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April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Spring is officially here! That means savings sales around the corner 🙌 Please share your fabulous April Hauls here, and happy happy birthday to all the April babies 🥳



Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

SEPHORA: these are a part of my first haul from the sale. Like @danielledanielle, I was surprised (very, very happily so) with how quickly this arrived. Thank you, Sephora!! 💖

4.9.2021 Sephora 1.jpg


Thanks to @Ispend2much6 for enabling the SEPHORA COLLECTION Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation  part of my haul. I had been eyeing it and wondering how closely the descriptions matched the actual shade; seeing some of Ispend2much6's swatches helped a lot. The SEPHORA COLLECTION SigMagic™ Brush Cleanser Scrub was a must after seeing an earlier haul by danielledanielle. VOLUSPA Tahitian Coconut Vanilla Glass Jar Candle was part of a VOLUSPA Mini Vanilla Tin Candle Set and this was one of 2 exclusives to Sephora x Voluspa. Ack! Not shown in the pic is the Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss Fearless; will include it in the photos when the rest of my haul arrives. ETA: shout out to @haleyvvvv for enabling the brush cleanser scrub. So sorry about that. Thanks danielledanielle!

4.9.2021 Sephora 2.jpg


All swatches swiped 2x. Gucci They Met in Argentina appears slightly more red in real life.All swatches swiped 2x. Gucci They Met in Argentina appears slightly more red in real life.

I couldn't make a Sephora sale haul without some lippies. So, here are some😆 Gucci Rouge de Beauté Brillant Glow & Care Shine Lipstick 412 Princess Naram Rose looks more pink in the tube; the swatch below is swiped twice and the pic is a good showing of the color. Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Matte Lipstick 208 They Met in Argentina is a lippie I've been eyeing for a while - I will be creating my own story every time I reach for this lipstick - "They met in Argentina and . . ." 😍 @missjeanie the Glow & Care do have a lip balm feel to it; not as much as the Rare Beauty glossy lip balm or the Charlotte Tilbury ones, but they go on smoothly and feel moisturizing (slightly, not a ton) on the lips.


4.1.2021 Ulta.jpg


4.1.2021 Morgan Taylor Swatches.jpg

@RGbrown posted a beautiful manicure using the Fit for a Fairy Tale color and mentioned Ulta seemed to be phasing out the MT polishes and I might be able to find them in store. All the Ulta stores in the city have closed permanently but I stopped by a neighboring one when I was in town and found both of these. The foot pebbles I learned about from @sonnydee but they've been discontinued 😐 so I was pleased to find this one tucked away in the back. This mini set was in the backroom and a sales associate was kind enough to go back there to look for it as the only one out in the store had clearly been opened and tested. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone's sale hauls (and just hauls in general)! 🛍😍

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Great hauls, @itsfi!! Those lippies 🤩!! Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

@haleyvvvv, thank you! It’s now become somewhat of a tradition that I pick up a Gucci lippie during the Sephora sale. 😆 We have to keep with the tradition, right?! 😉

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

@itsfi ,

As usual, your haul is inspiring!  Thank you so much for the beautiful swatches!  💖

How can we get Ulta to bring back the Pedi Pebbles!?!

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

@tsavorite, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot. 🤗 Oh goodness! If you know of a way to bring back those pedi pebbles, I’m all ears! 😃

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟


Your haul inspired me to attempt to hunt down similar toned Morgan Taylor platinum polishes. Ulta no longer carries that specific set and when I googled it, it only showed 3rd party vendors. I’m always leary on buying any type of cosmetics, hair or nail care from those vendors (cosmetology school and chemistry classes deterred me from ever doing that...LOL Too many counterfeiters out there) 

I did find & order some pretty similar polishes on her specific Amazon page. My Sephora order arrives tomorrow, Ulta and this Amazon order arrive Wednesday. Can’t wait to get my hands on everything.


Those Gucci lippies are incredible. I bet that candle smells amazing. I LOL at the “part of my first haul” It’s so fun to me seeing everyone’s hauls, except it makes me want to shop even more! 



Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

@StellaBG, I can't wait to see your polish haul. 😍 Sounds like this is going to be a haul-tastic week for you! Yaaay, so exciting!! 


I completely understand you being leary of counterfeit cosmetics. That's so great that you were able to find similar polishes. I've become a fan of MT polishes. 😁 Will keep my eyes out for your hauls. If it's something you might be interested in, check out the nails thread - - feel free to join in the chatter, posting or both! 💅


Oh my goodness, Gucci lippies are addicting! Yes, the candle smells so good; makes me think of being on vacation and that scent will have to do for now. I know what you mean - seeing what everyone picks up during the sale just makes my wishlist longer and longer. 😂 

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Beautiful choices!! @itsfi 

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Thank you @lmaster! Always fun to shop the spring sale! 😍

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Oh @itsfi it’s all so good I don’t know what to look at first! The lippies clearly!! ☺️  Beautiful assortment for part ONE! 😂

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Lol @Sunnysmom! Yes, lippies first! 💄 Will try to limit the number of other hauls to follow. The next one is mostly restocks. Mostly. 😅 

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Of COURSE lippies first @itsfi ! Look forward to seeing other sale essentials! 

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

@itsfi  Oh, great hauls! I love all the nail polish colors and those lippies are beautiful! Enjoy your goodies! 😃

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Thank you! 🤗 The polishes are such fun colors @Shosh85! They’ll be great for spring and summer. 💅🏼 I’m not sure I can make a sale haul without one lippie! 😂 

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Wow those Gucci lipsticks just look so luxe @itsfi ! And that Voluspa candle is really nice!

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

@Mcakes, I’ve picked up a Gucci lippie during the sale every year since Sephora carried them. It seems wrong to stop that tradition. 😂 I’m so happy Sephora and Voluspa have made this scent and the vanilla latte one available in the larger sizes. ♥️

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

I love your new lipsticks, @itsfi! I almost got that foundation brush, too; now I wish I had.

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Thank you @curlychiquita🤗 It's so hard to pass on Gucci lipsticks on sale! 😂 


The foundation brush is nice - the bristles are soft, but there's firmness to it so it grabs onto and blends out the foundation really nicely. I've used it with the liquid foundation and I think it would perform well with powder foundation too; I'll give that a try later this week. 


I was going to start off with "Not to enable" but we both know that's not entirely true 😂😂, but there's still time to pick up one of these foundation brushes for yourself curlychiquita! 😉

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Ooh, as much as I love some cred, the sigma brush mat cred is @haleyvvvv .  The makeup match powder & foundation brushes could be me though, 🤣, that angled powder brush is awesome and so is the foundation brush.


I also want this warp speed shipping to continue @itsfi & @SephoraBIC , because it is fabulous and we all likely have 2/3 part (maybe 4 😶) hauls.


I love the look of gucci lippies.  So luxe!  Great haul 



Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

D'oh!!! Sorry about that! Thank you for pointing that out @danielledanielle! 🤗 I have other hauls coming in and I have to imagine there was some enabling by you on something in there! Ha! I did pick up the green beautyblender! Enabled by @haleyvvvv🤗


I've really liked all my Gucci lippies so far and am excited to rotate through these three. 💄


A hearty 2nd (and 3rd, 4th, 5th . . . ) to warp speed shipping!!  It was such a pleasant surprise! 😍

Re: April Hauls and Spring Savings Stars 🌟

Heh, @itsfi ,  no worries, at this point it's all like a crazy family makeup tree at this point 😂


Oh man, we're already that deep in and there's still 8 days left, this is going to be one of those months 💸💸💸

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