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I love love watching/hearing about hauls. I'm interested in what people got and what they recommend. I went to Sephora today, and went out with an empty wallet. lol. I manly went to get skincare products:


Korres Milk Protein Cleanser

Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening Refining Buff Cleanser

Boscia Bright White Mask

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Reflief

Givenchy Mister Mat



Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment

Fresh Face Polish


What did you all get recently?

Re: Haul

Hrm, I caved and got:


Tarte Maracuja concealer

                      eye cream

                      lip exfoliator

                I absolutely LURVE the oil, might as well try the infused stuff!

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil (BT, you've made me curious!)

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil

Fresh Brown Sugar Bath and Shower Gel

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum

Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Treament (for travel)

Fresh Seaberry Body Cream (for winter travel)

Kat Von D lipstick in Rosary (BF was awed by the color, he doesn't comment often on these things!)

Tokyomilk Tainted Love Handcreme (Kept forgetting to restock my handcream after I ran out last time!) 

Living Proof Full Shampoo (2oz, trying for when I run out)

Boscia Tsubaki Oil

Rosebud Salve in a Tube


Add in several random sample things Smiley Wink


This is all since the new year....Well, after seeing this conversation I feel slightly better about my spending habits >.> And I am most definitely a sucker for oils, but after dealing with greasy skin, for whatever reason it seems to be the only thing that really works, I'm definitely willing to go with it in that case!  Also, I'm going to try not to buy anything else for at least a little while Smiley Tongue  Awesome conversation!

Re: Haul

You're going to love the Living Proof line!!! I used the No Frizz shampoo/conditioner because I had a sample and I noticed a huge difference. Even though frizz is not an issue I have, I noticed how much smoother in general my hair is and I know the smoothing/manageability aspect runs across the board in their products!

Re: Haul

Good to hear!  I definitely want to switch to the line, mostly due to the fact that the shampoos don't have sulfates Smiley Tongue I'm currently using Redken's Body Full which does a fantastic job, and I want to see how Living Proof stacks up to it and if I like the smell Smiley Tongue  So far all reviews on it (99% of them) seem to be very positive.  So I'm pretty sure you're right Smiley Very Happy

Re: Haul

Yay SK-II and Fresh!


Hahaha, by BT I'm assuming you meant me. I have considered signing myself as BeautyTester, but then it's the same initial as BeautyTalk (would be even funnier if I named myself Beautytalk back when I was making names).


I'm planning to buy SK-II next time 20% off comes around. I kind of want Fresh Rose mask because it feels so good, but I'm pretty sure the effect is temporary and I'm not sure if I want to spend $55 for it, especially now when my skin is at a standstill, refusing to absorb anything (yes I do exfoliate).


I am very curious about Kate Somerville Scar Diminishing serum, especially since I've got two big raised scar bumps on my neck/knee from burn/stabbed by scissor when I was little, but not sure if it's effective for body or really old scars....

Re: Haul

OMG I love Fresh's masks!  I don't have any of the actual product, but I do enjoy getting their samples to have on the road!  I kinda like the black tea one best between the two, but the rose is lovely!   And I'll keep you posted on what I think of the SK-II stuff, did you get to try your samples yet?

Re: Haul

Not yet, they are sooo tiny they won't last more than 2-3 applications, at most. Since my skin is not absorbing things well, I'm gonna do a hydrating mask first (debating between L'occitane immortelle overnight one or the AmorePacific rinse off one).


I'm waiting for the opportune moment, you know, the day when the cloud breaks apart, flowers bloom, light shines through (angels and birds optional) with Cate Blanchett smiling down at me and...oh wait, or was that suppose to happen after I try the SK-II product?

Re: Haul

Also, I lied >.> 


Got the Tarte eyebrow mousse (so excited to see what it looks like!)

Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm (friend let me try some, don't think I can live without it now...)

Holographic Sephora makeup bag in macaroon to replace my decade+? old, horribly abused Jafra one


I split my order so I could see what perk goodies they come up with tomorrow Smiley Very Happy


So in the next mini haul there will be 


Lancome Subtil Blush in Miel Glace

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Lolita

Tarte Maracuja Concealer in a slightly darker shade for the coming summer (LOVED it when I put it on ^.^)


After that I seriously need to be done for a little while -_-

Re: Haul

@MoreGun89, how's Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm? Is it worth the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? (ok, maybe not that expensive). I'm using Fresh Sugar, rosebud salve, and TokyoMilk Dark lipbalm, but I have been eyeing that for a while.....

Re: Haul

Awesome!  Goes on nicely, the smell is perfect, it seriously makes lips feel like rose petals ^.^  I need to try it for a few days once I receive it to give you anything more than that.  


I have been using the Omorovicza Lip Perfector (got it with my "pengo points" on their site a long while back) so I was considering a less expensive alternative for that, while I like that balm a lot, I have a difficult time justifying the purchase when Sugar is just as good if not a little more greasy.


How do you like the TokyoMilk Dark lipbalm? Smiley Happy

Re: Haul

It's very thick much thicker than rose salve. I have braces so no caramel for me. I decided to get the salted caramel flavor as a pity gift for myself. It's thick and sticky, but I think the sticky part is specific to the salted caramel flavor since Lylysal have a different flavor that isn't sticky. It doesn't have any weird taste and it's great as overnight treatment (no worries about it disappearing even in super low humidity). But during the day time, I think I like something a bit more emollient like rose salve or fresh sugar.

Re: Haul

I'm wearing the La Vie En Rose TMD Lip Elixir right now! Love it!!!!


Mine isn't sticky at all, when I first got it I debated between the rose and caramel one, got the rose instead because I figured if the caramel smelled too good I would just keep licking my lips!

Re: Haul

@BT Tried the fresh thing of the Dior lip balm not 10 minutes ago.  Digging into the new balm was an exquisite feeling, like poking memory foam.  It went on very smoothly, it has a very shiny look, and it seals moisture very well, lips do look only very slightly more plump which is perfect!  I love the smell, but my gripe about the smell is that it is very strong, I could smell it from the box that it came in (the product box) when it was held away from my nose, and I wouldn't recommend tasting it on your lips, the breath in is a touch soapy if you're not careful.  This is very unusual for me to say, but I think once I've finished my Omorovicza balm I will be dumping it for this one O.O

Re: Haul

Oohh, now Dior lip balm is on my wishlist. Now that I think about actually worked out to be cheaper than Fresh Sugar, but it have mineral oil in it.....but it also have retinyl palmitate....ok, now it's on my sample list for next trip to store.

Re: Haul

I have the Tarte eyebrow mousse as well, it's pretty good! Not really meant for detail but more of an all over filler. I find I still need a eyebrow pencil to get into the gaps. And I want the holographic makeup bag!! But which one..


How's the Tarte concealer/oil? Are they worth it? I recently bought the Quercetin Korres concealer and it's really nice, smooth and mousse-like. Trying to stick to the more "natural" lines.


Tell me more about the cleansing oils!

Re: Haul

In order:


I'm excited to try the mousse!  While my eyebrows aren't terribly sparse, the hairs are very fine and I'd like a bit more definition, I've tried powders and I'm a little clumsy with the application and of course the powder gets everywhere, the pencils are nice, but time consuming.  So, here's to hoping this works ^.^


I got the makeup bag that has the flat base and top with the rounded zipper area.  I travel a lot and only carry my overnight bag most of the time, so if it doesn't fit, I like that it has the handle!


The Tarte oil is fantastic, it's the whole reason I went product crazy with them Smiley Very Happy  I recommend it for darn near everything, and I liked the idea of the concealer so that I have more coverage and the oil (which I was spotting it on these areas before and looking greasy).  The concealer is VERY thick, but spreads smoothly, and evenly, and I noticed the same effect that I was having using just the oil on these old acne scars.


I'll be trying the cleansing oils once I run out of my current cleanser, will definitely post a review Smiley Very Happy

Re: Haul

It arrived two days early O.o  Anywho, here's pic with one eyebrow done and one not, my face is done but nothing else is >.>Picture 11.jpg


I'm INCREDIBLY pleased with the results!  (As a note, the color for the mousse in the picture is medium brown Smiley Happy )

Re: Haul

Oooo lah lah!!!!!

Re: Haul

@MoreGun89 Oh that looks great!  You have really nice brows Smiley Happy

Re: Haul

Oh that look so natural! I get so distracted when girls have obviously drawn on eyebrows. I have an acquaintance that have no eyebrows, and draw almost perfect half circle for her brow in a really thin brown line. I had to work really hard to not stare at it.


lol, and you do look incredibly pleased =P

Re: Haul

Exactly people who draw on eyebrows tend to do the thin line, drives me a little nuts >.>  And I will never post a pic in which I have powder on my eyebrows (reminds me of the old school Charlie Chaplin eyebrows). Smiley Very Happy  But yeah, the mousse looks really natural and has a soft look rather than a definite line, which I love!  And it leaves the brush very clean as well as the countertop, and the rest of the face.  Awesome product!  I'm concerned about going to class now though since it's such a drastic difference. After going in with lipstick yesterday and confusing everyone, this should be fun XD

Re: Haul

When I see people who walk around with drawn on, pencil thin lines for brows I just want to walk up, lick my finger and smudge them right in the center and make a unibrow! >.< It's so awful!!! Unless it's meant to add to an avant garde look or if someone is just super alternative, it just doesn't work. I especially don't understand it when the rest of someone's make up is flawless and to perfection, then the brows just make everything sad.


I've worked with clients who've had thinning brows, lost their brows due to chemo, and problems with illness/genetic matters, and even they don't feel the need to have a thin line over each eye!

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