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Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

It’s that time again for Beautylish’s Lucky Bags. Which ones are you hoping to snag this year regular $75, XL $150 or are you going to pass on it? Please post pictures of the ones you get. They usually go on sale the day after Christmas and ship in January so sign up to be notified of when they drop on the site and be quick because they will sell out fast.

Please post your trades here Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade 



Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Amazing bag, @divinedenny!! Congrats!!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@divinedenny , is that Smooth Buffer?!  This is a great box, too!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Yes havent seen this one!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

I love that lipstick color and the small palettes you got.  

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

You got a great bag @divinedenny !

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@divinedenny Fantastic items! A completely different box than what I received (unless that is CT Walk of No Shame), but I’d have been super happy with this collection as well. The boxes all seem really great this year.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@divinedenny Looks like you got a great bag.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

IMG_0317 (1).jpg\


This is my Regular Lucky Box! I'm not in love with some items but I'm not disappointed! 


Charlotte Tilbury - Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue - $32

Wayne Goss - The Luxury Cream Lipstick in Magnolia - $28

Natasha Denona - Puff Paint in Bloom - $22

Sonia G. - Smudger One - $28

Smith & Cult - Nailed Lacquer in Peaceful Paranoia - $18

Hindash -Beautopsy Palette $70

Good Molecules - Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel - $12


Total -  $210

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Oooh, this is a fabulous bag, @fhrobles!! Congrats!!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Ooh I got the Hindash palette as well @fhrobles ! Are you going to try to trade anything?

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Mcakes The hindash palette is the one thing im excited for! 


I hope to trade the lipstick, liquid blush, brush and nail polish! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@fhrobles Sorry it wasn't a bag you love.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Never again.  There seems to be repeated variations, so why not split the difference between cool toned products and warm instead of keeping it to one or the other?


Keeping:  $206 worth

Smith and Cult nail polish Peaceful Paranoia- 18
Yano Series brush 03- $75
Good Molecules Glycolic Acid Toner- 14
Wayne Goss Lip Liner- 14
Viseart Petits Fours Bullion- 25
Open for Trade:
Holifrog Amino Cushioning Cream- 60
Hindash palette- 70
Danessa Myricks Twin Flames Obsession- 26
Wayne Goss lipstick- Nutmeg- 28
Surratt Liquid Blush Canteloupe- 45
lucky bag.jpg




Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Oh, I'm sorry you're disappointed in your bag, @Ispend2much6!! I hope you get some good trades!! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Awww, sorry you don't feel super lucky @Ispend2much6 .   But, you did at least have some items that you liked.  I know in 2019 when I sent feedback to BL they were like "trading is a part of the fun."  I hope they take your feedback into account.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@danielledanielle  Glad I'm not the only one that contacted them.  This year's bags really were of better quality than the past couple of years, especially the regular bags.

This is what BL replied:



Thank you for your email and providing this helpful feedback. Our team worked hard to include a variety of products ranging from most loved items, best sellers and possibly some newly launched items as well. Of course, the bags are completely random and as a result we cannot guarantee that any one customer will be thrilled or dissatisfied, but our hope is always that our customers will love their Lucky Bags.

Lucky Bags are based on the Japanese tradition of fukubukuro. Another part of the tradition is also trading with friends to add to the fun, so if you aren’t keen on something you received or already own it, trading/gifting/sharing is part of the fun! It's always a surprise of what you'll get.

Sadly, we cannot accept returns for Lucky Bags as stated when placing your order but we do appreciate your feedback. Thanks again for taking the time to share with us your experience!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Ugh @Ispend2much6 , I think that's the exact same response I got.  BL has such great CS typically, seeing such a canned response is aggravating.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@danielledanielle. I know they do have the best CS.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Ispend2much6 Awww sorry you didn't love your bag.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@SportyGirly125  It's okay.  A couple of BIC sweeties are saving the day.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Ispend2much6 😞 sorry to hear you didn’t love your bag! Nice to get a good nail polish and brush, but sad you’re not a fan of your big ticket items ! 

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