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Have you all seen any amazing deals lately that we should check out? Today I went to a nearby Tj Maxx to see if they carry any Thebalm makeup. I heard that they might, they didn't. Maybe during the holiday season. I did get a set of brushes from Cythania Rowley for 10 dollars! I never heard of her brand for comestics related items. I mean 5 brushes for 10 dollars plus a holder. Can't beat that price. I also stop by Nordstrom Rack. I suggest going to any ones nearby because I saw a lot of 2012 holiday value sets. I picked up the Want You To Want Me eye shadow palette from Anastasia for 14 dollars. Orginial price was like 34. I also saw Lorac, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Stila, Nars, Too Faced, and NYX. Go see if your Nordstrom Rack carries any of these. 

Re: Deals!

Any Escada perfumes???

Re: Deals!

That reminds me! I went to Tj Maxx and they had an older perfume, Marine Grove set for about 20 dollars. Unfortunately someone took the perfume that was in it or else I would have gotten it. It came with a bag and body lotion as well. I'm planning to go to Sephora tomorrow, I'm going to finally smell Cherries in the Air!

Re: Deals!

Aww! That's kinda sad they took the perfume. I'm jealous and I'm sure it smells so good, Diana has already let us know it smells awesome, after you go tell us what you think. I'm sure by tomorrow at this time I will have it ordered!LOL!

Re: Deals!

LOL I'm pretty sure that I'm coming up with excuses just to get this perfume ahah even though I have a bunch sitting on my counter. I'll let you know how it smells tomorrow! 

Re: Deals!

Yeah me too! Like I really need more to. Thanks I can't wait!

Re: Deals!

so i got to try cherries in the air and its smells amazing. its not sweet like other escada perfume. Doesnt really smell like cherries but i like it. something you can wear all day. i have it on for about 5 hours now and its still there. not too strong either.

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