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Happy sixth day of Christmas

My Hual from Sephora and Hush just got in and I just love the gift bag that Sephora give away for the holidays! I am really overwhelmed myself with all the new Palettes! I just got my Haul from Anastasia and I am going to make a solid effort of one day use an older more loved eyeshadow palette and then shake things up with a look with one of my newer friends!! I really am interested in what everyone else’s plans are for there new and old Makeup? Are we all going to remember our tried and trues? Or are we moving on with our lives and never looking back? Tell me your thoughts down below! Happy Holidays Sephora family

Re: Happy sixth day of Christmas

Back in the day 👵🏻, we used to do palette trains when we were feeling overwhelmed or any sort of guilt about having too many items to choose from.  The idea was to make a lineup (or a train) of palettes you intended to use either daily or weekly and based off your experience with each palette you’d decide if it was a keeper or if it would be passed on.  

Trains are a good way to remember old favorites and rotate through everything you ownSmiley Wink @nocknamesallgon

Re: Happy sixth day of Christmas

What a fun and great idea!  I like it!!! That is a refreshing and creative way to shake things up! Thank you! And stay gorgeous!


Re: Happy sixth day of Christmas

Hi @nocknamesallgon, there are soooo many new palette releases out there so I understand it can be overwhelming. Just my two cents but I feel a lot of the new releases are pretty much recycled from other palettes with maybe one/two shades or formulations that are slightly different from the next. The best suggestion that I can give that has helped me use what I have and curb my spending is organizing your makeup/palettes on a daily or weekly rotation. I bought an acrylic 5 divider organizer from Marshalls that I keep on top of my table to lay out what products I am using for that day. I am constantly rotating my makeup so I can remember what I have and use it up. 

RE: Re: Happy sixth day of Christmas

I am interested in how your palette rotation has worked out? I am still in a state of “um. Now what?!” Headspace and I need to GET out of it! Can you help? Any thoughts?

Re: Happy sixth day of Christmas

An organization system? Wow, you know sometimes the easiest answer is often the right answer! Funny how that concept never found its way to me, until now!  

Thank you!

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