Lipstick. 

There are a few samples missing that i gave away already but for the most part everything is here



Re: Haul

Which Too Faced bronzer did you get?

Re: Haul

Chocolate Soleil! I love it. 

Re: Haul

looks great arielaaaaaaaa so there are 8as after your name lol Smiley Wink

Re: Haul

Haha i never actually counted how many!! I just kept pushing a's after my name!!

Re: Haul

Birchbox post!photo.JPG

Was very happy with this box! All things I can use!

Color Club Nail Lacquer in Reign in Spain- this is a seriously gorgeous coral

Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser with lemongrass and natural sugar

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick in Perfect Kiss

100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream in Vanilla Bean and Coconut


And then Sephora decided to have a sale on OPI, and apparently it was time to do some Christmas in June shopping.

3x Life's a Beach OPI kits for mom, sister-in-law and best friend

Metro Too Chic OPI kit

Sephora by OPI Jewelry Top Coats in Lights, Glammer-a, Action, Indi-go With the Flow, Not Your Average Turquoise, and Mauve-ie Star in the Making

Sephora by OPI in I'm So Sari! Holy cow am I drooling over this one!

Ribbon Hair Tie

VIB codes- VIBNUDE, VIBLASH, VIBDKNY (was stunned how big this was!)

Random samples- lots of love for the packer who gave me two extra samples <3


Recent purchase of Too Faced La Creme Juicy Melons is in there too! I was so excited to finally find it!

Re: Haul

I love the Metro to Chic set!! I bought it a couple of months ago and then some how misplaced it!! I'm so upset!! I only got to wear one of the polishes!!!

Re: Haul

Nice Haul! I still think the VIBDKNY code is great. I wore this perfume today, in fact. I've got polish coming on Friday. 


Meanwhile, I picked up a package today that I had delivered to my office. The woman in my mail room threatened to steal my next package. Smiley Happy I got the Ariel palette, the BESTSKIN promo, the 3 samples I asked for and a bonus one. Too bad it was Becca in medium which is far too dark for me, but I'll see if I can find it a home. Maybe a picture tomorrow when I'm not fighting this editor on my iPad. 

Re: Haul

Jealous, my order with Metro Too Chic OPI got cancelled Smiley Sad 

Re: Haul

Thanks for posting CrayzeeRN!  I love 100% Pure! Their body lotions are awesome and I really like the cheek tints too.


I SEE JUICY MELONS (it was kind of like a where's waldo...)

Re: Haul

@mafan- thanks! I've loved the smell of the DKNY perfume a while now, but haven't wanted to purchase any new perfumes! I'm jealous of your Ariel palette! I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that it comes back in stock- saw Temptalia's swatches today and now I'm drooling over it Smiley Wink 


@roxy- haha it was definitely a where's waldo hunt!! I've actually never heard of any of the brands in this box except Color Club! Kind of something I enjoy with Birchbox, though, finding new things Smiley Happy

Re: Haul

yes its soo small and cute Smiley Wink


Re: Haul

And I have it too Smiley Happy I think I got it from one of sephora fragrance sampler set.

Re: Haul

Todays Sephora haul:


1. KVD lock it tattoo foundation, 44

2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

3. Sephora by OPI Little Miss Impatient Quick Dry Top Coat

4. Sephora by OPI nailpolish, sorry....calendars full


and I got a sample of the KVD concealer and the NARS TM


Props to a wonderful girl named Tania at my free standing Sephora who was very nice to me and my mom today Smiley Very Happy

Re: Haul

were the OPI polishes on sale in store?