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2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

Last year I was inspired by a challenge on Instagram and we did a makeup inventory. ❄️December 2022 Challenge - 12 Days of Makeup Inventory - Show Off and Catalog Your Collection!!❄️


I was a little behind on planning this year (job interviews, life, not being able to login to the BIC), so I thought we could make this a yearly challenge for 2024 and broaden it across all beauty categories. 


Why participate?

  • I know I went back to my posts to find "dupes" for things that were limited edition (Melt Pumpkin King, in my case).
  • It's a good idea to look through your products every bit to review for quality and cleanliness.
  • Curation is important.
  • Knowing how much in your stash can help with your Low/No Buy or keeping an eye on your backups. 
  • The fun of organizing your collection!!


Please no negative comments about the size or contents of others' collections, this is a place to celebrate our collections. Self-reflection is always welcome though 💖. Please don't take this as an impetus to declutter (unless you want to!). 


I'm going to try to get a little contemplative with mine, to see if I would purchase again or not. But don't feel obligated to join that part!!



  • January - Face Primers, Nail Polish
  • February - Foundations, Concealers, Cleansers and Mists
  • March - Bronzers and Contours (singles), Serums and Treatments
  • April - Blushes (singles), Moisturizer and Oils
  • May - Highlighters (singles), Sheet Masks
  • June - Face Palettes, Non-Sheet Masks, Tools (Brushes, etc.)
  • July - Eye Primers, Single Eyeshadows (free standing or in custom palettes), Body Cleansers, Body Scrubs, Body Lotion, Body Glitter
  • August - Eyeshadow Palettes, Shampoo, Conditioner
  • September - Brow Products, Eyeliners, Mascaras, Hair Treatments 
  • October - Lip Balms, Lip Liners, Lip Glosses, Perfume Samples
  • November - Lipsticks, Travel Sized Perfumes
  • December - Setting Powders, Setting Sprays, Full Sized Perfumes


Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

May - Sheet Masks

Believe it or not, my sheet mask stash has been pared down quite significantly. At one point I had enough to use one full face sheet mask a day for almost 3 years. Yeaaah. And, I did use one sheet mask a day (sometimes two) for at least one year and most of a second. I ended up either using all of those sheet masks or giving some away (about 500 sheet masks) as part of skincare routines or care packages I would put together for folks during the pandemic lockdown. Yeah, to say I had a lot would be an understatement. They were stored in one of those extra large Sterlite storage bin and I'd pull out a month's worth or two at a time to rotate through, initially with those close to expiring (or perhaps expired) used first, and then, as they were all used up, by type or function. I will say that using all those sheet masks helped (along with other skincare products) to hydrate and moisturize my skin, causing it to change from very dry and dehydrated to normal-to-dry (and slightly dehydrated) most of the year to combination (with slight dehydration) in the summer months. 


If we're not including under eye masks, hand masks, foot masks and steam eye masks as sheet masks, then I currently have 32 individually wrapped face sheet masks, and 2 packs of the multi-mask packs. If we are counting under eye masks as sheet masks then I have 105, with 100 of them being the Sephora Collection Caffeine Eye Masks. 😚 I'll actually use them all so I'm not too worried of the high volume count.


I'm happy to have whittled down my sheet mask stash. I'm aiming to keep one open multi-mask pack and 8-12 individually wrapped face sheet masks at any given time. I'd like to accomplish that by the end of this year, but I'm not using sheet masks as frequently and tend to reach for them even less often in the warmer months, so I may not reach my goal until sometime next year. Maybe I'll get to that place for the 2025 beauty inventory @haleyvvvv


A shout out to the wonderful @lnum (I hope you are well!) - she would keep only a very small, select number of sheet masks on hand, and only replenish when she ran low or ran out. That was quite impressive to me (as I clearly had a different approach back then 🤣). I'm not quite there, but maybe soon? Or, probably soon-ish is more likely. Emphasis on the ish! 😅

thumbnail_May - Sheet Masks.jpg

One of the best Cica-based, soothing sheet masks around. On my 3rd tub.One of the best Cica-based, soothing sheet masks around. On my 3rd tub.

Great for spot treating/maskingGreat for spot treating/masking


Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@itsfi Huh tubs of masks? Interesting. Your post made me laugh. You made fantastic progress!

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Samtian, yeah, I could have been a mini distribution center for sheet masks. 🤣 You want a soothing sheet mask, I got that. Hydration your aim, here you go. Looking for that unique material or hard-to-find ingredient, tell me what you're looking for; I probably have it here ... somewhere. 🙄  Or, at least I did. 


Brands have gotten better with these masks in tubs. Many hold an amount that generally corresponds to a month's worth. Before, there would be brands (and there may still be) that put out these multi-mask packs with 27 sheets or 35 sheets. Because, you know, there's so many months with 27 or 35 days in it. 🤔

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

-Before I wasn't planning on doing anything with my sheet masks. It's a good thing I did. A year or so ago I arranged them in order to use, by best by date. Getting them ready to take photos I decided to toss the ones that expired in 2022. I left the 2023. One was damaged. Last time I counted I think it was around 99 (since I rarely use them I probably have a box of the rest floating around somewhere). I think I counted 69. I'm going to try to use at least one a month, I don't remember how long it's been. ( I went back and looked and I used one if Feb and one in March.) So I think I can handle one a month at minimum. 


- Now highlighters are my favorite product!!! I use a different one each day at work, and am trying to remember to mark them in my Use It project in the Pan It! - 2024 Challenge  When I started the project I had counted 115. I have gotten rid of some I think. But I don't think those were counted in my project.




Highlighters Group 1.jpgHighlighters Group 2.jpg

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Samtian I love your amazing highlighter collection! Also, great use on your mask collection!

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@curlychiquita Thank you!!

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Samtian. those sure are some pretty highlighters! I love your goal of using new highlighter a day at work. That's a nice system to use what you have and it keeps it from getting monotonous and boring. Oooouh, look at all your Becca highlighters❣️ 😍

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@itsfi It's definitely fun to do a different one each day!

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Samtian  wow, so many cute sheet masks and beautiful highlighters! Great collection! I love highlighters too, though I don't have as many as you - they can be so pretty and I think they can really elevate a look.

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@caitbird Thank you! I'm kinda obsessed with them lol. 

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

That's a beautiful collection of masks and highlighters @Samtian I would absolutely love too hear what your favorite ones are out of this bunch. 😃

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

So far it's  Becca Champagne Pop, ABh Iced Out and Marshmallow, RDF The Sorcerer, and he Winky Lux Powder Lights. Those are the one's I have marked from my Use It project so far.

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

Fantastic collections @Samtian ! I’m trying to figure out your favorite highlighter! Which one (s) do you love? 

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Sunnysmom Oof that is a tough choice. I can't remember them all but I know I love Becca Champagne Pop, ABh Iced Out and Marshmallow, RDF The Sorcerer, and he Winky Lux Powder Lights. 

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

I kept wondering about the RdF highlighters @Samtian , if they had lots of glitter or not. Good to hear you like it!

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Sunnysmom Some of them have glitter, but they are pretty sheer and take a couple layers to really make it pop. Each of these swatches is 2-3 heavy swatches to get them to show, and one is still very had to see. I had them set aside to say which was which but George knocked them all down.  Shown in ring light, flash, indoor, outdoor and outdoor shade lighting. 





Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

Ooh thank you so much @Samtian , these are so pretty! Maybe a bit too much glitter for me tho I do love the sheerness of them, but they’re gorgeous on you! 🤩 Your tattoo is so cute!! Special meaning?! 💞

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Sunnysmom Thanks! The tattoo is from a band called Bring Me the Horizon. 

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Samtian - Wow!  I have no face masks and maybe five highlighters. 🤣

Re: 2024 - Twelve Months of Beauty Inventory

@Titian06 Hahaha! At least with you they probably get used and don't collect dust? 

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