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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Hey BeautyTalkers!


Father's Day is June 19th! What are you getting your dad on his special day? Share your gift ideas here.


Need some inspiration? Check out our Father's Day gift section> 

Re: Father's Day Gift Ideas

My dad is a low maintenance, manly man type of dude. He doesnt do skincare and only uses fragrance when he goes out somewhere nice or on special occasions. He prefers a hefty bar of soap to "girly bodywashes" and doesnt have any sort of hair styling supplies. He's never used fancy shaving supplies until I started buying them for him. He's a big fan of Jack Black Shaving Cream ( the one in the tub). His birthday was not too long ago and I made him a basket of things that I know he will use---shaving cream, aftershave, razors, coffee, plain white T-shirts, socks, movies, giftcards and the like.


For Fathers Day though, I'm planning on giving him a couple of giftcards---one for Schlitterbahn waterpark and another for dinner and a pair of shoes I know he will like.


And yes, I'll admit it...I'm a daddy's girl. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Father's Day Gift Ideas

My Dad is older.   77 to be exact. And he DOES NOT use any of the products I could get him on here and he ain't about to change now!  Plus my mom  gets migraines from smells so that doesn't help.  He plays tennis 3 times a week and right now  while we're all on vacation at the beach I'm not sure if he went surf fishing or deep sea fishing this afternoon (he and mom already played tennis this morning with another couple they met - about 15 years younger) (and it's 100 degrees here) (and he has to drive into Phili tonight to pick up my brother and nephew at the airport)  He's a busy, healthy guy!  I have NO IDEA what to get him.  I'm getting my roommate all the smelly, sexy stuff.  And well, my brother, he's my brother, not my father and he'll be back in Seattle a day b4 Father's Day.  IDK?

Re: Father's Day Gift Ideas

Your dad has one wonderful daughter, What a great Idea




Re: Father's Day Gift Ideas

I'm thinking the art of shaving as well, both for my dad and hubby as a fathers day gift from the kids...or a cologne sampler with the card to chose a full size. My husband loved that for his birthday!

Re: Father's Day Gift Ideas

I'm heading to Sephora after work today to pick up something from Art of Shaving (maybe the perfect shave set?).  He's a man's man, no-frills type of guy so I'm thinking something masculine but great quality.

Re: Father's Day Gift Ideas

Last year, I found a tool box full of beef jerky on Amazon for around $50 that I had sent to him since I was out of state. He loved it. I don't know how I'll top that one this year.

Re: Father's Day Gift Ideas

I'm thinking of trying the Sephora Favorites shave bundle for him. A little pampering never hurts. Or the Art of Shaving kit since we don't have a Sephora store here, (just one jcp in the state), to redeem the full size in the SF kit.
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