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Have you all seen any amazing deals lately that we should check out? Today I went to a nearby Tj Maxx to see if they carry any Thebalm makeup. I heard that they might, they didn't. Maybe during the holiday season. I did get a set of brushes from Cythania Rowley for 10 dollars! I never heard of her brand for comestics related items. I mean 5 brushes for 10 dollars plus a holder. Can't beat that price. I also stop by Nordstrom Rack. I suggest going to any ones nearby because I saw a lot of 2012 holiday value sets. I picked up the Want You To Want Me eye shadow palette from Anastasia for 14 dollars. Orginial price was like 34. I also saw Lorac, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Stila, Nars, Too Faced, and NYX. Go see if your Nordstrom Rack carries any of these. 

Re: Deals!

Awww boo I guess I'll have to order online for Thebalm now. 

Girl I know how you feel, I don't like asking for the price of items either. I feel bad about just walking out with nothing too but it is how it is. The price and quality matters.


Re: Deals!

If anyone likes Omorovicza stuff they have a 20% off code for today only on their website.  It's VDAY20


I went ahead and got the Frankincense oil I've had my eye on >.>  I love it when they have deals, especially with it being so expensive, but it's just so darn worth it >.<

Re: Deals!

Aaaaaand now that the code's gone they have a cute deluxe sampler bag for spring, darn you wallet!  Y U NO FAT?!

Re: Deals!



Dear website deals....STAHHHP!!!! My walet is NO FAT!!!!

Re: Deals!

"Websiet deels

wat r u doin

weebsit delz



Re: Deals!

Hahaha, girl!!!! You are too much! Smiley Very Happy


Love it!

Re: Deals!

Lol, I should have consulted you guys before making the lolcat pictures. My pet peeves with bad grammar prevented me from writing quality lolcat speek.

Re: Deals!

Haha, bad grammer = great lolcat speak Smiley Tongue

Re: Deals!

BT was that adorable ball of fur YOUR cat????  i keep looking at it and going "awwwwwwwww"

Re: Deals!

Oh god no! Or else I'd just be spending the whole day staring at it. One of my facebook friend shared the pic, so I slapped on the text and made the post (c'mon, it's just asking to be made into a lolcat pic).


I do not have the resources, time or energy for pets right now (pets and kids are always the cutest when they are someone else's). Since I squeal over every cute baby animal I see on youtube, I've decided to add volunteer at a Zoo to my retirement option (yes, my career haven't started and I'm thinking of retirement).

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