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Fabulous February Hauls!

Hello lovely ladies!


I figured I'd get an early start on the hauls thread for February, as it seems that many of us just can't get enough of the Spring collections! Plus, I know that everyone here loves getting packages Smiley Wink Oh, and who could forget that Valentine's Day is coming up...and Mother's Day!


Please feel free to share to share your hauls. A haul is a haul no matter how small! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

So far... Smiley Happy

-Tarte's 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light-Medium Sand

-Smashbox's Blemish Control Primer

- Sephora Mineral Brush (for my Tarte foundation)

-Guerlain Pearls in Clair

-Guerlain Pearl Brush

-DevaCurl Diffuser/Dryer


Smiley Happy In my defense, my birthday is in a week so half the stuff is from my parents, and the other half is from me to me! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

oh gosh I almost never blow dry but been dying to try that diff/dryer combo from Deva... let me know what you think? Start a post about it? hehe

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Most definitely! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

i need to hear about the dryer as well!! i've been eyeing it forever!!!!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Always happy to enable! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Ooooh, happy bday in advance, Mary!! I hope I have the honor of throwing your BT BDay party Smiley Tongue

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Of course! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I cracked and got the Juicy Couture Couture Couture perfume, not at Sephora though!! It was $20 off the 3.7 size making it the same price as the 1 fl oz and money off is way better than points!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I love good deals! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!


So I got some more stuff. Some of it were expected and some were a surprise.

image.jpgMy roomie tried my sephora eyebrow pencil and fell in love with it (if you read my recent roommate thread you will understand how happy and proud I am of her) and she asked me to order one for her. I realized if I bought a bite duo, I'll have exactly enough for the perfume promo. So I got it x) kudos to sephora for making the blush samples!


Next are my Crabtree and Evelyn lotions.  They had a deal recently: 5 tubes for 12 bucks plus shipping, which if you love C&E lotions like I do, its a great deal.  

image.jpgI'll put some in my tsb's Smiley Happy


and here is my surprise... I ordered four large flat rate boxes from USPS about a week and half ago, and they came last Tuesday or so I thought that was that.  But then, the post office man knocked on my door and gave me a HUGE heavy box. I opened it... And lo &behold...


By some glitch in the system, I was gifted with 25 of these babies. Bahaha Idk if I should give them back or keep them forever. TSB's COME AT ME BRO

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

25 TSBs!!!!!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

NO, 'babe, no more for you! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy We need to take you to Rouge Rehab!!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

no keep em coming!

default us onto every tsb that comes up for the rest of our lives!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I need ALL the TSBs!!!!!!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

HAHA "TSBs come at me bro" you are hilarious, mychoi!!

Also--my sensitive skin is jealous of your C&E lotions big time!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

are you behind me in any tsb's? if you are i could drop one in!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Are C&E products safe for sensitive skin? Smiley Happy  I'm interested in trying their hand creams, but I'm worried they'll either be too heavily scented or will contain some harsh ingredient?


I currently use L'Occitane's shea butter hand cream, but am open to trying new things... Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

yes, they have a very aromatic scent but in a good way.  I have a cluster of eczyma bumps on my right hand and it doesn't irritate it at all. I'm in love with this brand's lotions! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Thanks mychoi!!  I'm really happy to hear that, since I just placed my first order with C&E! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Love that Tarte blush sample, and also the Crabtree & Evelyn lotions!! So jelly! Smiley Wink

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Makeup and shoe haul Smiley Happy So excited!



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