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Have you all seen any amazing deals lately that we should check out? Today I went to a nearby Tj Maxx to see if they carry any Thebalm makeup. I heard that they might, they didn't. Maybe during the holiday season. I did get a set of brushes from Cythania Rowley for 10 dollars! I never heard of her brand for comestics related items. I mean 5 brushes for 10 dollars plus a holder. Can't beat that price. I also stop by Nordstrom Rack. I suggest going to any ones nearby because I saw a lot of 2012 holiday value sets. I picked up the Want You To Want Me eye shadow palette from Anastasia for 14 dollars. Orginial price was like 34. I also saw Lorac, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Stila, Nars, Too Faced, and NYX. Go see if your Nordstrom Rack carries any of these. 

Re: Deals!

You should check out they did the balm in January I think. Tjmaxx is random I live in Miami but when I see the balm they have a ton of it and it's usually by the registers. 

Re: Deals!

The Nordstrom Rack at Rookwood in Cincinnati has a couple of UD palettes ($18), a UD polish set, a bunch of Smashbox sets, UD setting sprays (all varities), some Stila and Anastasia and a bunch of NYX.  I just found out about them--I never knew they sold makeup!!  Now I will have to go there frequently to see if they get in anything new...

Here is a pic of the skincare items that I picked up at TJ Maxx today...

Re: Deals!

Apparently I need to check out my Nordstrom Rack again... hope they have some of the UD Sprays too, love those! Thanks for the tip Smiley Happy

Re: Deals!

Origins is not giving away free products this year, BUT, they do have 2 great promotions going on:


- Online: $10 off your $25 purchase + Free Standard Shipping PLUS a free sample at checkout, valid from 6pm 4/22 - 6am 4/23.

- In store: You can get a free facial plus 2 mini samples (claim the offer on Facebook, no purchase necessary). For each (of the fou) Earth Day packaged product you buy, they plant a tree (it is a bit more expensive tho). For purchase of $55 or more, you get a tote. For plantscription purchase of $35 or more you get a free full size Plantscription eye cream. And they have recycle bins for your cosmetic/skincare jars/containers.

Re: Deals!



I saw Kiehl's sets, Lorac sets, and NARS sets and palettes at the Nordstrom Rack at Tysons Corner yesterday.

Re: Deals!

Lorac Mint Edition set at ULTA for $28 today!!!  Someone pleeeeeease buy it so I can live vicariously through you! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Deals!

I just bought it! I am on the look for more palettes to increase my makeup collection. I can't wait to get it! (:

Re: Deals!

ooooh jealous!  I swatched it at ULTA and wanted it sooooo badly.  Love Lorac stuff, the bag in the set was adorable and really nice quality, the lip gloss was to die for, and the eye shadows were buttery smooth!  Let us know how you like it when it arrives!

Re: Deals!

Went to the Sephora inside of my local JCP and got Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick in Beranice for $5!!! Originally it was $19, but it was marked $8 on the box. Boy was I pleasantly surprised when it rung up as $5! Smiley Very Happy I almost wanted to go back and see if I could find any more. lol


Side story - I went in to see if I could get a sample of a redish lipstick to last me a bit because I'm in the process of moving and waiting for my stuff to get here. I packed so poorly because I had no idea that the moving company was going to take OVER a MONTH, seriously, to get me my stuff.... (I did not hire these people and would have laughed in their face if they told me they were going to take over a month to get me my stuff) If I had known I would have packed much smarter and brought 90% of my make up with me. lol But the first place I always go in pretty much any store is the sale area. $5 for a full size lipstick of a brand I love? I'll happily take it! Smiley Happy


Re: Deals!

I went to Tj Maxx the other day and got an H2O+ face cream normally $36 for $10 and I really like it I also like looking for deals on Hautelook and Gilt.

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