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February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

The lovely MYchoi was fabulous enough to offer to ship me some delicious treats from California to Pennsylvania. She knows I LOVE Asian food but have no Asian markets near my homestead. Here are some of the wonderful things she included:


^Large flat rate box JAM-PACKED with goodies!




^Melon flavored gummies (one of my favorites!) and melon flavored hard candies.


^Green tea, panda, and strawberry pocky. I busted into the green tea pocky IMMEDIATELY!


^Various crackers/biscuits/pies.


^Bae, various mochi, and green tea swiss rolls (another fave).


^Strawberry Calpico, aloe drink, and melon yogurt drink.


Do any of you have any favorite Asian foods, or foods from your culture or other cultures that you love?




Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

I didn't know they had FLAVORS! See... I'm too sheltered here. I'm going to run away from home.


***Is it still considered "running away from home" when you're 27?***


Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

Heehee, i love the little bits, they are super sweet and delicious.  Just a heads up, aloe juice is a good substitute for um...dulcolax.  Only if you drink more than one serving size though.

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

Hahahaha! I totally know what you mean by the... Dulcolax. Smiley Wink  


But I'm kind of weird, and I love little bits in my drinks. Pulp in orange juice, whole grapes in Bong Bong (I think it's called), aloe vera bits in aloe drinks, and tapioca in my smoothies! Smiley Very Happy 

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

I'm really weird about "bits" of stuff in my drinks.  Can't do pulpy orange juice, but I like the aloe bits.  I can only get the tiny mini sized tapioca in bubble tea, because for some reason the full sized ones gross me out.  No rhyme or reason to it!

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

Ugh yeah those bubble tea things seriously gross me out!

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

I was afraid of that! There's still 90% of the bottle left! I'm fine with throwing pee pants around but that's where I draw the line! haha.

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

Pocky! And the little mushroom shaped biscuits with chocolate. Oh, and aloe drinks and basil seed drinks (because I feel like I'm eating little eyeballs, which is gross, but cool if you want to feel like a monster)


I'm super jealous, because I can't find an Asian food market near me that has any kind of selection. They're all very tiny and not well stocked. *sigh* I need friends in culturally spectacular places to ship me lovely yummies. 


I've never tried the green tea Swiss rolls, but I'm super interested now!


Hope you enjoy your fun food haul! 

Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

I'm trying to get used to the idea of chunks of things in my drink. I don't drink orange juice with pulp because it freaks me out. So I'm at least moving forward somewhat. haha.


The green tea swiss rolls are one of my favorites. I definitely recommend them if you can find them! Smiley Happy


Re: February Food Haul From MYchoi to Me! :)

Costco actually carry those dried seaweed snacks and I've seen Pocky at asian section in walmart. The rest I've only seen in Asian grocery stores. I did buy matcha powder from Teavanna so I can make my own green tea baked goods, but I my favorite have to be taro flavored stuff. I LOVE taro ice cream, taro cake, taro bobba tea. 


And sweet egg rolls (no, not what you are thinking) are always popular. I like the fancy ones with taro and white chocolate:

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