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Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Tis was the night before Christmas,

And not a creature was stirring....

(Except for those who waited & procrastinated! 😉)




tenor (20).gif

For any holiday that you celebrate this time of year, 

show us all the goodies dear. 

(Please post remaining Nov hauls in Nov thread until tomorrow Dec 1. )

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

My last Ulta purchase of the year: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!™ Super Moisture Conditioner for Dry + Damaged Hair 33.8 oz and KVD Beauty Dazzle Stick Eyeshadow . The rest is a GWP


Maison Francis Kurdijian sampler set from Nordstrom. After hearing so much about Baccarat Rouge, I decided to pick this up and try a bunch of their fragrances.

IMG-1649 (1).jpg

Sonia Kashuk brushes that were on clearance for 50% off at Target, plus a Co-wash that looked interesting. The Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush was on $65 at TJMaxx so I couldn't pass it up.


Bonus non-beauty purchase: I've been looking for some earrings I could sleep in and these came in a cute little set at Target.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Great haul @makeitup305 ! The perfume set is beautiful ! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@makeitup305 my favorite perfume of all time is my Maison Francis Kurdijian Silk Oud. I hope you love the sample set! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@curlychiquita I tried the Oud Satin Mood today (I'm pretty sure this one is different from Silk Oud but I'm not very familiar with the brand) and it's lovely.  A little powdery at first but not in a grandma way at all, just very soft and inviting and then it deepens into a more warm scent. I'm working my way left to right and so far this one is much more my speed than Baccarat Rouge EDP and Extrait.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Oh wow that set @makeitup305 ! (And all of it !) I’m very interested in hearing about those. I know they are so well loved. 

And adore the earrings! Adorable and perfect. 💞

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

thanks @Sunnysmom  I'm super in love with the earrings, perfect to just keep in all the time.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@makeitup305, I love perfume discovery sets. ♥️ You picked up a nice one; I kept seeing Baccarat Rouge fragrances while holiday shopping; had to tell myself to hold off! 😍 Let us know any favorites you come across! 

The pink Ulta gwp makeup bag looks so fluffy! 💖

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@itsfi @Sunnysmom I'm working my way left to right and so far Baccarat Rouge is not for me. It's very interesting but it has a sharp almost astringent scent of me that is not my favorite and doesn't mellow out throughout the day. A lot of people mention a "latex" smell but to me it smells almost like chlorine? Idk how to describe it. I'm not sure if that's how it reacts to me in particular. If it were a little sweeter, more "basic" I guess, I would like it more. I smelled Arianna Grande's Cloud and Cloud 2.0 because I'd heard comparisons to Baccarat Rouge and while I do get whiffs of that chemical smell, they are obviously much more commercial "basic" fragrances and are much sweeter.  I tried Oud Satin Mood today and it was really nice. I can still smell it on myself after 10 hours. Baccarat Rouge was the same.


@sister13 I think you and I are having completely different BR experiences!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Wow, that's so interesting! I have a small sample of the BR (NOT the Extrait) and will have to try that one again too. 


I did feel my FS bottle of Extrait had a slight, additional sharpness to it than the previous samples I had tried, but I almost wonder if it mellows over time in the bottle, because even when I sprayed it again this week, I felt like that sharpness was less than I remembered when I first bought it. Otherwise, it still fades after spraying and becomes so lovely! I hope some of the others work for you! If worse comes to worst, you can probably sell your samples!  


Funny story, my friend had asked what that amazing fragrance was from a trip to Aspen where I discovered BR Extrait and would go to CosBar every day and spray it on myself. I thought she was asking for her, but she was asking for me for Christmas. Well, she gave me the present and said - "well, these were outrageously expensive and I didn't realize how tiny they were going to be for the price I paid!" They have ended up being perfect for travel - tiny spray bottles -  but she said she almost choked when she opened the box to see how tiny the deluxe samples were for how expensive they were. Bigger than a regular sample vial but still pretty small.  @makeitup305 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@sister13 haha I can imagine the sticker shock. I've really liked two of the other fragrances so far but idk if I'd ever buy a full size just because of that price and knowing I like to rotate so much it's hard to go through a full size. 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Yeah, I think I will go through the Extrait. I did purchase the full size at about $100 off, either a coupon or % off, so keep an eye out for that at CosBar or Saks or something, if you are extremely interested in one of them! @makeitup305  No I want to try silk oud! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Well this is very nice to have such a lovely in the Decemeber such a romantic weather I am loving it ...

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Great hauls, @makeitup305!! Wow on those ulta gwp!! Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Score on the Ulta GWPs, @makeitup305!  Also, what do you think of the perfume set so far?

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@CookieGirl1 I just got the sampler set today but applied the Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait on the back of my hand and I can still smell it 8 hours later. I had to look up the notes on Fragantica because I couldn’t pinpoint what it smells like. On me it reminds me of the ocean for some reason (might be the ambergris) with some sweetness and warmth (almond and amber maybe). Some people in the reviews on Fragantica mentioned latex (or a dentist office) while others mentioned cotton candy but I get neither of those. I can see where someone might get latex but on me it’s not quite there. I’m going to try it again tomorrow and see how it wears on my pulse points. @sister13 how do you feel it smells like on you?

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Oh my goodness, you threw me for a loop because I truly never thought about what it smells like, haha! Never looked up any reviews or scent profile information! just loved it so much, I listed after it for a couple years and finally pulled the trigger!


Anyway, I sprayed it and realized I have no idea how to describe it. Candy sweet, vaguely citrusy sweet, strong, tangy, a little bit of musk underneath?? (Which I recognize does not sound all that lovely, but oh, how lovely it is!)


Then I read some reviews and the scent profile and I would say I get some of the saffron and bitter almond but also realized that it would NOT be a perfume I would normally try or be interested in based on the description alone.


So strange, haha, thank you for asking something something I oddly never thought about for one of my favorite fragrances! @makeitup305 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Just wanted to say thank you so much to @sonnydee for making this thread 🙂 It was such a great time seeing everyone's holiday finds and getting to live vicariously through some amazing products. And of course, I loved participating too. See you all in the January thread and happy 2022! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Slowly making my way to some December purchases. I have some work travel coming up in the new year ✈️ and these mini / DS and travel sizes will coming in handy. 


JVN Complete Hydration Hair Set looked like an excellent way to try out some of his products. I discovered Ellis Brooklyn MYTH Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray during a vacation to Hawaii and it's been a well loved fragrance ever since. I like to use my points on the $100 Rouge Rewards, but applied some to pick up these fuzzy socks  near the end of 2021. I can't have too many socks, especially this time of year. These live up to their "cozy" name. 



This was a @makeitup305 enabled haul (thank you, makeitup305!) - Biossance had some great deals in December. I picked up a few of the hand sanitizer set as gifts. My skin loves the oil and serum duo. Biossance was running a promo gwp when I made this order - all those mini's and the mesh bag! If I wasn't set on skincare before (and that's a big if), I certainly am now! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

UPDATE 1.7.2022: JVN Complete Hydrating Air Dry Cream

JVN Air Dry Cream.jpg

 JVN Complete Hydrating Air Dry Hair Cream 5 oz/ 147 mL is a lightweight, water-based cream with a nice, light, citrusy scent. The scent is not at all overwhelming, and I can pick up the faintest bit of it even after my hair has fully air dried. Like the mask (and these travel sizes of the shampoo and conditioner), it comes in an aluminum tube (as does the full-size version of it). 
I used this yesterday and my initial impressions are that is just okay. It smoothed my hair and helped to tame some frizzies which is a plus, but I think the product is better suited for someone with a different hair type than mine - straight hair - fine strands; maybe it would give better results to someone with thicker hair or with wavy, curly hair. I've only used it once so I plan to give it another try over the weekend and will update my thoughts on it then. This first time, I applied the product as I would a conditioner by running it through the lengths with my fingers. I read that some folks saw better results by applying the product to hair and working it by scrunching their hair. I'm not sure how helpful that would be given my hair is straight but I'll give it a try applying it that way this weekend.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Thanks for the update, @itsfi. I've heard similar things from some others, but I do wonder how much hair type plays into it. My hair is ridiculously thick and coarse, so I wonder if it would work better for that type. At some point I plan to pick up the sample set and give it a try so we'll see!

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