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Dazzling December Hauls 2020




Christmas is almost here and the holiday sales are in full force. Please share what you got this month for yourself or loved ones. I hope we can all spread some much needed holiday cheer since it’s definitely been a tough year for all.


Also, don't forget this is the month the Beautylish Lucky Bags go on sale.  Don't forget to sign up because they sell out quick.  Here is the thread where we will post our Lucky Bag hauls  Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021 

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

@sonnydee  Oooo great choices!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020



SokoGlam haul! Got 2, 200-point rewards because of a glitch! Normally they only let you have one per order.  


I have not tried the Beaty of Joseon serum or the Klairs vitamin E mask, but I love Neogen Vitamin C powder. It is fun to use, lasts forever, it doesn't go bad like liquid formula vitamin C products, and I got two of these for free (well, I spent 400 points) and saved $40. 


If you wanna get 2 rewards of the same item on SokoGlam, redeem one from your rewards page, and redeem one during checkout. I think they're currently OOS for this particular powder but it should work with any other product. 


It was like Christmas morning today when I opened the package and saw that they honored the glitch and put both rewards in my order. All these goodies for $38. 


Happy Holidays everyone 😃 

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Beautiful haul @nhunka! Those sheet masks will be great for this time of the year. I picked up a Beauty of Joseon serum recently and am looking forward to giving it a go. Enjoy your treats! 😁

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Great haul, @nhunka!! So many intriguing skincare goodies!! Enjoy!!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Great deal, @nhunka! Enjoy your products!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Cyber glitches @nhunka nice score!! Enjoy

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Love the Neogen powder, @nhunka! The Klairs is a great soothing mask, too - enjoy!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

@nhunka  Ok great haul!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Great deals @nhunka !

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

My new products are from the Victoria Beckham Beauty direct 20% off sale.


Products are:

- Victoria Beckham By Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Golden

- Posh Lipstick: The VB Edit, which includes the shades Spice, Pout, and Pose

- VB Lip Definer in 02 with Sharpener.


I purchased the Augustinus Bader moisturizer set in March during the Nordstrom 25% off beauty sale. I fell in love with The Rich Cream and finished it off. I'm still using up the regular The Cream at night (retinol is an ingredient). I can't wait to try the Golden VB x Augustinus Bader moisturizer tomorrow.


Also, lip purchases are inspired by @itsfi and @Sunnysmom. I couldn't decide among all of the new lipstick releases (VB, Lisa Eldridge, LE Chanel or Cle de Peau) and I finally decided on these based on itsfi's and Sunnysmom's pictures.




Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Nice haul, @curlychiquita!! Such pretty lippies!! Enjoy!!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

@curlychiquita   My dream haul; have fun with it! 

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Thank you, @Ispend2much6, @lmaster, @Kim888, @eshoe, and @ather! ♥️

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Well I am incredibly envious in a good way, of course! Enjoy, @curlychiquita - everything looks just gorgeous 🤩

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

@curlychiquita  Beautiful haul!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

These lippies look so perfect!! @curlychiquita 

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Her stuff really looks so classy @curlychiquita - great haul! 

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

@curlychiquita Great haul!  I was wondering about the Victoria Beckham brand.  Great to see you are trying it. 

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Thanks, @tjffc!

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

Oh what a perfect set of goodies @curlychiquita . I love them all for you! Love to see and hear thoughts on how the Golden ABVB looks too. I love love her regular one and wondered how golden it really looks. Agree 💯 on AB Creme and Rich Creme too, isn’t it great?! The RIch Creme will feel so good this winter again.  ( I added the toner during a sale and am loving it so far.) The VB lips feel very nourishing, bet you’ll love em! 💞

Re: Dazzling December Hauls 2020

@Sunnysmom I wore the Golden moisturizer today and liked it!  My skin felt good all day and you can see the slight difference. I don't know yet if I'll wear it under makeup or just by itself.  The lipsticks are beautiful! I thought I would like Pose best and I still love it, but it turns out Spice is my favorite!

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