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August Hauls

Since the Haul threads have so many posts & there's going to be a lot of August hauls with the new pt perks & bonus point promotions I figured we should start a new one for just August hauls Smiley Wink 

Here are mine so Far:


BeautyBar Sample Society Box

August BB.jpg


Combined Sephora Haul 

August Sephora.jpg


Products Purchased: 

- Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-in-Conditioner

- Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray

- Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

- Sephora by OPI gelshine in "Already Famous"


100 pt Perks (the only reason why I made 2 small purchases)

- Lancome Eye-Illuminating Youth Activating Concentrate

- Alterna Caviar CC Cream 10-in-1 x2 (hair CC cream, not for face Smiley Tongue )

- Dior Dior Addict Lip Mazimizer (I WANT MORE!)

- Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer Glitter

- Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC cream 

I could have sworn I also ordered the Kat Von D, but it's not showing in my history or confirmation. Oh well, it's not like I need another liner Smiley Wink 



- Algenist Retinol 10 day challenge (code)

- Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (code) 

- Ole Henriksen CC cream x2

- Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum x2

- Marchesa Perfume

- Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream 

- VIB Rouge Welcome kit 


Re: August Hauls

That is a great idea with the spreadsheet.  I am forever forgetting to ask for specific samples of products because I forget about them.  It is almost like "Squirrel".  I get completely distracted by all the items that I want to buy.  I think I am going to have to try this out.


Re: August Hauls

Spreadsheet or checklist..either will work.  I chose spreadsheet so that I had something on my computer and wanted to try what I had tried, how I liked it, shade, people at counters I liked, etc...  Maybe overkill (jackhammer and nail sort of thing), but it's what works for me.swfupload_5289625087195338765.gif

Re: August Hauls

I am a total spreadsheet queen so I that makes complete sense.  I have spreadsheets for all kinds of other things, but why I never thought of it for my make-up skincare is beyond me.  I may have to work on one tomorrow.  There are samples that I've tried & not liked, then got talked into them again because I didn't remember that I didn't like them.  This would so eliminate that. Smiley Happy

Re: August Hauls

I can PM you a link to the one I created as a starting point.  No point in re-inventing the wheel

Re: August Hauls

That would be great!  Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: August Hauls

I'm actually getting ready to do something similar with all these samples I've got, spreadsheet-wise.  I'm up to three large plastic bins full, and I really need to get it under control!  But a list would be good to go into the shops with, I know I keep forgetting things otherwise.  My sister still hasn't forgiven me for not picking up the Juicy La La and Ralph Lauren Big Pony #1 for her last time!*




*Actually, she has, 'cause I got her that Color IQ sample pack.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: August Hauls

If you want, I'm more than happy to PM you a link to the spreadsheet as a starting point.  I put in dropdowns to make it easier/faster to fill-out in the future.swfupload_5289625087195338765.gif

Re: August Hauls

You know, it seems like it should be criminal to be this excited over the prospect of a spreadsheet!  I'd love it if you could PM me that link.  Smiley Happy

Re: August Hauls

I had that pronouncing problem with Yves Saint Laurent.  I even went as far as to research how to pronounce it properly before I went into the shop, and I *still* tripped all over it.  >.<

Re: August Hauls

Very nice hauls Smiley Happy.

Re: August Hauls

Haul # 1 - Sephora






~ - Not tried yet
* - Will buy again/like
? - May buy again/kinda like
x - Not buy again/did not like


~1.Sephora by OPI - I'm with Brad
?2.Marc Jacobs - Jezebel
***3.Soap & Glory - Off Your Face (cleansing cloths)
***4.dr dennis gross - Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel
?5.tarte - maracuja C-brighter eye treatment
x6.drybar - Detox Dry Shampoo
~7.Caudalie - Divine Legs (tinted body lotion)
*8.Dior - Lash Plumping Serum
~9.Bliss - foot patrol
***10.Dr. Jart+ - Black Label Detox BB (travel size)
?11.Becca - Shimmering Skin Perfector (sample)
**12.Clinique - all about shadow quad in galaxy
?13.tarte - call of the wild palette
~14.Sephora by OPI - On Stage and Break a Leg-Warmer
~15.tarte - Amazonian clay long-wear blush in flush
~16.Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-on pencils in Lust and Sabbatch
?17.Becca - Beach Tint in Fig and Watermelon (not shown)
**18. GlamGlow - BrightMud Eye Treatment
?19.Sephora - IT Palette in Nude
**20.YSL - Touche Eclat


Re: August Hauls

FYI - I hadn't bought anything since early June and even then it was a small haul because it was so crazy with work (weekends too)...dunno why I needed to preface (or rather "post-face" myself)...swfupload_5289625087195338765.gif

Re: August Hauls

I am going to impose on myself a September No Buy - it was ridiculous this week...bad things happen when you are home bound or on vacation.

I just got back from Lush and Neiman Marcus (Giorgio Armani consultation and Tom Ford new fragrances), and I (and my wallet) are exhausted!  What made it fun and great was the amazing customer service I got from all the counters I visited this week.  With some of the recent "bad CS" posts, I want to give a shout-out to Victorine at Chanel, Fabio at Lush, Prudence and Carlos at NM, and Marie(??) at Lancome - may good karma visit you!swfupload_2854908186954551886.gif


Gonna have to break up the hauls into different posts...*sigh*...but I know this is the one place I won't be judged...swfupload_5289625087195338765.gif

Re: August Hauls

No it is more like: "We want photos, photos!!!!!" Smiley Happy.

Re: August Hauls

haha!  judgement?  no way!  just excitement to see your haul photos! Smiley Very Happy  so glad you had fun at all the makeup counters!

Re: August Hauls

And my packages from today!  Going with the freebies first.  Wishing I had gotten more of the UD stuff, especially since there's nothing but foundation currently in the sample section!


Next, I got both of the perfume samplers, so if you guys are wondering what might be in them, here you go.  They use the same bag as what the BI Week clutch wound up using at the end of things, so I'm extra excited about getting more of them!


And finally, the paid stuff.  I think I might have every Emerald Pantone item now...


Re: August Hauls

This is my first time being enabled on BT lol! I have seen the Emerald Pantone items on the website for some time and have been like eh, whatever. But they look so wonderful in your picture! I am purchasing what is left immediately! I am still not sure how they will look with my eyes being green, but I must have them anyways.   

Re: August Hauls

Mwahahaha--  I mean, terribly sorry about that!  Smiley Wink  I've got hazel eyes myself, though my niece likes to call them "creepy green" (it's a good thing to her).  I'm really, *really* tempted to put everything on at once and go whole-hog with the green, but we're so far off from March that I don't think I could get away with it!

Re: August Hauls

I got the brushes! I got the brushes! I went into a Sephora and there was one set left in the sale section so I grabbed them! Ahhh...I can finally stop thinking about the missed opportunity lol. 

Re: August Hauls

Purchase made. And actually, I am loving the enabling, so thank you! Smiley Wink 


I can't wait for all the green goodness to get here. I was also thinking about March when I saw your picture! Now I am in the process of trying to come up with a Halloween costume that will work with a full-on emerald eye lol. 

Re: August Hauls

I wanted to get the pantone brushes & now they are out Smiley Sad 

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