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Most of these are samples or minis I bought in kits.  Quite a few are just full sized items I bought in advance, so I have backups when I run out.  People have asked me about the stash that made my husband ask me to stop buying things I have backups of.  


These pictures do not include anything in my current stash, which has a ton of unused makeup from lippies to nail polish and more, especially eye shadows.  I do need to go through my perfume samples a little better, because I have a lot of duplicates I need to move over to the backup section to make more room in my train cases.


Many of these items are duplicates, but I am going to hold onto my HG duplicates from here on out.  One lovely lady just got a bottle of Genefique, which I know she will love, but she will be the last.  That will have me repurchasing less often.  Any item I have a duplicate of that I have not tried, I may be willing to part with.  To the other lovely lady I just traded with, I really wanted to send you the It's a 10, but I must try it when I am done with my current brand.  Hopefully, you score it another way.



Backups 1.jpg

Body Cleansers

Backups 2.jpg

Face Creams, Eye Creams and Serums

Backups 3.jpg

Hair styling products (the Sauve ones came from a VoxBox, but I will not put them up for trade as I think my husband may have used each once before returning to the box).

Backups 4.jpg

Big Items (I am not using antibacterial soap on my body, so no need to fret.  I do use it on my hands in the shower).

Backups 5.jpg

Miscellaneous Items 

Backups 6.jpg

Shampoos and Conditioners

Backups 7.jpg

Face Cleansers and makeup removers

Backups 8.jpg


Backups 9.jpg

Nail Products

Backups 10.jpg

Facial wipes (currently working on the Ole Henriksen from Ipsy, so it is in the active stash for those curious).

Backups 11.jpg


Backups 12.jpg

Unused Stuff hiding

Backups 13.jpg

Deodorant/ kids stuff (I do use their stuff sometimes).

Backups 14.jpg

Body Moisturizers

Backups 15.jpg

Hand Moisturizers

Backups 16.jpg

Stuff put aside for trades 1

Exchange 1.jpg

Stuff put aside for trades 2

Exchange 2.jpg

Stuff put aside for trades 3

Exchange 3.jpg

Foils (so excited I am down to only one bin.  I've been using them and giving them away).




Re: Backups!

Notcreative - I'm impressed and awed by your backup stash! I see why you are on a no-buy now Smiley Wink Good thing you have some TSB's coming up! 


I like to have back-ups, I get anxiety if I think my HG products will run out without having a backup. But, those items are mostly skincare and only a few. Body washes, lotions and the like I am pretty fickle so I change all the time. 


I do like a good GWP and usually get suckered in by those (OH 4th of July sale Smiley Happy ) so I always have tons of samples and deluxe minis or whatever they give out with those - and so many makeup bags!! I can't wait til this semester is over so I can organize everything - I love it when everything is in its correct place Smiley Happy

Re: Backups!

I have bins of makeup bags as well.  Most are from Lancome GWPs, Ipsy and Sephora kits.  


Most of my backups are not even HG products, which I guess is a little strange.  They are either samples or things I purchased full size of to try, because they were on sale.  I do have quite a few of my HG backups though.


If I could have combined that $15 code you sent me with the $100 GWP bag, I would have placed an OH order.  My cart was loaded and everything.  I am a sucker for a good deal, but I can pass even a good deal when I know someone else got a better deal.  Your ability to combine the code with the bag is what kept me from ordering even though the bag alone would have been amazing.  I am also grateful that Weeeweeeeeee posted her Ulta deal being better than mine or I would have purchased from there too.


I did make two purchases today though that I have not confessed on the other site yet.  I decided to add a gift box to my Glossybox this month to get the extra GlamGlow (only $15 though, so I do not think it counts).  The other slip was I ordered the January and February Gemstone polishes from Julep.  My July box arrived today with a $10 off code, so I got both polishes for $12.40!  Now, I will own the first three months.  I almost ordered June too, because it was on sale.  I refrained though.  It is easier for me remember which to buy next if I collect them in order.

Re: Backups!

I went crazy with Julep this month and got all the colors! They're just so bright and summery - I couldn't resist.


I hope Glossybox doesn't have just the GlamGlow as its crown jewel. I vaguely remember the other brands and remember thinking it looked promising. Let's hope it is!

Re: Backups!

I thought about that, but then I realized it is worth $19.  Even if the rest of the box stinks, I am still saving $4 on my gift sub.  Hopefully, there is at least one other item I like in the box, so I do not feel like I wasted $2 on my regular subscription.  Last month, I was excited about the box and the polish, which at least cover the $21.  As I try the other products, if even one works out it was worth it.  Of course, I never did my nails for Independence day as I had planned though.  I am just way too lazy.  It has been a long time since I painted my fingernails, so I do not know why I am investing so much in nail polish.


The polish did look very pretty, so I do not blame you for upgrading.  I got 4 polishes instead of 2, because they were a bonus for the three extra items I purchased.  None of my extra items were polish though.

Re: Backups!

Last month's box is adorable! I put all my hair products inside and leave them on top of my end table. It just looks so elegant. My nails have been bare all weekend, but I must do them tonight. I put the nail polish in the trade pile. I have plenty of classic reds and I have a feeling the dark blue will be too hard to remove.


I got the 3 bonus items too. Since this is my 2nd Julep box, I still haven't gotten the stuff everyone else has. So I got the oxygen nail treatment and the base coat. Then used my add ons to get the entire July collection, a plie wand (for my friend who only wanted that and didn't want to pay shipping), and the eraser pen. I'm so excited to try the new colors though!!

Re: Backups!

Don't fear the blue! It came off with no problems at all. 

Re: Backups!

Did you do any Holiday themed nails with the polish?  If so, I would love to see what you came up with.

Re: Backups!

The eraser pen was one of my add ons.  This was my box.


Julep July 2014.jpg

I got the oxygen nail treatment and base coat is past boxes.  I also purchased a plie wand separately, but the standard brush was funky.  Rather than complaining, I decided to just order a two pack replacement.  One of them is funky too, but one looks decent.  I will toss the two funky ones and just use the decent one.  If I ever use the darn thing, I'll let you know how it goes.  I am sure your friend will have tried hers long before I try mine though.

Re: Backups!

Looks like a good box! The body milk sounds very nourishing Smiley Happy

Re: Backups!

It will probably be a while before I open it, but through the container, it feels very thin. I doubt I will like it, but I will give it a fair shot.

Re: Backups!

Wow! You have so many backups! I don't necessarily have backups, but I have things that I want to try, separated by type into subscription boxes (those have been so useful for organizing my stash!). I am so OCD about using one thing at a time that I would go crazy with more than one moisturizer or cleanser open.


Thursday night, I started labeling all my products with the expiration date and put away stuff that won't go bad for a while (expiration dates in late 2015 and 2016). ive even put some HG's on the back burner to use products that are so-so. Unless the product makes me look hideous or is too old to use, I just can't throw things away!

Re: Backups!

I hate putting off HG items to use samples or other products I bought that are so-so.  That is why I have finally decided to trade and give more away.  Despite never trying that Guava Pacifica in the pictures above (I have a lot of body moisturizers open right now), I tried to put it in your box as one of your bonus items.  It was too big!  Hopefully, you like the items I sent in its place.  I see the package is out for delivery and I cannot wait to see if you like what I picked.


A lot of my backups are originals, like the It's a 10, but I have a current product opened of another brand.  For the most part, I agree with you on not having items of the same type open.  I feel they will go bad before I use them all.  Exceptions are products that help my extremely dry skin: lip balms, hand creams, body moisturizers, face moisturizers, etc.  It is nice to have them anywhere and everywhere, so relief is never far away.  I also like alternating what I am using, because I am more dry at times.  They never go bad, because I use an insane amount!  I hate having multiple opened mascaras, body soaps (one for body and one for hands in the shower), nail polish remover, etc.  


I kind of have a labeling system that you may or may not see on the items I sent you.  Items received in 2013 (only started collecting in late April, so nothing is currently too old) were labeled with a one (if I have more than one of the same type of item).  I have labeled item items received in the first half of 2014 with a 2.  Now, that the second half of the year had begun, I will label items with a 3.  It makes no sense to use an item out of order, so they have to be labeled.  It is a good method.  I know I need to use and trade/give 1s before 2s and so on.  Items that were received at the same time as in the H2o+ cream I sent you and the one I have in my backups have no label, because it does not matter which one is used first.  


I went through all of my products a few weeks ago and looked for expiration dates.  Of all the items I own, there were only three that needed to be tossed.  Two expired before I ever received them (Beauty online has done that to me a couple of times), but I put them away without noticing.  I have a hard time throwing things away too, but I can do it easily if something is expired.  When a sample does not work for me, I usually give it to my sister or my Step MIL.  Very rarely do I chuck it unless it is a foil.


Re: Backups!

I went through my stash yesterday and put all my "backups" in a box, maybe 15"x15"x15". The rest is in my train case. Hopefully I will limit it to that!


I can't use up lotion very quickly either. I mostly use it at work, after I wash my hands. I have some body butters from Victoria's Secret and am forcing myself to use those. I don't like how I feel an extra layer on my skin right after I apply. I'm big on lightweight moisturizers, if you haven't noticed Smiley Happy


For the items that expired when you received them, have you tried contacting their CS team? I got some Sample Society boxes during the Warehouse sale, and received two dried out Lashfood Eyebrow Conditioners. I messaged them about it, and they gave me a $7 credit. Then I got the Gilt City offer for Space NK and forgot to use a 4th of July code I received an email about. I forgot to use the code and emailed them. They gave me that $5 back on Paypal! I'm sure not every company will be as understanding, but it's worth a shot!

Re: Backups!

I love the deals on Beauty (online), but their customer service is not great.  They forgot to give me samples once, and I called.  I never really got anywhere.  There was another time an item I purchased (my Clarisonic Plus) was missing items that were advertised online as having.  Not only did I not really feel helped, but they did not update the listing online for months.  So anyone after me who ordered who assumed they would be getting three included samples and only got one would have also been disappointed.  I chose to order my Clarisonic from them over Ulta or Sephora, because I wanted to try the samples inside their kit more.  You can imagine my disappointment when it arrived and the advertised samples were not in the box.  Anyway, I have chosen not to contact them unless something is really wrong.  Otherwise, I just get really frustrated.  


I also received those samples in February and only recently noticed they expired in October (four months before they sent them).  Had I noticed before I put them away in February, I may have called then.  Now, I feel like it is my bad for noticing too late anyway.  It really bums me out too, because they were deluxe samples that came with the order, like the one Sephora gives for orders over $25 or $35, so that was two wasted promos.  They have also given me foils that have expired, but that disappoints me a little less, I guess.  You get one promo and three samples with every order, although they only let me pick 2 samples and one promo with my second to last order.  I called and was told that was their new policy (3 total perks rather than 3 samples plus a promo).  My guess is people complained though, because it was back to 3 samples and a promo on the last order I placed.

Re: Backups!

That sounds awful. I get disappointed when the samples I requested are replaced with others, so I can only imagine how you feel being jipped out of the ones that were promised to you. When a company has really bad customer service, it really hinders me from purchasing from them again. Unless the deal is really amazing, I don't think the savings is worth the risk of not getting my money's worth.

Re: Backups!

I almost stopped ordering from them, because of all that.  However, they are a reputable seller, and I shop deals. Their bags (filled with deluxe goodies), which are always available just about every other month with a $100-$150 purchase lure me in a lot!

Re: Backups!

Those would get me too! For me, I think it'd have to be a $50 purchase. When it goes into triple digits, it just feels like too much work haha. But I try to wait for a good deal or promo to make my purchases. I don't even want to think about how much I'll buy during the holidays!

Re: Backups!

They've gotten me more times than I care to admit.  Occasionally, they do have some for $40-$50, but they are always mostly samples or just 3-4 deluxe items.  The ones for $100+ usually have 11-15 items almost always from the Beauty side, but they will throw one in from the Drugstore side once in a while.  I have found a few loves from those bags, so I love when they pop up.  Sephora never has anything that nice, and it is very rare for Ulta.


All of the Holiday promos are amazing.  Lancome releases a bag every Holiday for around $60.  It is a purchase with purchase meaning you purchase anything even a $15 nail polish (although I would opt for an $18 Juicy Tube over than garbage), then you can buy the bag.  It typically has 11-12 full sized items and 1-2 deluxe items.  It is a great way to stock up on items for a good price.  The bag is always valued over $300, so it is a must for a Lancome fan or someone interested in exploring the brand.  You can even combine it with a GWP.  I bought mine last year from Lord and Taylor while they were having a GWP, so I made out like a bandit.  I ordered a 4 piece full size Juicy Tube Christmas set for $30 (cheaper than you buy 2 full sized ones for).  Then, I bought the kit for $59.50.  I got free shipping and paid no tax, because there are no stores in my state.  So for $89.50, I got the Holiday bag, 4 Juicy tubes (actually five because there was one in the Holiday bag) and a GWP with deluxe samples.  I love Christmas time!!!

Re: Backups!

Whao that is some back up.I never purchase anything for back up but order a new one when I'm left with a couple of weeks supply of what I'm using. All the stash I have is from the GWPs and Promo codes.I put each category in a separate makeup bag, SO I can use them before buying new stuff ( serums are exception, I buy what I want to use).same goes for foils.each category of foils go in separate zipper bags. My stash is no where near yours.

Re: Backups!

I would say 75% of my stash are GWP items.  The other 25% was me buying in advance for a sale, to get an awesome GWP that accompanied it or items I bought in bulk to save.  Very rarely do I buy a full price item without an awesome sale or promo unless I am out or very close to running out.  The problem is I just bought anything and everything I wanted, and I hardly passed up an awesome deal.  I mostly blame Ulta and Lancome for that.  Sephora takes a little blame with its kits too though.


Organizing my items helped a lot, so I agree with you there.  Once I bought smaller bins and separated them by type, I started using them more than when everything was in one large basket.  Things were so hard to find that I often gave up and stuck with all full sized items (because they're bigger thus easier to find, and I was never trying any samples).  My foils were super organized until two days ago when I went through them looking for foils I could send someone I was trading with.  I need to reorganize them.

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