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Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

Hi all,


I'm having the biggest dilemma of haul time. (Anyone? I thought it was funny Smiley Very Happy)


I am trying to decide between the Nars Kauai duo (after which I've been lusting since its release) and the KVD Esperanza palette (see parenthetical statement above). Pretty palette for $36 or dynamic duo for $35? I really don't want to shell out for both, since I don't NEED either.


Thoughts, my beloved BBFFs?

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

I think you should go for the Esperanza palette, because you get more colors for around the same price. Plus the colors are so gorgeous, and I've heard really good things about the quality of the KVD shadows.

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

I know, me too--it would be my first KVD palette. But the Kauai duo is just so amazing!

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

Kauai is gorgeous! I can totally understand your dilemma though...for just $1 you get so much more!  I haven't seen Esperanza in person, but it looks great online if you like those softer, pastel-ish shades.


I saw Kauai online and loved it but didn't think I could handle paying $39 CAD for just two shadows.  Then I saw it in store, touched it, and the rest is history.  I now proudly own my first Nars duo.  


Side note: I'm a massive fan of the colour purple in general.


I'm sure this blabbing on has been totally useless to you, but I just wanted to gush about the Nars duo!

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

Forget what I said before.  Buy both.

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

AGH! Dani, you are no help!! I need to DECIDE! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

hahaha I know, right?


Ok, let me try to be more helpful.


1. KVD looks beautiful, but the colours seem less practical (to me anyway).

2. There are colours in the KVD that look similar to the Kauai duo (definitely not dupes, but same colour family)

3. I didn't realize Kauai is permanent.  You could postpone that purchase.  If you are anything like me, I pounce on LE releases because of my irrational FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out - I don't know if people other than me say this, hence the explanation)

4. In terms of value, KVD wins??

5. If all else fails, see comment below.


If it makes you feel any better, the price difference up here (Canada) is $43 for the KVD and $39 for the Nars.  Makes US prices seem like a bargain!

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

PS: just saw the part of your original post that said haul time... hilarious!

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

Geez! US prices do seem better, now. I ended up going with the Kauai because, despite my lesser-but-definitely-still-existent fear of missing out, I know I wanted the KVD for the "Ooh! Pretty colors" factor--not the fact that I'd actually wear some of them. I think I'll get more use out of the Nars Smiley Happy

Re: Eyeshadow battle: help me choose!

oooo....i think the KVD gets my vote...then i can live out my palette lust through your purchase!! 



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