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Flawless February 2024 Hauls


Love is in the air,,, please share your new hauls filled with love for the month of February here


Happy birthday to all the February babes



Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp  Sorry about your bad customer service experience. Sounds like you’ve already filled out a survey about it; hopefully your feedback will help improve CS. I haven’t had a bad Sephora CS experience online (though I’ve only ever had to contact CS twice, and both times were via chat), but I once had an in-store experience so bad, it triggered an anxiety attack and I almost decided to never go to that specific store location again. I eventually gave Sephora feedback about it. I suspect that location got lots of similar feedback from other customers, because over the last few years I’ve noticed a remarkably improved level of customer interaction there. (Seriously, 90% of the SAs at that location used to be heckin’ snobby, belittling, and condescending—and this is the big flagship store in my city. 🤦‍♀️


All that rambling is to say: your feedback can go a long way, especially since Sephora considers itself an experience-focused company. Sephora claims experiences are what separate it from Ulta and other beauty retailers, and they target “experiential customers” more than “transactional customers.” Ulta targets transactional folks more, and you can really see that difference when comparing their rewards program to Sephora’s. Nordstrom is a nice balance of experiential and transactional. Speaking of Ulta though, I’ll say I’ve had more CS issues with them than Sephora and Nordy combined. Usually it’s just been the amount of times I’ve had to contact Ulta to get an issue resolved; they’ve always been polite, I’ve just had to hound them. The last time, a chat CS rep kept quoting me the wrong terms for an offer and wouldn’t accept that he was wrong, so I wound up contacting them again to get the issue sorted by a different rep. 


But anyway, I’m rambling more than I meant to. 😅 I hope you enjoy all your goodies and don’t associate your crappy experience with those Sephora-bought items (took me 3-4 months to stop doing that). If you ever need to contact CS again for a different issue, may that experience go much better for you! 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Thank you @WinglessOne for your thoughtful response! From reading your experience

1. I can empathize, I've actually stopped shopping at a sephora that's 4 miles away and actually drive 15 miles to the next closest location. The closer sephora is absolutely terrible and all their employees are really snobby. I do know that that's their most popular location.

2. I'm having similar experiences that you had with ulta but from the sephora side. Sephora tries not to take accountability for their mistakes but keeps pointing at their "policies" and "disclosures" even though their system and app doesnt follow those disclosures (its a long story). That being said, yes experiental and transactional customers make sense. I think I have the transactional customer POV rn as over the years, sephora has removed a lot of perks from sephora Rouge program and the rewards programs are just not that competitive (ex. spending $1000 for 20% vs spend $350 and you get 15%, rouge line being the same as regular customer service but your call being front of the line, free shipping for all tiers) Again, not to sound privileged but if you're requiring your customers x amount of dollars to be Rouge, you would think that there would be some additional benefits to the amount spent? (Yes. We get exclusive samples) Or make exceptions for mistakes made on both parties? 


I'm definitely NOT not going shop at sephora as they carry brands I can't find at ulta nor am i trying to convince anyone else but if ulta is going to value my hard earned dollars that i spend with them... I will probably split my expenses there LOL


Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp I'm so sorry to hear that!! I've only dealt with customer service via chat and have never had an issue 😞 fabulous haul nonetheless 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Thank you @lmaster 🥰

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

You have a Beautiful haul here! 😍 @jaaayp I smelt KAYALI EDEN SPARKLING LYCHEE | 39 Eau de Parfum in store, it was lovely. But after reading along in the comments I want to get a sniff of Fenty's Perfume now. 😉

I'm so sorry too hear you been having bad experiences with customer service, that never feels good. I hope you do consider filling out the surveys or even trying again if it's not to much of a hassle to find someone who understands your issue. 🩵 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Thank you @CynthieLu 🥰 yes.. I just decided to drop it for my mental health LOL I don't wanna hold anger in when that other person probably don't even remember me. Not worth. 


YES I LOVE BOTH. I'm considering returning the KAYALI EDEN SPARKLING LYCHEE | 39 Eau de Parfum Travel Spray for the full size. I thought the mini would be enough but idk.. im kinda obsessed. But perhaps I'll wait until the 20% off sale since the Fenty is holding down the fort...

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp, your haul seems to be kitty approved 😻. That Clinique mousse sounds wonderful - their Take The Day Off Balm was my intro to cleansing balms. 💜


I hadn’t made the connection with Fenty smelling like MJ Decadence but now that you mention it…. 🤔 I like the Fenty; sometimes it works better on my skin if I layer it but other times it’s good on its own. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

The cleanser is really amazing @itsfi definitely not something I would've picked up on my own but glad I got to try it because I'm 95% sure it'll be a repurchase soon (although a peasize covers my face and neck FULL FOAM)


my kitty WAS more excited about this haul than me LOL


Omg! I love that you love the fenty. I REALLY like it. It makes me smell like so rich LOL I honestly do think it smells like the decadence, don't you?!?! Maybe it's just me and my poor nose 😂

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp I never really had an issue with customer service. If I didn’t get an answer  I wanted I would call and get a different rep and even live chat. Also calling the Rouge line helps. 


Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Thank you for the tip @SportyGirly125 🥲 I tried. Contacted like 4 people for the same issue and I made a call via Rouge line.. nothing. sigh SIGH 😮💨 I'm giving up 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Oof.  If your experience was that rough, I would say full out a survey about it @jaaayp , but sorry to hear.


How do you like PHLUR Mango Mood Hair & Body Fragrance Mist ? 🤔


Also, kitty toesies 🫶🏽


Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Thank you @danielledanielle 😭 it really makes me feel better that I can vent and you listened 🥲 


I didnt like the PHLUR Mango Mood Hair & Body Fragrance Mist it'll be going back.. I thought it would be mango forward but it's very vanilla and I just cant... 🫠 it's what I get for blind purchasing.


Yes. Toesies! She was more excited about this package than me 😂

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp@danielledanielle‘s suggestion to complete the survey about your experience is a sound one.


I’m sorry to hear you had a bad customer experience today. It sounds like this isn’t a one-off and you’ve had some less than desirable customer service experiences recently? If that’s the case, do consider filling out the survey. I have had an instance where I provided feedback about an in store customer service experience and I received a call back from the store manager and we had a good conversation.

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

That's awesome, thanks for sharing @itsfi @danielledanielle I literally just saw this and completed one.. I mean its for the online team so idk if they'll call 😮💨 I just looked at ultas reward program LOL my next few hauls may come from them 😂😂😂😂

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp, no prob.  I can honestly say I've had far better CS with sephora than Ulta.  The Ulta CS is widely varied, usually the rep is polite, but I have to contact them multiple times, or the wait time to look into what I am asking extends longer than I need it to (like, I need to do something else that's more pertinent).  I primarily use the chat for both because it can be a challenge for me to call.  I've used the rouge line once; I think the person I got was new 😂Like @itsfi , I had a not so great CS at my local Sephora and back when you could email CS, I did.  It was a swift response and I have no idea what transpired in store, but I wasn't treated that way since.


I'm glad you did one.  Point is that these are huge companies, so bottom line is profits, so if you advocate for yourself in a way that still equates with profit, it's a win and they still profit. Surveys are often conducted by third parties ((sp they are paying for this or vying for something), and a way of gauging metrics, so if enough people are generating a metric that affects profit, it'll get addressed.   Also, be sure to fill one out when great things happen, too.

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Aw, thank you, @danielledanielle for your comforting message. I just responded to @WinglessOne but essentially, I spoke to 3 customer service reps + customer service manager and called the Rouge line and still was not resolved. Without going into the details, the system allowed me to make certain purchase and even emailed me that the order was confirmed and processed correctly. A day or two later, a customer service rep provided me the wrong info and confirmed my purchase was correct. Then a few days later when my order shipped, I called customer service (where I spoke to 3 different people including the manager) and they were flat out, nope, that's not really our problem because of our policies and disclosures.


And yes, maybe I should have read the thousand words in the disclosures but what about accountability on sephoras part? What about your customer rep that confirmed my order? Why did your system allow me to make that purchase if it wasnt correct? Why did i get sephoras email confirmation? I got no apologies or nothing and they acted like I was pestering them (and maybe I was). 


Ugh. Anyway. Hopefully it never happens again because it really doesn't make me wanna shop here. I'm ok being transactional customer as long as I'm treated as a customer who spends her hard earned money for their profits (and yes, my happiness LOL)

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp  Great haul!! Glad you like the new items! 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Thank you @ather 🥰🥰🥰

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp how does the clinique mousse compare to the balm?

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@greeneyedgirl107 it's supposed to be a cleanser to add to CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover  but I used it today in the shower with my full face of makeup and I can 100% assure you, it took EVERYTHING OFF. I usually double cleanse so this was type of a test and I used it alone without oil/balm/makeup eraser and it took everything off. Additionally, I used micellar water and cotton pad just to confirm and NOTHING. I am so impressed. The consistency is a mousse once lathered between the fingers and literally a pea size will cover your whole face and neck! Feels like a spa experience!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp great info! Thanks 😊 

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