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Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

August is near and back to school is in gear 🙌 Happy birthday August babes 🎉🥳 please share your hauls here



Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Thanks @Saradestin ! It's hard to find a true red mascara that won't irritate eyes. ColourPop makes one but I've never tried it, after hearing from a few folks that CP's colored mascaras hurt their eyes. Your results may vary, of course, especially if your eyes aren't sensitive. 


I was hoping Twisted Shifter might be a travel friendly near-dupe of the multichrome in my PMG Divine Rose II palette. (I don't travel with my Motherships.) But based on the swatch alone, PMG's blows SG's out of the water. It's still pretty, so I'm sure I can make it work. I'm just glad I didn't pay full price for it. 😂

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

@WinglessOne Those are all so pretty!

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Thank you @Samtian !

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Such a good haul @WinglessOne . Truly love the mascara on you. Avene has been on my list forever. Know you love it! 

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Thank you @Sunnysmom ! 

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

@WinglessOne  Yay!  You tried SG!  Did you use any lash primer with the Dior mascara?  That's impressive!

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

@Ispend2much6  Heh, took me long enough, right? I still don't have any Clionadh shadows, mostly because I keep missing their sales. 


Nope, I didn't use a lash primer with the Dior mascara. I just coated my lashes with the concave side of the wand, then rolled the brush through my lashes for better separation, and finally held the brush against my lashes for a few seconds to hold the curl. That's how I use most mascaras that have a curved brush. That method works particularly well with Overcurl. I'm tempted to get it in black now. (It also comes in blue, but it's a dark navy; not what I'm after.) 

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Lovely haul, @WinglessOne ,

  I need to look into  Avene RetrinAl.  I don't use a Retinol or Tretinoin yet. 

Red Mascara?  And it looks good!

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Thanks @tsavorite ! Avene’s RetrinAL line uses retinaldehyde (aka retinal) instead of retinol. Retinal is the precursor of retinoic acid (tretinoin) and requires one conversion to vitamin A’s active form, vs. 2 conversions for retinol. It’s worth looking into if you want to jump into vitamin A. 

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Nice haul @WinglessOne those eyes shadows are very pretty 😍 

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Thank you @CynthieLu !

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

@WinglessOne Those shades are so pretty and unique! 🙂

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Thanks @QueenMarceline ! Some aren’t really unique, but I bought them partly to test against dupes in my collection. 🙂 And I’m always looking for well-performing yellows, especially single pans I can travel with. 

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Red mascara sounds saucy, @WinglessOne


Twisted Shifter is beautiful, so is Orange Slush and Take the Time. I appreciate the comparison to Viseart because those are creamy to me as well. Her mattes are the same way.

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

@eshoe  😂 I probably won't wear this red mascara on its own; for me, it'll work best with eyeshadows. Lancome once had a burgundy version of Grandiose Wide-Angle Fan mascara, and I still kick myself for not buying it when it was available. 


Twisted Shifter is supposed to have a pink > orange > green shift. I couldn't get pink or orange in any type of lighting. (Sun was down by the time I took that photo, but simulated direct sunlight also couldn't catch those colors.) The lavender purplish shade I get is pretty, just not what I expected from a multichrome. I'll have to put it on my lids to see how it truly performs. 


I spent a long time deciding which green to try. 😂 It came down to Take the Time and Sweetsop, and I already have a MUFE metallic single I think is very close to Sweetsop. I'm very happy with my choice. 💚 

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Burgundy mascara is something that has never crossed my mind, but pretty sure I would wear it @WinglessOne. 🍆 shades of anything! I understand why you regret not picking it up. I still think about the coat I didn’t buy at Nordstrom Rack from years ago (a couple of decades) that I know would have been well-loved by now.

The way you describe that shade reminds me of an OPI shade Significant Other Color. Not my photo but for reference. 


Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

@eshoe  Oh, that OPI is pretty! Here's how Twisted Shifter's supposed to look, according to Sydney Grace: 


Screenshot of Sydney Grace product page for shade Twisted Shifter.Screenshot of Sydney Grace product page for shade Twisted Shifter.


Ah, the "shoulda bought it" we all have for at least one item that still haunts our memories. Hopefully you've got another coat you love just as much as you would've loved the one that got away. 🙂

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Woah that looks…kinda too good to be true, @WinglessOne - like the stuff of Lisa Frank’s dreams! Very pretty. 

There will always be another coat, but it was my lesson to be more decisive in the moment the next time around.

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

August was all about the eyes and face for me, I purchased a pallet I had been eyeing for a very long time

Urban Decay Wild Greens Eyeshadow Palette 

I love it so much,  I'm always impressed by how smooth thier shadows go on the eye.  Some had a huge colour pay off and others were more sheer so I am having a fun time experimenting with it 💚


I grabbed another pallet that has been on sale for a long time,

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr PATRICK STARRR Visionary Eyeshadow Palette 15 x 0.05 oz 

The colour variety in this pack is why I purchased it, so many options to create different looks. The bright blue especially will be fun, I know it 💙

In my August Haul I also picked out,

SEPHORA COLLECTION Glide Liner 05 White snow  for making sweet doe eyes

SEPHORA COLLECTION Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in matte deep chocolate, I love deep brown's for my eye liner unless I'm feeling dramatic 😁


I splurged on 2 new brushes

Morphe M217 Bent Liner Eyeliner Brush 


SEPHORA COLLECTION Vegan Face Mask Application Brush  This one was unnecessary but I mask so often, I wanted to try a fingers free application 💖


And the metal SEPHORA COLLECTION Metal Facial Razor , you can purchase new blades for it and i love the less impact it will have on the environment over disposable  🌎

I made 3 separate purchases this month and I ended up getting  the Hello Clean sample bag twice ( it had so many great samples, and separately a mini brow pen by Anastasia Beverly Hills ) as well as a handful of moisturizer and perfume samples.

Happy Shopping you guys!

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

Great hauls, @CynthieLu!! Glad you're liking the palettes!! Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: Absolutely Adored August 2022 Hauls

I defintley am @haleyvvvv thank you 😄

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