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Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

It’s that time again for Beautylish’s Lucky Bags. Which ones are you girls/guys hoping to snag this year regular $75, XL $150 or are you going to pass on it? Please post pictures of the ones you get. They usually go on sale the day after Christmas and ship in January so sign up to be notified of when they drop on the site and be quick because they will sell out fast.  This is a heads up a little over 2 months in advance for those that still need to sign up or don’t even know what this is.  


Please post your trades here Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021 Trade 




Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

*long ramble post ahead*


My XL bag came today! It came in a pretty big box, so I was thinking something cool had to be inside.

I was right! I’ve always kind of pined for this mirror from afar! I worked at a makeup store where we sold this and maybe 2 people my entire time working there bought this. It’s 195 bucks retail! When our store closed my fellow manager grabbed the last one to give as a present to her sister. She pretty much bought it for next to nothing. So I kinda feel like this is fate coming back to me in a weird way... I’ve gotten something benefit in my box for 3 years in a row...ahh well this more than makes up for it!


I own both the Sonia G eye sets and they are some of the best brushes ever! 

I also own a ton of Tom Ford eyeshadow quads, but I don’t have this one! So that’s super exciting.

Keep in mind if your not used to these shadows they are not crazy pigmented, however they aren’t meant to be. They create very pretty subdued looks. They are also great for my gorgeous mature ladies. 

Multi chrome eyeshadows are my favorite! So I’m excited to try this one.

The good molecules serum I was actually gonna buy in my next beautylish order so this is perfect!

R+Co has some good products not all but I’ve had this in a sample size and maybe used it once or twice....

Hourglass Confession lipsticks are nice but this ones in a red shade and I have like a million red lipsticks.

The true botanicals overnight mask is interesting may or may not give it a try


I saw a girl on Instagram get the same

box and she added the value to be 512. Im already excited for next years!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Amazing bag, @PlainSarah!! What a win!! Enjoy!!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

@PlainSarah Ooooooo, lovely treats!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

That is soooo beyond cool!! @PlainSarah 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Congratulations @PlainSarah

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

@PlainSarah Congratulations on getting such a fabulous bag. I would do cartwheels if I got that mirror! So happy for you that you got a bag that you love!  Do you mind my asking how much did your bag weigh? You mentioned the box was big. It seems that mirror would be heavy.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Unfortunately it seems like all

the bags have been listing as 2lbs so it’s a mystery in regards to what the box weighs. I’ve included a picture of the box before I opened it though.


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

@PlainSarah  Thanks for checking. I’ll just have to be patient until Thursday!


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

@PlainSarah @Just by looking at the box pictured. I already know you got something different. That’s not the standard box they use. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Fabulous XL bag @PlainSarah! 😍 Congrats on the mirror, and all the other beautiful treats! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

I’m super excited to use it! Although I can’t say I’m loving all the extra flaws I get to see on my face. 😅

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

@PlainSarah Yay!!!! So glad you got the rikilovesriki mini vanity mirror. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

I’m super happy with my lucky bag this year.  I’m most excited to try the Wayne Goss pearl moonstone palette.


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Great bag, @kennyrae!! Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Your lucky bag is beautiful @kennyrae! Love hearing that you are happy with your treats. ♥️ Love the colors in the WG palette! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

I’m quite happy with my box this year. I never would have bought the Wayne Goss moon pearl palette for myself. I have used it all week and find that I can put together a nice eye look very easily. The shadows are not super pigment but that makes it easier for me to use. I am enjoying the ND bronze cheek and highlighter palette. It’s the first time I have used the cream blush/bronzer. I was surprised with how easy it was to blend and build the color. I don’t use highlighters very much but I have been playing with those a bit.  The only thing that didn’t wow me was the Jouer lip cream.. it’s a bit too drying on the lips. It’s just a fun experience. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

@kennyrae Love the items you got.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021



Regular Lucky Bag 2021

Items in box:

Tom Ford Extreme Eye Color Quad in Badass $88

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in
Sedona $18

Wayne Goss The Essential Eye Kohl Pencil in Blue Sapphire $14

Sonia G Mini Booster Brush $26

Holifrog Como Popp-E Renewal Scrubby Wash $40

Good Molecules Yerba Mate Wake Up Eye Gel $6

By Terry Starlight Rose Youth Glow Elixir $195

Total Value: $387

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Amazing bag, @SnowyZebra21!! That By Terry product and TF quad!! Enjoy!!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

Holy moly!  This is a regular bag?!?  Excellent!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2021

@SnowyZebra21 wow you got a great bag!


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