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February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

The lovely MYchoi was fabulous enough to offer to ship me some delicious treats from California to Pennsylvania. She knows I LOVE Asian food but have no Asian markets near my homestead. Here are some of the wonderful things she included:


SAM_1126.JPG^Large flat rate box JAM-PACKED with goodies!




SAM_1129.JPG^Melon flavored gummies (one of my favorites!) and melon flavored hard candies.


SAM_1131.JPG^Green tea, panda, and strawberry pocky. I busted into the green tea pocky IMMEDIATELY!


SAM_1132.JPG^Various crackers/biscuits/pies.


^Bae, various mochi, and green tea swiss rolls (another fave).


SAM_1134.JPG^Strawberry Calpico, aloe drink, and melon yogurt drink.


Do any of you have any favorite Asian foods, or foods from your culture or other cultures that you love?




Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

ChocoRoll!!! Agh, I really have to do try and find those babies Smiley Happy


Also, asian pears are my favorite fruit!  I love cutting cute shapes out of them for lunch bentos!

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

Mychoi got me seriously hooked on baes! It's now my favorite fruit too! haha.

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

I'm not sure where in PA you are but if you're  close to Jersey you can find Asian markets like H Mart.

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

I'm on the opposite end of the state, but I travel a decent amount so I will be on the lookout for an H Marts in the future Smiley Happy

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