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Most of these are samples or minis I bought in kits.  Quite a few are just full sized items I bought in advance, so I have backups when I run out.  People have asked me about the stash that made my husband ask me to stop buying things I have backups of.  


These pictures do not include anything in my current stash, which has a ton of unused makeup from lippies to nail polish and more, especially eye shadows.  I do need to go through my perfume samples a little better, because I have a lot of duplicates I need to move over to the backup section to make more room in my train cases.


Many of these items are duplicates, but I am going to hold onto my HG duplicates from here on out.  One lovely lady just got a bottle of Genefique, which I know she will love, but she will be the last.  That will have me repurchasing less often.  Any item I have a duplicate of that I have not tried, I may be willing to part with.  To the other lovely lady I just traded with, I really wanted to send you the It's a 10, but I must try it when I am done with my current brand.  Hopefully, you score it another way.



Backups 1.jpg

Body Cleansers

Backups 2.jpg

Face Creams, Eye Creams and Serums

Backups 3.jpg

Hair styling products (the Sauve ones came from a VoxBox, but I will not put them up for trade as I think my husband may have used each once before returning to the box).

Backups 4.jpg

Big Items (I am not using antibacterial soap on my body, so no need to fret.  I do use it on my hands in the shower).

Backups 5.jpg

Miscellaneous Items 

Backups 6.jpg

Shampoos and Conditioners

Backups 7.jpg

Face Cleansers and makeup removers

Backups 8.jpg


Backups 9.jpg

Nail Products

Backups 10.jpg

Facial wipes (currently working on the Ole Henriksen from Ipsy, so it is in the active stash for those curious).

Backups 11.jpg


Backups 12.jpg

Unused Stuff hiding

Backups 13.jpg

Deodorant/ kids stuff (I do use their stuff sometimes).

Backups 14.jpg

Body Moisturizers

Backups 15.jpg

Hand Moisturizers

Backups 16.jpg

Stuff put aside for trades 1

Exchange 1.jpg

Stuff put aside for trades 2

Exchange 2.jpg

Stuff put aside for trades 3

Exchange 3.jpg

Foils (so excited I am down to only one bin.  I've been using them and giving them away).




Re: Backups!

I just traded another BiFacial away yesterday too. That is the last one I am giving away, because this is another HG item for me. It is weird that YSL isn't as good. It is a higher end line of Loreal which also owns the mid range Lancôme line. 

Re: Backups!

Thank you for the bifacil! I actually hadn't used it in a while and had been using my deluxe Josie Maran cleansing oil to remove my makeup. id have to scrub it for a few minutes, but it got about 95% of my makeup off. I use UD Cannonball Mascara, which is super waterproof. Then my friend gave me her HG mascara, Majolica Majorca's Edgemeister. i couldnt get anything to remove that except the Bifacil. I'm hoping one of the Lancôme eye creams can be my HG, then I can start taking advantage of those awesome GWP's Lancôme always has.


thanks again!

Re: Backups!

You're welcome.  I set one aside to share with whomever wanted it, and you were the only one who asked.  Now,  others are asking, but I was only willing to part with one.  I love it too.  Have you opened your package yet?  I cannot wait to see what you think of your bonus items.

Re: Backups!

Lol I was thinking that I would totally trade you for a bifacial Smiley Very Happy oh well I'll finish off my large bottle of Sephora makeup remover for  now 

Re: Backups!

Speaking of bonus items, MK89, have you tried the GlamGlow for eyes (which is another HG for me, so you got the only one of those I am trading out) or Absolue yet?  I added those after our initial discussion, because I thought you would love them.  I am curious to see if they've worked out.

Re: Backups!

Yup.  No more HG trades, so I can stick to my no buy a little easier and longer.  I have heard a lot about Sephora remover, but I somehow think I will always have BiFacial samples.  There is always a GWP somewhere.

Re: Backups!

I have those little brownish lotion bottles too, the Mandarin and Mint and the PTR shampoos too. They smell amazing!

The lotion is really moisturizing! Smiley Happy

Re: Backups!

We're probably staying at the same hotels. Hilton gives me the PTR. I always leave the lotions at the hotel, because they smell like a man. My husband hates the scent too. 


If the brown bottles you are referring to are the CO Bigelow ones, we got those from the Hollywood Roosevelt. I have stayed at so many places in the past year that it is hard to keep track of what came from where (unless it is a place I stay all the time). I remember The Cosmopolitan carried the same line when I was pregnant with my younger son. I loved staying there just for the lotion. 


The Asprey ones come from stays at the Ritz Carlton. 


The Shine products come from Sheraton.


The Disney themed H2o+ products are from the Disney owned hotels (of course).  



Re: Backups!


Re: Backups!

Oh hello there shirtless James McAvoy.

Re: Backups!

Yup, I have scrolled down here several times just to get another peek.

Re: Backups!

Carrie Heart

<3, Randee

Re: Backups!

Phew that must have taken a while to take pictures of! I have duplicates of the LM Matte Radiance Powder in Bronze 03, TF Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Shiseido Sunscreen, Fresh Sugar Lippies + Scrub, Benefit Sun Beam, and the mini Bite Rouge lippie. So, no-where near your stash size! 

Re: Backups!

That's why I got in trouble, lol.  To top it off, I am accused of never using anything.

Re: Backups!

Yes ah!!!   I'm accusing you!!  Why do you need all those makeup remover wipes when you barely wear makeup??   I am so gonna be on you butt now!!!  

Re: Backups!

I got a sample of a wipe and thought it was all right, but it was not quite what I was looking for.  During my weekly shopping trips to Target on at least 2-3 occasions, I decided I need to find a cheap wipe that works.  It is not uncommon for them to be dried up and useless by the time I get to the bottom, so I did not want to invest in expensive wipes.


I admit I went a little overboard, but that is me.  I go all in.  All of this stash was collected in less than 14 months (and it does not even picture the countless items I've given/traded away, the items I'm using or the items I've already used.  


Anyway, I am bound to find out what the best cheap wipe is if I try them all, right?  The problem with that theory is Ipsy sent me the Ole Henriksen wipes that I love after I purchased all of these.  Now, my heart is not even into trying them.

Re: Backups!

Hmmm, if you don't wanna use them on your face you could always stash a pack in your glovebox.  

Re: Backups!

I am going to use them now, because I did not partake in the Ole Henriksen sale.  My husband will be so proud.  I already keep baby wipes in the car though.  They can always be used in a pinch.

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