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Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

It’s that time again for Beautylish’s Lucky Bags. Which ones are you hoping to snag this year regular $75, XL $150 or are you going to pass on it? Please post pictures of the ones you get. They usually go on sale the day after Christmas and ship in January so sign up to be notified of when they drop on the site and be quick because they will sell out fast.

Please post your trades here Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade 



Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@SportyGirly125 isn't that so funny!! I was thinking the same thing, if I don't end up trading it, I'll just declutter my old one 😊

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@lmaster nice! Looks like you got some nice haircare and skincare which is cool!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Kim888 I'm really not complaining! Only repeat for the first time is the ND bronze cheek palette


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

My XL bag was supposed to arrive Sunday but got delayed till today, and my husband ordered a regular bag for me that was supposed to arrive Thursday but got delivered today as well. 2 bags for me, not extra lucky in either but I like most of the items…would be excited for the Retro palette if I didn’t own it already…and I did want the CT Smokey Eyes palette, so YAY. 

Regular bag


XL bag


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

These are both really nice bags, @AznAngelLiz!! Yay that you like most of the items!! Congrats!! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@AznAngelLiz Looks like you got 2 great bags.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Are you looking to trade Retro?

I have Holifrog grand amino cushion cream, Wayne Goss Lotus lip, natural berry lip liner, Yano brush #3 highlighter brush,  Viseart Petit Fours Buillon palette, Danessa Myricks Obsession twin flames pigment, Sonia G Worker One brush, Good Molecules Gentle Retinol, SMith & Cult np in Bite your Kiss..would do a bunch of them

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Those are nice. I really want to try those scrunchies now.  The CT palette looks pretty. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022


I just received my XL bag. It had the value but little I will use.  I wanted better/more skincare items but that’s the risk. Also a lot of nudes. Glad I tried it. Some brands I haven’t bought before so it will be fun to see how I like them. 


Sonia G envelope $75

Probe Maximista Thickening Spray $19

Wayne Goss Lip Pencil Sepia $14

Beautylish brush 04 $40

Viseart Petits Fours Praline $25

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer in 3 Tan $56

Good molecules Exfoliating Toner $14

Wayne Goss lipstick Macadamia $28

Natasha Denoma Triochrome Palette $129

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Amazing bag, @Indy701!! Sorry they weren't all winners for you, hopefully you can trade for some things you'll love. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@haleyvvvv Thank you. I ended up keeping only the three lowest valued items. It was fun but not worth the price for me due to what I already owned.  I wish the CT had been in my color as it’s beautiful packaging. They were all easy to trade here or sale on Poshmark with the exception of the CT bronzer.  The toner is strong! I used it way too often. I should have started every other day. It’s really good, just need to adjust when I use it. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Indy701 You got a great bag.


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Indy701  Ah, I wondered if anyone would get Triochrome in their bag. Sorry you didn't get more skincare products. But I hope you enjoy some of the new-to-you items you're keeping! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@WinglessOne  Thank you 😊 They did deliver in value!  I think I’ll try again next year. It is a nice palette   

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

My XL Lucky Bag arrived a day early. Fans of neutral/nude makeup would love this bag. Since I'm not a neutral/nude kinda gal, I’ll likely be trading most of it. Total bag value is $400 USD. 
Literally a mixed bag. :DLiterally a mixed bag. 😄
Keeping ($133): 
  • Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Essence ($14) - INCI list looks okay, so I’ll give it a try. 
  • Holifrog Galilee Antioxidant Dewy Drop ($48) - I see orange peel extract on the INCI list, but it’s near the tail end so there might not be enough essential oil in this product to be problematic for my face. Eh, I can always use it on my body instead. Overall, it looks like a nice antioxidant + skin brightening emollient and perhaps a moisturizer. I’ll try it. 
  • Surratt Artistique Liquid Blush, shade Classique ($45) - Yay, I was hoping for one of these! I’ve resisted buying one since they launched. 😄 On my hand, it feels very lightweight and blends easily. It’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts on skin throughout the day. 
  • Hindash Heroline ($26) - A black liquid eyeliner with a brush tip that’s marketed as 24-hour wear, water resistant, and smudge proof. I’ll test it on my hooded eyes soon. 
Didn't reach my $150 buy-in with this keeps list. Hopefully I can at least make up the difference via a trade or two, or by keeping a couple of the makeup brushes. 
On the fence ($144 unless I split up the brush set): 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette, Walk of No Shame ($53) - It’s a nice looking quad, just not shades I’d typically use. Funny: I decluttered all my CT quads except the original Rebel (the one that's true greens, not the re-release of khakis), so… I’ll probably trade this one. EDIT: actually, I would use these shades. I'm just not a big fan of CT's shadow formulas, so I'm more likely to reach for a similarly themed Natasha Denona 5-pan. With that in mind, I'll definitely add this to my trades list. 
  • Units Orange Series Face Set ($91) - I’ve never used any Units brushes before. I’m tempted to keep the large powder brush (302) and/or the large bronzer brush (301), and maybe one of the 2 smallest brushes. I definitely don’t need all 6, especially not the sculpting brush (303) and foundation brush (304). 
Trading—will post in the trade thread this week ($123): 
  • Natasha Denona Chromium Multichrome Liquid Eyeshadow, shade Infra Nude ($28) - I already own this shade (along with 2 other Chromiums) and don’t need a backup. 
  • Wayne Goss Luxury Eye Palette, Imperial Topaz ($55) - Waaaay too neutral/nude for me. 😄 
  • Wayne Goss High Shine Gloss, shade Hyacinth ($22) - This pale pink won’t work on me. Not even gonna swatch it to find out. 
  • Verb Ghost Oil ($18) - I have no need for it. 
I'm glad I didn't get the ND Zendo palette since I already have it. But I'm bummed I didn't get any Viseart shadows or Sonia G. brushes this time. At least I can actually use all the skincare products I got this time. 🙂 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Great bag, @WinglessOne!! Congrats!! Glad they're was a good mix of products you can use!! Fingers crossed on trades for you. 


I was hoping you'd be one of the extra lucky ones to get the DM palette.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Thanks @haleyvvvv ! I saw someone else (outside BIC) get that palette and couldn't believe it. 😲🤣 I'm surprised Beautylish held any of those palettes for Lucky Bag purposes. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@WinglessOne yay for getting the Surratt Artistique Liquid Blush! I bet that's so lovely!!! Sorry to hear the value wasn't there for you. I agree about the unit bruses; I feel like the set is probably great if you are trying to build a brush set, but I definitely would prefer 1 super fancy one over a bunch of middle of the road ones when it comes to this kind of surprise box

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Kim888  Yep, this set of Unit brushes would be great for someone building a new collection of face brushes, or even for someone who already has a collection but wants something for travel purposes. (It'd be hard to lose/forget one of those bright orange handles while packing in a hotel room.) I keep wanting to take some of the brushes out of their brush guards to feel them, but I don't wanna do that if I'm gonna trade 'em. I like to keep my hands off my to-trade items as much as possible. So I don't know how soft or well constructed they are, beyond a few product reviews I've read/watched. And I don't wanna automatically pan these brushes simply because of their price point... some of my favorite brushes were also inexpensive. But if I had a choice between this full set and, say, 2 Sonia G. brushes (or heck, 1 Chikuhodo), I'd choose the latter. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

I hope I get some of the same skincare items.   Those are nice!  “Imperial topaz” does not make me think of nudes.  

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Indy701  Heh, there's a coppery muted orange shadow in Imperial Topaz that's probably the palette name inspiration. The palette also contains 2 browns, 2 peachy champagnes, and a black. This was Wayne Goss's first eyeshadow palette. It's perfect for folks who need a palette of basic warm neutrals to use alone or with any other shadows/palettes. 


Skincare is such a gamble with Lucky Bags. I still have a couple items from last year's bag I can't use, and one of them is a Holifrog product... I forgot I still had it. 😄 This reminds me to offload it. 

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