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I love love watching/hearing about hauls. I'm interested in what people got and what they recommend. I went to Sephora today, and went out with an empty wallet. lol. I manly went to get skincare products:


Korres Milk Protein Cleanser

Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening Refining Buff Cleanser

Boscia Bright White Mask

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Reflief

Givenchy Mister Mat



Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment

Fresh Face Polish


What did you all get recently?

Re: Haul

I returned a $70 item today, then promptly spent $70. Rather than money saved, it's money reallocated. *sigh*

Haul from Sephora (samples, deodorant, Origin spot remover), Origins (Earth Day cleanser and 2 mini samples) and Aveda ($5 donation for bag of 5 samples).

2013-04-11 17.50.50.jpg

The bag is better than the Nov one, which now have a hole in it after being used as a lunch bag. However, I was surprised and a little disappointed there were no deluxe samples in the tote, but the associates were all very welcoming/helpful today and I nabbed the deluxe email promo sample they still have left, so it's ok.

Re: Haul

I saw that you went to Origins? Smiley Happy How did you like their mini facial. I booked an appointment once but couldn't make it last minute.

Re: Haul

It was great, as in I grilled the guy about every single skincare issues that I've ever thought about and all the products I haven't tried yet nonstop while he was giving the facial cuz it doesn't hinder my mouth from moving, lol. Also, I'm switching from winter to summer skincare and this gives me an opportunity to try the products I'm interested in before buying.


Honestly it's just someone else applying an all Origins regimen to your face, so it's only worth it if you have questions or want to try products. It's the same as makeovers, just someone else applying stuff to your face, meh. I would like expert/reliable second opinion/trial before buying skincare, tho now I'm kind of getting over Origins and am moving onto other brands (Caudalie, Boscia and Korean skincare), but I've still got the full size SPF moisturizer from last Earth Day to finish (and now the cleanser).....

Re: Haul

cool yeah i know thats why i didnt feel too bad missing it Smiley Happy

Which Korean skincare you would like to try? I was using Shiseido for years yeah Japanese pretty good but i guess it stopped doing anything to my skin.

Re: Haul

Oh yeah, Shiseido is Japanese, lol, but the samples I have are too heavy for me right now. I'm starting my retinol/hydraquonine stuff right now (PTR, Dr. Brandt, Murad). After using up a couple things then I will start the asain streak with Etude House Wonderpore toner, Skin Food Peach Sake serum, and Koh Gen Doh/Boscia moisturizer (ok, Boscia is only half Japanese).

Re: Haul



That sounds great, I got a few items from philosophy when i got the 40% off code last month and thanks to lylysa, I also bought Anthony Logistic cleanser and start using these new products after using Shiseido for so many years. 


Have always wanted to try the Skin Food line Smiley Happy

Re: Haul

Beautytester and everyone else,


It seemed like a lot of people disappointed about the free samples when they received them but Sephora did mention the 8 one-time use samples in the email/invite (bottom of the email) they sent out to us so there wasn't any surprise really. Only surprise to me were people who got better/worse samples of the 8 supposedly in the tote. Anyway, hope everyone enjoys their samples and tote Smiley Happy Happy shopping !!!!!!!

Re: Haul

I may have a spending problem... BUT I did buy a few of these things as a present. They don't count then, right?








Nyx Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe- Velvet Roaps

Nyx "mood" lip gloss

Nicole by OPI- Iceberg Lotus

Maybelline Color Sensastional Vivid- Shocking Coral

Ombre Hat


TJ Maxx

Shugar Soaps- Red Velvet Scented soap

Passion Fruit Bath Soap


Five Below (This is a new store I have never heard of!)

Purple rain boots

Turby Twist kind of thing

Fimo Nail Art


Bath & Body Works

Market Peach Candle

Re: Haul

nice purple rain boots Smiley Happy

Re: Haul

I almost bought yellow because I loved them as well. Yellow is just so classic... but purple is definitely me!

Re: Haul

I love the Market scents from BBW!!! Ahhh, peach, lemon, strawberry!!! It's like a farmer's market for my nose!!!!

Re: Haul

They smell so good! I just had to get the peach!

Re: Haul

I just recieved my SUPER by Perricone Super Hyper Hydrator x3 its one of my new absolute fav moisturizer, Super 3 min facial w/ Ginger and my Super Bight Recharge with Red Alge. I haven't tried the mask or the night stuff yet, so I hope there good to my skin.

Re: Haul

I am waiting for my Wen hair care kit and Dr. Dennis Gross enzyme peel to come in the mail.   There's so many great reviews for Wen, I just have to try it for myself.  Also, I got a sample of the Enzyme Peel pads and it did wonders on my complexion; so I need more of that awesomeness.  I highly recommend!champagne_toast.jpg

Re: Haul

@desertbr4t-Is that your Inglot Palette?

Re: Haul

I have to admit the tiny version of the Givenchy lipstick is really one of my favorites. I also love how tiny it is. Sephora should definitely offer more perks like this and they may sell more full size versions  ^.^

Re: Haul

i got my palette! It's just missing a green, it's coming in the mail.  image.jpg

Re: Haul

very nice bright colors Smiley Happy i wish i knew how to use them to make me look good Smiley Wink

Re: Haul

love the colors you chose!

Re: Haul

hey wait!  i thought you were getting the TEN pan palette! LOL!  those are really fun bright colors, just in time for spring/summer! Smiley Very Happy  did you get it from beautylish?


i'm dying to try out some inglot myself but need to use up some of my other eyeshadows first before I die of unused-product-guilt....

Re: Haul

yeah that's where i got it. i haven't even tested it yet, i'm just admiring it right now. They filled my order really fast and sent it Fedex. yes it's Inglot 8D

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