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Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

I finally decided to try the smaller size of the Clinique 3 Step System for Skin Type 3.  Today was also the first day of their new bonus GWP for Spring.  I was excited to get it since I've only tried a couple of Clinique products, and this was a perfect opportunity and great timing lol.  Gotta love freebies!!  I hope the skincare system works.  Any thoughts or advice on their skincare or makeup?





I'm sure the small sizes and bar soap will last a good while if they work as I hope.  Fingers crossed!





Freebies: Makeup bag that'll be put to good use, 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Lash Doubling Mascara, Violet Eyeshadow duo with a single shade from the Blackberry Frost duo and Dark Denim, Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss, and Different Lipstick in Rose Glow.





Doobie was a bit mad at me.  The Belk bag that had everything in it was too small for him to fit in.  He's been eyeballing my new makeup bag lol.






Can't beat a full size freebie.










Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

Hi Kimmi,


I love your kitty in the background!


I found that Clinique works well for a lot of people. I have really sensitive skin and found the skincare to be not right for me. However, I used to work at a Clinique count and saw what it did for other clients skin. It really helps if you have acne or just want to keep your skin clean. I personally love Cliniques concealer and their eye liners are really smooth and pigmented!


Cream Shaper For Eyes


Clinique - Cream Shaper For Eyes

Even Better Concealer

Clinique - Even Better Concealer

<3 Melissa

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

I love love love when Clinique has a GWP because their makeup is amazing, especially the lipgloss, plus I work somewhere where Clinique is sold so I get an extra discount too Smiley Happy I will say, the skincare is hit or miss with me. I absolutely hate the toners with the numbers. The only one I like is the mild one that doesn't have a number. I forget exactly what it's called, but it's the only toner of theirs that hasn't stung and burned my skin. The moisturizers I don't really care for because the lotion makes my skin too greasy and the gel formula isn't enough. I'm in love with the Moisture Surge moisturizer and the All About Eyes eye cream though Smiley Happy

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

Katy1128, I suspect the toner you're referring to is the mild one.  I ordered what I thought was the toner for Skin Type 3 from Macy's last winter only for them to mistakenly send me the mild one.  I came "thisclose" to returning it but decided to give it a try.  I'm glad I did!  Although it doesn't seem to be working it's great for even oily skin and very gentle especially in the colder months.  It got excellent reviews also because it doesn't contain alcohol.


Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

Yes, that's the one! It's such an amazing toner so I'm glad you didn't return it and gave it a try Smiley Happy

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GAWP

I've always liked Clinique skin care products, Moisture Surge is the best! But I find the eyeshadow to have not enough pigment for me; they just don't show up.  Lipsticks are ok, especially GWP!   I hope it works out for you. 

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

Kimmi, congratulations on your Clinique haul!  I've used their skincare products for years and am Type 3.  However, I recently switched to the Caudalie skincare line for my daily cleansing for the time being.  Although my skin is oily, the Clinique products are a little too harsh for me during the winter months and leaves me with dry patches.  I absolutely love Clinique's bonuses and it's a great way to sample their products.


I swear by the All About Eyes rich eye cream as well as the All About Eyes de-puffing gel.  The Moisture Surge extended gel is great.  It hydrates the skin for hours without causing break-outs.  The 7-Day Scrub is another winner and is gentle enough to be used everyday.  When the weather gets warmer, I will more than likely go back to my Clinique 3-Step skincare routine.


Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

Clinique has cute gift bags and tends to always have a GWP.  The lipsticks are nice.  I cannot remember the glosses.  As for the shadows, they are not Urban Decay quality (it's been a while since I wore those so they might have improved). 


Their skincare was not the best for my skin and would cause little painful red under bumps.  Hopefully the products will work out for you more favorably. 


I wish there were more GWP offers around.  They seem to be more prevalent at department stores.  Online offers can be so random, even at the official brand site (deluxe or one sample most of the time). 

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

Oh yeah! They have those every year and I love it.


I have combo skin and love their liquid soap (more convinient than bar) and Toner 2 (if toner 3 irritate/stings your face like it did with me, try toner 2). I swore by those two. As for other clinique products, their moisturizers are great because they never irritate and provide basic hydration, but is not good at other things (the SPF ingredients they use break me out, and anti-aging stuff are not as effective as L'occitane). I love their lip stick/gloss.


However, I think their free eyeshadows are not as good as Estee Lauder, which also have promos with similar type/amount of goodies every year. I buy the soap/toner from Clinique but moisturizers from EL, the free lipstick from EL made my lip itchy, but the free eyeshadows are so velvety and pretty and the eye make up remover feels like water except very effective.


Enjoy your haul! And if you are looking for a good moisturizer check out EL's moisturizers (I used DayWear and Hydrationist). Sign up for their email, they are actually having freebies right now (mini skincare set, 1 lipstick, 1 eyeshadow pallete, and 1 mascara).

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

@beautytester  I'll keep the info about the toner in mind.  This is actually the first time I've used one lol.  I did notice it took off some makeup that I missed, and it felt really good on my skin.  I've tried EL's lipgloss before, and I really liked it.  I've not tried any other products, though.  My bf's mom loves EL and uses a lot from that line.



@ran8  I'm wearing the shadows today, and it isn't like UD.  They're nice for lighter looks, especially for the presentation I have to do next week, but I don't think anything can top UD's pigmentation.  UD should just be crowned the Queen of Eyeshadows lol. 


I believe you're right about the GWP offers mainly being in department stores.  While I browsed around the makeup counters, most of them did have some sort of GWP.  I don't think the MAC or the Chanel counters did, though.




@missjr  I tried the 7-Day Scrub last night, and it was very gentle!  I've had a sample of similar product from Benefit, but I didn't think it was a gentle.  It was more like sandpaper compared to Clinique's. 




Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

I use dramatically different lotion daily and I enjoy it. I also like moisture surge but is not quite enough for winter. I LOVE it for summer though. Also the redness relief cream does wonders for redness on my face, but heavy for summer

I do like that Clinique lip products don't dry me out, but I don't really like the eyeshadows. The eyeliners are natural and reasonably priced too.

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

@jxw200  I believe I'm more for their lip products than their eyeshadows as well. 

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

kimmi - i haven't seen any of their eyeshadows that i would actually buy. and their eyeliners are meh too, but i use them if i get them in gifts but they're not my favorite. (Although i am interested to see if the new intense quickliner is any better) I like the moisturizing gloss and i haven't worn the lipsticks long enough to know how they wear but they go on nice! Smiley Happy

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

I love their toner.  A bit too harsh on my face but I did use it for a while.  Their bar soap lasts a long time, if only I could not have extremely dry skin that reacts to it.  As for their lotion, it is a give or take.  I prefer their gel a bit more, especially because it doesn't feel too heavy.  Overall, I love Clinique products, more so their lipglosses, mascaras and blushes.  All About the Eyes and All About the Lips are amazing too.  It is apart of my skincare routine.  Their foundations were too yellow on my skin.

Re: Clinique Skincare Haul and GWP

Hi Kimmi!


Thanks for sharing with us. Smiley Happy Unfortunately for me I am NOT a fan of Clinique skincare, it does havoc on my skin. Smiley Sad The makeup and eye creams are fine but any other face products just doesn't like me! I LOVE GWP's! I used to not liking them when I worked for a line that sold them (it was CRAZY BUSY!) but clinique GWP's are nice as they give such a good selection of colors and products that are nice and subtle for nearly everyone.


The Lipsticks and glosses are some of my favorites for that soft,natural flush of color. The little bag you got is so cute too! Smiley Happy It would be great if  Sephora had GWP's but we have so many other different offers that I think adding the GWP would take away from businesses that want it as an exclusive. Anyway, super cute and enjoy your set! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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