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Fabulous February Hauls!

Hello lovely ladies!


I figured I'd get an early start on the hauls thread for February, as it seems that many of us just can't get enough of the Spring collections! Plus, I know that everyone here loves getting packages Smiley Wink Oh, and who could forget that Valentine's Day is coming up...and Mother's Day!


Please feel free to share to share your hauls. A haul is a haul no matter how small! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

They really did! I ordered it on 2/8 and it arrived today Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Have y'all seen this? I don't know how good the pigmentation is, but this palette and blush look so pretty from ELF!elf.jpg

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Elf can be a hit or miss. Some Youtube MUAs love it, I can't stand it. The palettes I ordered were chalky and had no pigmentation. Cheap is fine, being able to tell a product is cheap is not. I'll stick to Coastal Scents for my cheap makeup option.

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!



Not pictured:

Hourglass Blush in DIM INFUSION (sooooo pretty! completely different look when on my skin!)

Hourglass Serum (backups are a must, right?)

YSL lippies 




*sighs* This is only my haul from the last 2 days Smiley Sad This is what happens when my mom and I shop together. In my defense, some of the items are GWP and perk redemptions!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Florabotanica!! <3


Is that a Bare Minerals Quad?

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I want aaaall of the Ambient Lighting blushes! Hahaha.

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Aaaah I want Dim so baaaad <3333

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Were you able to see it in stores? I would've never picked this one out if I didn't try it in! I was surprised how different the blushes look on my actual skin

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

No!! But me and coral blushes just go together <33

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I just want ALL of them..

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Omg... kimchiqueen whhhhy?? look at the mini Givenchy lippie D:

Perfect excuse to dabble into more higher end makeup...

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

uhoh..Barney's February Love Yourself Event...


Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Girl you are the enabling queen as of late Smiley Very Happy Not that I'm protesting... Smiley Tongue

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

nails haul!

  • Dior - Purple Mix, Gris Montaigne, Gel Top Coat
  • YSL - Beige Leger
  • Guerlain - Rouge D'Eenfer
  • Dolce & Gabbana - Nude, Perfection, Lover, Ruby


Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Love them all!  

Question: Have you applied D&G Lover yet?  How do you like it?  

I recently purchased in Lemon and I was contemplating getting it in True White and Lover as well.  My conscience made me remove from my cart, though.  

YSL Beige Leger looks soooo lovely.  Do you have Beige Gallery?  If you do, could you tell me how different they are on your nails?    

You are making me want many things!  goodness...

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!


D&G Lover - as a color, do I think it's completely unique?  probably not, but it's a nice warm red

I love YSL Beige Leger - it is now my HG neutral/nude nail.  I have not tried Beige Gallery - this is my first YSL nail polish, but definitely not my last! Smiley Tongue

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Ahhhh the pretties!!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I finally found my HG nude nail polish in YSL Beige pretty and natural...and works on my yellow-toned hands

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

So I had started a project 15 pan the 1st of January. It was going really well till last week..Smiley Sad

In my defense, it is my birthday at the end of the month and tomorrow is Valentine's day and I'm single so I treated myself. SEVERAL times!!!! XD 


First an order from Sephora at the beginning of the month. I was really happy when I opened my box and saw that they gave me the Rouge birthday gift (even though I'm only a VIB lol) I got a Tarte blush in Natural beauty, hourglass ambient lighting powder in Dim Light, the birthday gift and a 250 point perk. Smiley Happy



Then my stippling brush fell apart last Thursday so I got a replacement (Sonia Kashusk) and then I went to Wal Mart with my mom on Monday and saw that my store finally has the Real Techniques brushes. (I had to get them lol)



Went out this morning with the intention of window shopping. (Big mistake...XD) Saw this in Winners for $15!


Finally, I went into Inglot and got all of these...DX lol



I need a serious No Buy! Lol

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

LOVE Natural Beauty!! What do you think of the Sonia Kashuk brush?

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

It's not bad. The bristles are pretty soft. There was some shedding when I first washed it but I haven't experienced any shedding since. Not bad for $12.99! Smiley Tongue

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