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Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Tis was the night before Christmas,

And not a creature was stirring....

(Except for those who waited & procrastinated! 😉)




tenor (20).gif

For any holiday that you celebrate this time of year, 

show us all the goodies dear. 

(Please post remaining Nov hauls in Nov thread until tomorrow Dec 1. )

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

I'm living for all the hauls I'm seeing, and not gonna lie, my cart just got a little bigger!


Mines is not exactly a haul, but a product I really wanted for more than a year. I finally got the Dyson Airwrap and I'm so obsessed with it!


I even put a seatbelt on it to protect the goods 😂



Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Nice haul, @JessieJoePRO!! Enjoy your goodies!! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

OMG!! Y'all are the sweetest!! thank you for responding, my heart is so full.

I'm a newbie here, if I answer in the wrong area, please forgive me. 



Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Gotta keep that baby safe @JessieJoePRO ! Congrats!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

That color is EVERYTHING, @JessieJoePRO.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Right?! It's the perfect blue and copper combo 😍 It comes with a super soft blue bag for travel too. I'm so excited!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Very nice!! Enjoy @JessieJoePRO 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Great haul @JessieJoePRO. I really need to purchase a case for my Dyson Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Iron/Fuchsia .

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@JessieJoePRO   Too cute- and smart!  Enjoy!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@JessieJoePRO Smart ppl protect their investment 😘

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

LOL I saw the thumbnail of this picture and had to click on it. I love the airwrap...and that blue 😍

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Ohh, so exciting! I keep debating this one but I don’t style my hair often enough to justify such a purchase. Enjoy! @JessieJoePRO 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Honestly, same! I noticed I am more excited about doing my hair now, so even for giving my hair a quick dry I am reaching out for it.

If you ever get it, please share pics and let me know how it works for you! 😄

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

The seat belt is so necessary, that's precious cargo you got right there! Great pick up! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

So excited for you, @JessieJoePRO! Enjoy!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Congratulations on getting your Dyson @JessieJoePRO ! I hope you love it!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@JessieJoePRO Haha love that! Congrats!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Congratulations on buying this treasure, @JessieJoePRO !  Very cute photo with the seatbelt!  😊

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

IMG_3350 (1).JPG



Haul #4 (there are more hauls coming)  this one is  both sephora and ulta. 


- ulta GWP purple sample bag (I didn't show the samples inside because I know when i typically order mine i never take a close look at what is listed until i open it that way its a surprise for me. just in case anyone else does this like i do i didn't want to reveal what i got in case they ordered the same color bag)  


-benefit - prize pack mascara GWP

-benefit - Georgia blush

-benefit - dallas blush 

-benefit - gold rush blush

- olaplex no 3

-benefit - rocketur  blush (not pictured) (i sadly left it out when laying everything out LOL)

-Ofra Glazed doughnut highlighter

-Flower - warrior princess mascara, royal black

- cover girl lash blast clean volume mascara 

- mac - stone lipliner

- Yves saint Laurent 100 point perk mini lipstick 

- Milani supercharged brightening under eye tint

- la girl shockwave eyeliner - lullaby x2 (this eyeliner always makes me both happy and sad its pretty vibrant and glides on like a dream but it's not retractable nor can you sharpen it. so once it's gone which is after under five uses, it's gone. still, it's pretty reasonably priced. I try to stock up on a few when they hit sale and only use them on the holidays or special events. so I don't go through them so fast. 


- kitcsh pro Small Bun forms (i was so excited to get this I can't do my hair I am so uncoordinated when it comes to anything but a frail attempt at heatless beach waves,  and heatless curls. I've never been able to pull off buns or braids. no joke I ripped the package open and was over the moon to see there were picture instructions on the back (I'm typically a visual learner so this was great) I had a bun in my hair on the first try it was the best one I've tried yet these form things are great!) I have a feeling it will look more put together even still the more I try it out! so yeah I'm a fan only one of them cost four dollars. 


-Kitsch pro mini bun forms (i read the mini ones would be great for space buns!!! I've only done space buns twice & both times were definitely test runs. , I also did glitter roots along with it and my floorboards have never forgiven me for the second part. )


revolution soap styler "for soap brows" - I've wanted to try out the soap brow trend for a while hopefully this goes well. 


Tarte shape tape ultra-creamy in fair natural (I have no idea if this is my shade and I have never tried it so hoping for the best)





Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Nice haul, @WhereYouStand!! Enjoynall of the new goodies!! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Another fabulous haul!! @WhereYouStand you'll be playing with so much newness

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