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Have you all seen any amazing deals lately that we should check out? Today I went to a nearby Tj Maxx to see if they carry any Thebalm makeup. I heard that they might, they didn't. Maybe during the holiday season. I did get a set of brushes from Cythania Rowley for 10 dollars! I never heard of her brand for comestics related items. I mean 5 brushes for 10 dollars plus a holder. Can't beat that price. I also stop by Nordstrom Rack. I suggest going to any ones nearby because I saw a lot of 2012 holiday value sets. I picked up the Want You To Want Me eye shadow palette from Anastasia for 14 dollars. Orginial price was like 34. I also saw Lorac, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Stila, Nars, Too Faced, and NYX. Go see if your Nordstrom Rack carries any of these. 

Re: Deals!

Any Escada perfumes???

Re: Deals!

That reminds me! I went to Tj Maxx and they had an older perfume, Marine Grove set for about 20 dollars. Unfortunately someone took the perfume that was in it or else I would have gotten it. It came with a bag and body lotion as well. I'm planning to go to Sephora tomorrow, I'm going to finally smell Cherries in the Air!

Re: Deals!

Aww! That's kinda sad they took the perfume. I'm jealous and I'm sure it smells so good, Diana has already let us know it smells awesome, after you go tell us what you think. I'm sure by tomorrow at this time I will have it ordered!LOL!

Re: Deals!

LOL I'm pretty sure that I'm coming up with excuses just to get this perfume ahah even though I have a bunch sitting on my counter. I'll let you know how it smells tomorrow! 

Re: Deals!

Yeah me too! Like I really need more to. Thanks I can't wait!

Re: Deals!

so i got to try cherries in the air and its smells amazing. its not sweet like other escada perfume. Doesnt really smell like cherries but i like it. something you can wear all day. i have it on for about 5 hours now and its still there. not too strong either.

Re: Deals!

Excellent question. I've become kind of a pro in hunting out good deals. A girl cant pay full price for everything all the time right?


TJMAXX/Marshalls is your friend!! I've bought so many beauty items here, its not even funny. Almost all of my TheBalm stuff I got from TJmaxx. They carry high end skincare like Shiseido (katie1724, I know you use the eye cream, I see it there all the time for less than 30 bucks, check out your local marshalls or tjmaxx girl!), Elizabeth Arden, TheBalm, Elizabeth Grady, DDF, Bliss etc. Makeup wise, my locations tend to carry Shiseido, thebalm, elf, clarins, dr hauschka....they have *amazing* all natural shampoos (I like DermOrganic and Giovanni) in giant 1 L or more pump bottles for $14.99-$19.99. They carry makeup brushes, false lashes, lash curlers, beauty blender type sponges, makeup wipes. They carried Korres skincare and makeup wipes at one point (I've used a LOT of their cleansers). And fragrance.....oh my! They have high end fragrances like marc jacobs, burberry, vera wang...they have celebrity perfumes....I very rarely pay full price for fragrance. And this store is good for clothes/home stuffs and food too (yep, this is where I get my organic olive oil, giant bottle for $9.99, they often carry organic teas, honey, and fancy chocolates and pasta. I like to make food baskets for gifts and this is where I go to get nice fancy stuff for a decent price). If you shop here a lot, apply for the TJX Rewards card. Its a credit card and reward card in one, and for every 100 bucks you spend in there with that card they mail you a $10 off coupon that can be used on *anything* in the store and its valid for 2 *years*. Its not one of those stupid coupons (sorry ulta) that expires within a few days and has so many restrictions.


Cosmetic Company Outlet. Ladies, this is your FRIEND. If you live near one, *take advantage*. They carry brands like Origins, Clinique, Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Lancome, YSL etc. Sometimes the deals are meh (5 bucks off original price) but sometimes they have a table set up where you can get high end stuffs for 3-20 bucks. I bought 3 lancome color design lipsticks there for less than 5 bucks each. They have testers out so you know what the color looks like, they have testing supplies and brushes if you want to try anything on. And its an amazing place for discontinued products. A lot of the time, the internet is the only place where you can find those things and I dont trust places like Ebay and Amazon for my makeup (there are too many fakes). I have 2 not too far away that I *just* found out about (nobody tells me nothing!! >_< ) and 2 more an hour and a half away thats super amazing but its too much of a drive so I only go there where I'm in the area. Some brands like MAC never go on sale in stores, and CCO's are I think the only places where you can get MAC lipsticks for $10.50. And they always always carry lots of discontinued stuff by this brand because they release so many collections.


Ross--Check it out. I love their fragrances, and they are even cheaper than TJMaxx/marshalls. And *sometimes* if you look hard enough and often enough, you'll find a gem in the beauty section. I found Andalou face creams (all natural, and only sold in health food stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc) and I bought them all for 10 bucks each. Shocking, I know.


Sephora sale section----You can find better things online on's sale section but often, the JCP ones especially, carry some neat stuffs for a great price. I bought tons of CARGO stuff on sale in Sephora when they were pulling out the line, got an amazing Tarina Tarantino blush when that line was being pulled and 2 Sephora Collection Prisma Chrome eyeshadows for 5 bucks each.


Sprouts---One of my fave stores. They often have 25% off entire line deals, and from time to time they have a sale area in the beauty section where super pricey things like eye cream/face cream/scrubs are 6 bucks or less. I remember getting lots of Skinorganics and Camocare Organics at one point, and nothing was over 6 bucks.

Re: Deals!

Thanks for all your information! I realized that today Tj Maxx is filled with goodies. LOL but I couldn't find any Theblam items..bummer. So sad that there isn't a Cosmetic Company Outlet near my house, the closest one is like 3 hours away. All the way in Wisconsin. I will take a deeper look into Marshalls the next time I go. Tj Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross are by my house. Thanks girl!

Re: Deals!

You know...I havent seen TheBalm makeup in awhile there actually. Skincare yes (and lots of it, plus kits!) but makeup I havent seen in at least 6 months. I think that when Sephora was pulling out the line, TJ Maxx/Marshalls claimed it and sold it there. And whatever they had was sold a long time ago. I *wish* that I bought more kits when they carried lots of their stuff (I bought a TON, but I still wish I bought more lol). I remember getting the full sized mary loumanizer and bettyloumanzier in one kit for $9.99. Talk about a steal. I used up a lots of my Thebalm stash, and I gave a bunch away to my mom....the only thing that I have lots of right now is the shadows, and I'm absolutely mad for them! Sephora, you made such a mistake when you pulled out this line! Its was one of the only lines that was superb in quality and affordable at the same time.


I get frusturated at one of my nearby CCO's.....because the woman in there dont put pricestickers on the sale items so every little thing that I like I have to give the sales woman the item, then she has to scan it and tell me the price....and after 3-4 times it gets really annoying, especially if I like something, but dont like it enough to buy it bc either the sale isnt that great or I have too many similar items...but its just uncomfortable asking how much something is all the time and then walking out of there with nothing. I dont want to spend money just because I would feel bad about wasting someones time....I want to buy something because I love it and would USE it.

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