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Haul Part 2

I decided to make a part 2 to the previous thread since that thread is now way too long to look through.  Can you believe over 17,000 views, over 500 replies, 77 people, 149 photos, and 861 hearts in one thread? We love hauls.  

I did a haul today, what a surprise. Mostly from Sephora and a bit from Ulta.




Stila In Natural Palette for $15! It comes with 6 eye shadows, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter. Pretty good deal for a good product that retail at $73. Plus I got a mini Stila Stay All Day Mascara with any Stila purchase.

Ecotools Deluxe Fan Brush

Real Technique Setting Brush

Nicole by OPI in Selena.




Benefit 15 hour primer. Really wanted to try this.

Boscia Blotting Sheets

Illamasqua Hydra Gel. I wanted to try this as well since I heard its a gel moisturizer/primer

Urban Decay Naked Basic

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond

Rosebud Salve Lip Balm, brought this since I couldn't find Dior Creme De Rose.



Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

Korres Wild Rose Cream


I also got to test Marc Jacobs New perfume in Honey. OMG AMAZING. I love the smell of it. Doesn't smell like honey to me. Smells like honeydew to me lol.



Re: Haul Part 2

My Two Packages from Sephora, and One from Origins just arrived. And i'm most excited that there was a Marc Jacobs Honey Card in it! I've been dying to smell it!! And also there was a Too Faced BB Cream sample in Nude Glow, Which i have also been eager to try, Although i'm not sure why it was there, Maybe it's in every package?? But here is my little Haul.


And a swatch of the Bite Lipstick from the Rouge Welcome Kit




Brighter By Nature Peel Pads

Sephora Collection Creamy Body Wash Cap in Strawberry

Trend Tips in Blue Ombre

Dr.Weil's Skin Tone Correcting Set



Murad Clarifying Cleanser 2 oz

Origins Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment 

Versace Yellow Diamond

Daisy Perfume x2

LP Satin Hair Serum x2

Origins Modern Friction

Tocca Crema Da Corpo

And Too Faced BB in Nude Glow

And The VIB Rouge Welcome Kit Smiley Happy

Re: Haul Part 2

Those wash caps are too adorable! I see the Yellow Diamond that wendyomgwar was talking about now Smiley Happy

Re: Haul Part 2

I have like 6 of the wash caps! I really like they other then the fact that they're actually really expensive for what they are! I want to use the Clarify promo so bad lol but I have yet to make an order of more then $25 and I really want to buy Yellow Diamond but since I have the promo no need to now Smiley Very Happy at least for a while lol

Re: Haul Part 2

Lol when you get alot they are expensive, but i hope they all smell good! I got blueberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, and green tea. I want to save them for if i travel but that might be awhile. 

Re: Haul Part 2

I know, I have another order coming with like 5 of them, I ordered the Ariel Mirror and wanted to use the Clarify Promo so they are the perfect thing. And The Yellow diamond promo is so cute! Totally love that i could use on my tiny order!

Re: Haul Part 2

Nice! I have been looking at the Origins peel pads, have you tried them before?


I tried a sample of the Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom skin relief serum (not sure if that's in your set there?) and it was nice enough except for the off-putting brown color, haha. It looked like they just mixed mushroom juice or something into it and it was kind of weird. 

Re: Haul Part 2

I haven't tried them but i'm super excited!! But i will update when i see results! In the set is the Mega-Bright Skin tone correcting Serum, And i saw some reviews over the Mega Mushroom and Plantscription serums, and they are a brown color, weird, but if they work oh well! Smiley Happy

Re: Haul Part 2

I'm excited to see how they work for you! It's kind of odd that I am happy to smear the Boscia black mask all over my face, grey (or whatever color) mud, bright green masks that look like some weird slime, but a brown serum weirds me out, haha. 

Re: Haul Part 2

I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate it all in my routine!! I already have a set routine about which days i do mask, and exfoliate!! So i don't know where to fit this in a replace products I'm currently using!

Re: Haul Part 2

Hah, I know how that can be. 


I think Sephora has just been throwing a random bonus sample in a lot of orders lately, which is probably the reason for the Too Faced BB Cream. It's great that it was something you were already interested in!

Re: Haul Part 2

yay! nice haul Smiley Happy

Re: Haul Part 2

Thanks @Roxystar4!

Re: Haul Part 2

That's enough. I had to go to store to exchange my defective Ariel mirror and just HAVE to pick up a Josie Maran Coconut watercolor cheek gelee. I can't decide between all the choices so the CA picked Pink Escape for me, it was also the last one. Nyahahaha, new toy to play around with.....

Re: Haul Part 2

Did your Sephora already have the Ariel mirror in stores? 

Re: Haul Part 2

Yes, its not on display yet and half the people there don't even know they got it already, so you gotta call ahead and ask them to check the back. They might have given it to me early cuz I said I want an exchange, not buy.

Re: Haul Part 2

Oh someone else told me that too! I'll have to call my Sephora I don't want to miss out on this mirror!

Re: Haul Part 2

LOL! It's so hard to go to Sephora with a tunnel vision mentality - I'm always getting distracted and walk out with more than I planned on!


The texture is so intriguing and fun! Pink Escape is a great color!

Re: Haul Part 2

Oh trust me, I do NOT have tunnel vision. It was 10min before closing so I had to grab them quick before they close. I really like the coral, but it looks like a bronzer on me. Depending on how much I like this one, I maaaay have to go back to check out the poppy and red one. =X


I was kind of disappointed that it doesn't jiggle, but I can wear it even if I have some redness and it looks natural. I like the fact it's small so there's a chance I might actually use up most of it before it dries out/goes bad.


Re: Haul Part 2

Oooh I WISH the coral looked like a bronzer on me!


I love the natural flush these give! I also have a little redness in my cheeks, and the poppy one gives the impression that I was just pinched Smiley Happy . I adore them.


I hope they don't dry out too quickly! If so, I wonder if there's a way to soften them back up again? I would hate for that to happen Smiley Sad.

Re: Haul Part 2



I have finally tracked down all 3 shades of the Dior Jelly Lip Pen.

Re: Haul Part 2

How?!?!?! Share please LOL

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