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Friday Haul!

Hi everyone!


Today was a shopping day with my best friend and I just wanted to share the items I picked up. I went to Bath and body works, ulta, sephora, and aerie.


Here's a list of what I bought:
-Calvin Klein blush in 100 breath

-Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head (Normal)

-Redken Time Reset Shampoo

-Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy Rides Again

-Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Brown and Plum

-Nivea a Kiss of Berry Swirl Lip Balm

-Neutrogena Makeup remover Wipes

-Too Faced Primed and Poreless

-Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (Backup)

-Garnier BB Cream (Backup)

-Rimmel BB Cream

-Aerie Sheer Perfume

-Coconut Lime Breeze Shower Gel

-Country Chic Lotion and Shower Gel (Mini lotion free with coupon)

-Country Chic Body Spray (I forgot to add it in the picture! Sorry!)

-Berry Flirt Lotion and Shower Gel

-2 Loofas


I also bought a purse from maurices and maybe ill post a picture of that in the feed later if you guys want!


Any hauls you guys have done recently?? I love seeing what other people are buying!!

Re: Friday Haul!

nice hauls!!!!

Re: Friday Haul!

I like the bronze one for everyday. I typically only wear black on a night out or special occasions, so I only have like 2 black eyeliners and 10 brown ones! haha.


I need to get new work shoes (I work customer service on my feet all day) but I want to wait until after the VIB sale and get a pair of sperrys.

Re: Friday Haul!

We'd love to see your purse, of course!


Have you tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner before? I'm loving the Tarte line and I'm in the market for some eye liner.



Re: Friday Haul!

I have! I have the bronze color and I use it every single day. That's why I just had to pick up more colors. They're amazing. They also come with a brush which is really nice. The brush is decent, it's not the best brush ever, but I can definitely get my eyeliner done with it. It's nice that if you don't have a brush, it does come with one.


I'll post a picture of the purse tomorrow probably!

Re: Friday Haul!

I'll add it to my shopping list now. I don't have a brush, so it's nice you thought to mention that.


My latest haul was yesterday. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes! They won't be here until next week though.

Re: Friday Haul!

I really think you'll like it. If you're looking to get a better brush to use, I like the sigma E05 the most. I bought a kit from them recently, but I know you can get them individually also. When I bought the kit I got a free gift with purchase which was also the same eyeliner brush! I was happy because then I don't have to clean it as much! haha. What color do you think youll get? Are you a brown eyeliner girl or black?


Where did you order from??


You should post pics when you get them!!

Re: Friday Haul!

I may have to check into that kit. Sounds great!

I prefer brown to black, but it depends on the occasion.


I ordered shoes from Keen and Moosejaw. My feet are incredibly hard to fit, but I found that the Keen Harvest mary janes are perfect. The have some really cute prints.



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