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Flash sale deals

So before I start this entry, you should know that I'm NOT trying to promote anything, I'm simply trying to help fellow beauty addicts get cool stuff for lessSmiley Happy I have belonged to both Hautelook and RueLaLa for about a year now. RueLaLa is mainly high-end designers while Hautelook is cheaper. I haven't bought a ton of stuff from either, but here's what I have gotten:

From RueLaLa- 2 Coach purses for 300 dollars(total) and a couple of Smashbox shadows+one primer for half off.

From Hautelook- 2 Juicy Couture purses, Juicy sweatpants, t-shirt, short sleeve sweater, and shorts. A set of 15 brushes and an 88 eyeshadow palette by Crown Brush, translucent powder and pink lipgloss set from 3custom Color, and a set of 6 shadow pencils from NYX. 


The cosmetic stuff is non-returnable, but I think clothing is(has to do with sanitary stuff, etc.). Anyway, my reason for posting was to tell you that Hautelook is having an Urban Decay sale now until Monday 8am Pacific and on Monday or Tuesday they are having a Skyn Iceland sale. The sales usually go on for 3 days, just fyi. If you're interested, it's free to join and please PM me for any questions or if you want me to refer you. I don't want to get in trouble for promoting something(which I'm not) and I just wanted to let you guys know about some good deals. Thanks!Smiley Happy

Re: Flash sale deals

Yikes! I did it again this week. I haven't gotten my shipment from the last sale when I found out about the Splendid sale on Hautelook earlier this week. I ended up with two super cute tops and a leather wrap bracelet from Gorjana ♥

Super excited to get it..

Re: Flash sale deals

So far, i've just used Hautelook for flashdeals. I feel like I'm not always quick with it because, every time I sign on a lot of the good stuff is gone!

<3 Melissa

Re: Flash sale deals

My favorite Flash Sale deal website is PLNDR, which is the sister site to Karmaloop. I like that they have specific brand sales as well as sales based on item type (like summer dresses, boots, etc), which is great if you miss out on something plus they have some amazing deals!


Aside from that I don't really look at too many flash sale sites, my wallet already endures enough abuse.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Flash sale deals

I've gotten Paige jeans, UD makeup and shoes from Haute Look. Everything was great, but it can take them a long time to ship after you place your order.

Re: Flash sale deals

I've purchased items from  Hautelook and just resigned up for Groupon, LivingSocial and all those other deals but geez do they clog my mail inbox Smiley Happy


I've gottan a few deals on Hautelook for jewelry and jeans and even hair extensions so it's a fun site to check out!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Flash sale deals

I looooove flash fave is beyond the rack! I've scored $100 Tom Ford Anouk and $80 coach sunglasses there before. They also have a lot of good Marc jacobs, Kors and designer bags in general all the time. $69.99 Diane von furstenberg sunnies going on right now. If you're a shoe person, check out Gilt instead...they always have nice shoes.

Re: Flash sale deals

Smiley Happy

I just made a Hautelook purchase today that had a few tops from Delicate Fawn and I got the XL UD Alnighter Spray and the Midnight Emergency Palette...

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