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Flawless February 2024 Hauls


Love is in the air,,, please share your new hauls filled with love for the month of February here


Happy birthday to all the February babes



Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Awww that's so sweet of your SO!! 🤗 Fantastic hauls @missjeanie 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@lmaster Thanks, I found a few gems on this trip!!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@missjeanie haha doing lines! 🤣. Oh he's such a great guy. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@Samtian I agree! He sticks with me and my weird and was a great shopping partner!!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Your margarita-fueled trip looks very successful, @missjeanie 😉.

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@CookieGirl1 It was!! Power shopping at it finest! 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@missjeanie, excellent margarita-enabled haul! So many comments I have. Where to even begin?!! 

1. The swatches. They’re fabulous. Your lines model is a fab team player. Love his work here. This may be a new calling for him. Tell him to think about it! 😆 Seriously, love how supportive he is! 

2. ♥️♥️♥️ to the little girls on your life and their love of Touchland hand sanitizers. You’ve mentored them well! 

3. Yay, you got your hands on the P&L resurfacing mask! 🩵


4. I spy some About Face products. I may be peppering you with questions about them on the capsule makeup thread. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@itsfi He was so cute when the ‘lines’ didn’t come off right away and there was a flash of panic before I showed him the remover lol. He’s a good sport. 
The girls all LOVE the Touchland!! I’m happy they found it and actually use it! I’m told two little girls on vacation pointed out an Ulta and asked to go in to get a new sanitizer!! My brother rolled his eyes but agreed to one new sanitizer each lol.

Im getting into the About Face foundation and I can just tell it’s going to shine as the summer nears closer! 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Yaaay, kudos to your brother for acquiescing to a new hand sanitizer for the girls @missjeanie! Love that! Do you know which scents your nieces chose?


That's excellent to hear regarding the About Face foundation. I'm not sure what my skin will be up to this summer (my skin has been going through some changes of late - so far, for the better <knocks, no pounds, lol, on wood>>  but I have a feeling the oil levels will be higher, at the very least. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@itsfi I couldn't make out the scent in the video where they were jumping, but both girls have picked out different ones on different occasions.  I think they're happy with any of them lol. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@missjeanie  Hooray for Ulta runs! (I keep hoping Ulta will restart their plan to open in Canada.) She’s Royal is one of my favorite opaque gloss shades by anyone, so I’m happy to see it in your stash. Hope you enjoy the rest of your marg-curated treats! 


EDIT because I hit Post too soon: my compliments to your SO on his tattoo and swatch modeling! 


Fun fact: some of my biggest hauls miiight’ve been influenced by tequila. 😅

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@WinglessOne I can only dream that they’d start up their Canadian plans again! She’s Royal jumped out at me right away and it’s just even more beautiful on!  Now that I know how gorgeous these glosses are I’m going to be checking out more shades! 
— lol I love your fun fact…. And I mayyyybe have had few of those shopping trips over the years. Especially since online shopping! I may just give tequila control over a sale haul this round too! 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Hee hee!  @missjeanie , sick ink, bro!


Excellent hauling.

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@danielledanielle @I 100% asked if I could colour his tattoo in and he said that we’d probably get kicked out of the store. New goal unlocked… colour in all the black n white tattoos!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@missjeanie  Sounds like you had a great trip!!! That hand sanitizer is the best! I was lucky enough to be given one and it has became my fav thing to bring with me! Especially since all the viruses are going around right now!! 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@ather @I don’t even remember when I first tried the Touchlands, but I love them. The little girls seem to love them as well, fun scents and a nice spritz for the win!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@missjeanie @Amazing haul. What a supportive SO you have letting you use his arm for swatches. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@SportyGirly125 lol he’s pretty at rolling along for the ride in the beauty stores. He’ll eventually tap out, but if it’s a quicker pop in, he’s good with it. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Kopari and Nordstrom haul (used my Nordstrom notes for the Lancôme set)









Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Nice haul @SportyGirly125!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@faeriegirl @Thank you 

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