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Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

With the Rouge Event just around the corner, and money to be spent, heres my list! 

 My current (it could grow) wishlist :

 With so many holding off on purchasing, and the 4x point reward, I'd love to see what people have their eye on or what they plan on hauling at the event! 


So....Whats on your list?!

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Haha, I graudated college about a year ago, but I feel you. Still broke ex-college student.

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I'm on a low-buy, so I'm only getting a few necessities Smiley Happy 

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I'm not sure if anyone asked this already but do vib's get anything? On a different day, or later that day perhaps?

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

You can go to the event with a Rouge friend, and I believe VIBs get 3x points.

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Well poop.  Lol I don't have a Rouge friend. I just was wondering when it opens up for vib's and if we get the goodie bag too Smiley Tongue

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

If you're in Toronto, you can be my guest if you like! I haven't signed anybody up with me yet. I don't think you guys get the goodie bag, though Smiley Sad But I'm sure the company reps will have plenty of their own samples to give out!

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Aww! Thanks! but i'm in Orangeville Smiley Sad

At least the points will be decent and maybe one day i'l make rouge Smiley Tongue

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

You should come to Toronto next time! I'm going with a friend who is also Rouge, so we can bring two guests if you and your friend would love to come to Toronto together ( maybe for the next rouge event?)

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Do beauty insiders get anything?

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

BIs get 2x the points. I'm sure vendors/reps present for brands will have their own gifts with purchase and samples ready to hand out too.


The event thread shows the invitation along with the promos offered:

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

for whatever reason I can't access that thread :/

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I have it narrowed down to these items. I need to bring it down to (preferably a lot) less than $300, so I need to get rid of over $44 worth of product. Hmmmm... Do you ladies have any advice on what I should save for later? I have a ton of palettes already, so maybe one of those?

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I'd say one of the palettes! You can wait until the winter sale where we get 20% off Smiley Wink


Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Yeah, I know this seems a bit excessive for just a points bonus but I want a new eyeshadow palette and the ambient light palette for senior pictures in a couple weeks Smiley Happy And the rest is just re-buys

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I would say keep both Kat Von D palettes and wait on the Bareminerals. You can get some pretty killer neutral looks out of the Monarch palette but you also have the ability to turn up the intensity dial if you choose Smiley Happy I've had it for a month and I haven't touched any other eyeshadow since then!

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Since theres no discount and the high possibility of getting swayed by the brand reps and products in store, I'm keeping my to-buy list small:


mj bronzer brush

fresh sugar shine lip treatment

hourglass 1.5mm mechanical gel liner


Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Ohh, nice list. Mind if I steal it?? LOL. Here's what I'm after:

Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster pen in Peach Honey $37

Benefit Coralista Blush $28

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Vertigo $35

Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Pads

Murad Acne skincare line

That's all I have so far but trying to get more ideas.

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I'm not too tempted over 4x points because I just keep hoarding them and I'm trying to save money for vacation, but I do want to check out the event if I can manage to wake up early enough for it.  I'll buy the lip foundations and the Becca powder in store if they're in stock.  The last two I'd have to buy online.  The Becca kit is still a maybe for me because I'm not sure how long the tints will last on my lips, and I'm still debating whether I'd rather wait to buy the SR Good Genes with a coupon somewhere else or get the points at Sephora.


Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I'm using this event as an excuse to get quad points for items I'd be purchasing soon anyways, trying out some new lippies, and walking out with a handful of new products. 

I'm repurchasing some skincare (OH Nurture Me, Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, Boscia Konjac Sponge, GLAMGLOW Brightmud), picking up UD Naked (1), UD Electric, NARS RCC in Chantilly (I think I need a shade change and my Vanilla is nearly gone), UD Revolution lipsticks in Turn On and Lovelight. If it's in stock, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette, their lip gloss in Fortune, and I want to try their TM, new gel pencil liner, concealer stick, and some Dior and YSL lippies.

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Hourglass arch brow sculpting pencil, illusion hyularonic skin tint, mechanical gel eyeliner. 

Nars bansar lip pencil, ikuru and thasos nail polish, 6 of the new shadows.

Dior massai nail polish.

Marc Jacobs daisy dream.

Jack Black and Anthony  Logistics for men skin sets for my boyfriend.

Maybe's: clinique cleansing balm, bobbi brown skin foundation stick, fresh ruby lip treatment, shaveworks lip & bow treatment. 


if anyone wants to help enable me, I'm looking for a REALLY sparkly lip gloss, preferably with a sheer base or light pink (but not pale pink). I'm going to search for one now, but if anyone has any favorites i'd like to know what they are Smiley Happy

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I spent more than $200 during Korean brands' sales, and another $100ish during Tarte Smiley Sad so my list is significantly shortened 


I don't know if I should get the Bare minerals foundation or something else. 

I wanted to purchase GA designer lift, but I kind of have no incentive to.. 

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

You should just place an order online and use promo code perfection or bareduo.

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

My "wish" is that my cc info wasn't stolen and I wasn't locked out from my money right now!

I am still going Sunday, but I can't really buy anything. I did put aside a TINY bit of money for it, but I should prolly use that on TP and coffee creamer instead Smiley Tongue


::quietly raging::


Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

Coffee first. c(_) 


Smiley Sad I got hit by the Target mess last winter right before Cyber Monday, so I understand your pain! Hope your new card # comes soon!

Re: Aug 3rd, Rouge Event Wishlist!

I'll sip to that! c(_)


TY, I'm going into shopping withdrawals and it's only been a couple days! I've a cold and I can't even really run to Rite Aid for remedies/comfort items. I'm locked outta my funds for at least a week, up to 2. :/


I hope the theif steps on Legos with bare feet every single day for the rest of their life.

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