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First Online Haul

I've shopped a couple of times in the Sephora store, but today was my first online purchase.  I got matched up with my concealer shade in the store, then waited to buy it online so I could use codes and whatnot lol.  Gotta love the free stuff!  Especially free shipping.  I rather buy a couple of cheaper sale items to get the free shipping instead of paying close to the same amount to ship my main purchase.  Anyway, here's what was in my virtual shopping basket:


The Balm: Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer in light/medium   (hopefully this will be the shade I need since it's TN summer time which means tanning.  Fingers crossed!)


Smashbox High Defition Concealer in light   (I've been wanting to try something in this brand, and the cast member at the store suggested it.  I was worried about the shade, but she said concealer needs to be lighter than main foundation and moisturizers.  Hopefully it works with the moisturizer.)


Tokidoki Fantastico Lip Stain in Cactus Friends:  I've been wanting to try a lip stain, and it was on sale! lol


Sephora Collection Jumbo Eye Pencil in Blue 508Y and Purple 504Y:  yay sale items!!!  Smiley Happy


Of course, I picked 3 free samples.  I also used the acne promo code, and I cashed in for a 100 point perk.  If this lipgloss wasn't listed, I probably wouldn't have cash in for one, but Anastasia Hydrofull Gloss in Moi was too tempting.


Now to wait for the delivery!!!   Smiley Very Happy


Re: First Online Haul

Hey, kimmi!  Congratulations on your first Sephora haul!  There is a very fun thread on here called "Post Your Recent Hauls" that I think you'd have fun subscribing to.  You can read about everyone's hauls and post your hauls, too.  Like I said, I think it's a great thread (it's about 46 pages long right now) and if you're interested in taking a look or subscribing, you can find it here:

Again, congrats on your haul!  I just posted my most recent haul under the post I gave you the link for above.  Hope to see you on that thread.

Your friend,
tenngal Smiley Happy

Re: First Online Haul

Sounds like a great thread!  I'll definitely check it out!

Re: First Online Haul

@kimmi1115 - nice haul!  I like shopping online to get the 3 samples and use codes as well.  Also, online has brands that my store doesn't carry.  But it's nice to have the store to color match, swatch, etc.  Smiley Happy

Re: First Online Haul

I love the Recent Haul friend...I feel like I'm shopping vicariously through others. (Is that strange?) Nice haul though! 

Re: First Online Haul

lol the waiting to get it in is the worst part! lol but it's like holiday when you get it in! I started buying more online then in store because I joined the ebates thing. I hope it's legit! lol but if it means you can save something why not? lol


Atlhough I must say when I go in store to get match I usually do get a little something lol. I swear that place is like a candy store for women! lol I so get lost in there!

Re: First Online Haul

I may shop online again. Even though I could easily spend hours in a Sephora store (the closest one is a 65 mile drive), I also usually end up spending more money than I intended. I often "window shop" on the site and add items I may want to my shopping list. At least that way I can think things through before I actually buy them while I'll buy on impulse at the store. Twice I've exchanged items that sat around in my makeup case unopened. Plus there's also the perk of three free samples and free shipping when you spend at least $50 (which is not hard for me to do). I've also had to take advantage of the free returns due to not liking a few items I bought. Besides, the store I usually shop at doesn't carry Lorac, Stila, and The Body Shop.

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