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Fabulous February Hauls!

Hello lovely ladies!


I figured I'd get an early start on the hauls thread for February, as it seems that many of us just can't get enough of the Spring collections! Plus, I know that everyone here loves getting packages Smiley Wink Oh, and who could forget that Valentine's Day is coming up...and Mother's Day!


Please feel free to share to share your hauls. A haul is a haul no matter how small! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Ulta 20% off haul!

tarte skinny smolder eyes in emerald

tarte smolder eyes in golden beige

UD scorch

UD revolution in fiend

i spent two hours swatching in store AND my friends who don't really wear makeup bought some stuff too!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Fiend looks gorgeous!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Hehe thanks I love it!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Enjoy!! I haven't purchased any UD lipsticks but Fiend and Catfight were the most tempting. Lovely color!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

both fiend and catfight are definitely amazing! i always have catfight on me. i have a backup of both of them since i'm a total klutz and i always lose them >.<

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I LOVE Fiend! Such a great haul!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

My end of January/ beginning of February! I want a little palette crazy! Smiley Happy

Finally go my hands on:

-Lorac Pro


-Too Faced Candlelight & Chocolate Soleil bronzer

-MAC snob

-Beauty Blender

-Nars Deep Throat


& Thanks to trades!

-Lorac Unzipped

-UD Naked 2 & Theodora

-Tarte eyeliner

-Naked lipgloss

-Nars primer

-UD eyeliners (not pictured)



Ahh so excited! Also placed orders for the new LE mac lipsticks today thanks to some awesome gift cards from christmas! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Amazing haul, teresaanne!! I am jealous. How's the pigmentation on the Esperanza palette? I've had my eye on it!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I actually really love the Esperanza palette. The pigmentation is fantastic on them. Pastels are so hard to find because they usually don't apply true to pan color in my experience- seem more muted, but these are absolutely wonderful! I bought a second palette for backup! Smiley Happy 

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

REALLY! That good, huh? Consider me enabled! I may just have to have it next time I place an online order Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Wow! Thank you for the info, I was also wondering about the pigmentation, so I am glad to here you like it Smiley Happy I might give it a try pretty soon too Smiley Happy Smiley Happy  Thanks again! Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Wish I had thought to take a pic! I've picked up milani illuminating face powder, a couple elf gloss sticks, a wet n wild palette (what's the name, it's the big one with six shadows and one is a green side), a wet n wild lip stain,  and I got the Too Faced brow kit and matte eye palette. I'm still on the hunt for the milani lipstick that lilahtov posted :-) that will be the end of my shopping for awhile  as I have found I have so much and don't use enough of it. 

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Love the matte palette

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I can't wait to use it!  It looks great and the colors are gorgeous. I got it for $30!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I THINK you mean the Comfort Zone palette? That's the most popular "big" palette.

GL hunting for the Milani lippie(s)!! If you like, I can buy/ship them to you if you can't find 'em!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

That's the one! I have a couple more stores to look at so hopefully I can find it. I'll let you know :-) 


not too sure about the comfort zone palette.... It has a ton of fallout but the colors weren't as great as I was hoping. I only paid about $4 for it though,  so not a huge loss. I'll try the green side tomorrow. It may have been a bit too frosty for me

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Athena, tbh, I purchased it for the blue-green shade with reddish flecks and nothing else Smiley Very Happy I agree that most of the shades are a touch frosty.


Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Here's my MAC mini-haul from today. I am way too excited about this--THANK YOU @ladymeag for enabling me, big time!! This red is truly a standout in my collection.

It is now my turn to enable you--BUY.THE.GLOSS. Paired with the lipstick, it's like patent leather for your lips. Really!! I got compliments in-store when I was trying it on before I had even decided to purchase it! Smiley Very Happy Definitely a must-try, and a wonderful reintroduction to the gloss world.



With flash...


...and without


Sooo excited to play with these!! Plus, who could resist the packaging? 

PSA: Temptalia's gloss swatch is pretty accurate for this one, but the lipstick is MUCH richer/cooler in person, and deeper, too. Lipglossgossip has the most accurate swatche I've found so far.

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

There's no place like home,  there's no place like home......

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Oooh such pretty packaging. 

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Yeah, the frosty red is definitely a winner Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

I see you bought a dreaded GLOSS! Man Wink

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

This frosty red is so gorgeous! BUT BUT... do I really need another red added to my collection? It's so tempting!


I hope you enjoy it!!!

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

Thanks lilahtov for starting this thread Smiley Happy I like seeing what other beauties purchased, it's always inspiring Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Fabulous February Hauls!

No problem, happygen! I love seeing everyone's hauls, and I know I'm not alone! Smiley Happy

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