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Fabulous February Hauls!

Hello lovely ladies!


I figured I'd get an early start on the hauls thread for February, as it seems that many of us just can't get enough of the Spring collections! Plus, I know that everyone here loves getting packages Smiley Wink Oh, and who could forget that Valentine's Day is coming up...and Mother's Day!


Please feel free to share to share your hauls. A haul is a haul no matter how small! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Bee, you made out like a bandit! Enjoy your goodies--I hope the Tom Ford box is worth it!!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Wow Bee! I'm jelly of your uber haul Smiley Happy. Love the Chanel nail polishes, the quad, all heck, I'll take one of everything please Smiley Wink.


Swatches when you get them in please (only if you can).

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Oh, girl, that Tom Ford quad! **drools**

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I love Tom Ford! How do you like Firecracker? And that QUAD! (heart eyes)

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Hourglass tinted moisturizer in shell

Anastasia wax kit

Anastasia brow duo in auburn

hourglass eyeshadow duo in gypsy

nars eyeshadow- isolde (Finally)

 That was yesterday


Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I am dieing to get that Hourglass duo...I keep resisting, but feel very close to caving! Enjoy it Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I feel the same way! I've been dying to try an Hourglass duo. 

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I just did an indie haul.


F the low buy police.



Shiro Cosmetics

The Complete Fullmetal Collection
Size - Sample Bags (1/4 tsp each) 
The Complete Death Note Collection #ALL-DN
Size - Sample Bags (1/4 tsp each) 
The Complete Tributes Collection

Size - Sample Bags (1/4 tsp each) :
Why Not Zoidberg?
Size - Full Size (approx. 5.5 grams)

The Complete Legends Collection
Size - Sample Bags 
The Complete Seven Kingdoms Collection
Size - Sample Bags + Sample Gloss 
The Complete Hobbit Collection
Size - Sample Bags (1/4 tsp each) 


Geek Chic Cosmetics


Superneutrals Complete Set
Sample of Princess In Distress
Sample of Stay Indoors
Once Bitten joystick
Benevolent geek-gloss
Health Potion geek-gloss

Doll Cheeks blush
Be Excellent To Each Other nb-button-masher-lacquer
Les Femmes Tragiques complete-set-solid-scents
Badasses of Fiction complete-set-solid-scents
Wuv, Twue Wuv solid-scents
Pandorable solid-scents

Win or Die Complete Set

Strange Aeons Complete Set
Witchcraft and Wizardry Complete Set

This Isn't A Democracy Complete Set
Timey Wimey Complete Set

Fellowship Complete Set



Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I also grabbed two Toyko Milk sets






Who needs a paycheck this week?

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Love, love TokyoMilk's packaging.

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I love the cosmetic bag that comes with the Dead Sexy set.

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!


I have been wanting to try some of the Seven Kingdoms shades...swoon!! Please swatch, if you can! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Will do once they get in!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Today's fragrance haul:

Nest Dahlia and Vines 1.7 oz

Nest Midnight Fleur .28 rollerball (Loved the sample, but it dries down soooo strong.)

Nest Amazon Lily .28 rollerball (Never sniffed, it's a surprise!)

Coach Poppy Flower 1.7 oz

I used my 10% off VIB code on everything plus 3% cash back, so I'll be returning one.  


Prior haul

Coach Poppy Flower EDP 1.7 oz ($34+Cash back+Drybar promo)
Juicy Couture Original EDP 1.7 oz($49+Cash back)
KVD Esperanza palette ($36-$18 gc from swapping+cash back+Rouge Cartier promo)
Narsissist palette ($79+cash back+Classic Crush promo)(Gift from my mommy!)
Hourglass Blush in Diffused Heat ($35+cash back+Drybar promo)
Hourglass Blush in Mood Exposure ($35+cash back+Drybar promo)
Hourglass Blush in Ethereal Glow ($35- $6.97 gc from swapping+cash back+Shishiedo sunscreen promo)
Hourglass Blush in Luminous Flush ($35-$35 gc from swapping+cash back+Rouge Nars promo)
As you can tell… Fragrance and blush have been my downfall. I've been at least using gift cards from swapping, so that's helping finance my addiction. My birthday is this month, so I'm anticipating an Urban Decay order as they now offer a free eye liner for your birthday, as well as a potential Ulta haul and fragrance 3x this month. I'm trying to keep track of my purchases+promos, so I can at least try to force my self into getting a good deal.

Not beauty related, but I did also get Pokemon Black 1 and 2 for my birthday from my mommy. Smiley Happy My birthday isn't until the 20th, so I can't play until then, but that's okay!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

This month's haul so far:

- UD Naked3 (I completely caved)

- Smashbox Hydrating Primer


It looks quite tame compared to you ladies haha Smiley Happy I just spent quite a bit last month, so trying to go easier this month and save up for Chic Week!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!



I have a serious addiction to lippies  :s

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

OMG, I am a lippie addict, too! Please tell us what you got!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I got my reshipped Bite Lip Cream, and it has the same cracking issue inside the inner tube that the last one had. Smiley Sad If you live in a colder climate, I would buy these in store or wait for warmer weather!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

That sucks, bee! I really want you to try it out!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I think it is a general packaging issue for them, I was in my local Sephora and half the testers were cracked on the inside and leaking into the tube.

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Geez, that sucks! Especially because it's such a great product.

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