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What are you giving this year?

Hello all,

I would love to know what all of you guys are getting your friends and fam for Christmas (or any other holiday you may celebrate) this year! I just love to hear what people are planning for the season.

Plus, I am nosy and curious ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Let me know!!!!


-Ko โค๏ธ

Re: What are you giving this year?

Other than little Sephora gift sets, I've bought


  • Books and independent magazines. I like giving magazine subscriptions, especially nowadays when journalism is having a rough time. I also like supporting small, independent bookstores in Toronto. Most of the people I know are rather bookish so this is probably 75% of my gifting. I always give books to children too. There is one bookstore I like where they know kid's lit so well and do not hesitate to recommend books with female protagonists for male children.
  • Scented candles. I like the Vancouver Candle Co Toronto neighbourhoods series although I have to admit, I also got a little Diptyque one for a family member, they are just sooooo pretty
  • Looseleaf teas
  • Jewelry if I know the giftee's style very well
  • Donations to charities
  • Homemade beauty products like bath soaks, lip balms, face masks and so on. For scenting items, I have 30 different essential oils, including ones that are specially filtered to remove irritants and photosensitizing compounds ๐Ÿ™‚ I also now have many luxe organic oils from The Ordinary! What I end up mixing for someone is very personal, especially the scents I choose, so it is like a special message for someone.
  • I also like to buy desserty treats for everyone who provides me regular service of some kind: my doctor, my hairdresser, my landlord, my coworkers, staff of a library I frequent a lot, staff of a bookstore I visit tons, etc.

Re: What are you giving this year?

@Kohedges I think my friends who are less beauty-obsessed are getting a little tired of my hair/skin/makeup gifts, so I'm going to try some other things out.  For one, I'm going to start with an ornament from Tiffany's.  For another, I'm going to gift some Sugarfina and chocolate.  Another will get a gift card...

Re: What are you giving this year?

Fuzzy socks infused with shea butter or aloe are so great and are not unappreciated

Re: What are you giving this year?

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: What are you giving this year?

Love this thread.  Great idea @Kohedges!  Similar to what some other posters have done, I purchased a Sephora Favorites lip kit, a set of L'Occitane hand creams and mascara kit from Macy's and then put together a little gift box with a lip stick/gloss, a handcream and a mascara. 

Re: What are you giving this year?

This is a really cool idea.  For my dad, I got him a couple of sweaters, a scarf, and I think a tee shirt and some casual button down shirts.  I think they're coordinated?  Haha, I have no idea what he'll actually keep.  I just hope he doesn't return everything.


For my mom I got a couple of different skin care sets and then some little things.  I picked up the stila written in the stars set for her because last year when we went to sephora she was interested in them.  I just hope I can kind of show her how to use them well. 


For my bf, I also got him skincare sets because he is really into whatever I'm doing whenever I bust out a face mask.  So I got him some masks and a sunday riley good genes. 


My mom wanted to know what to get my bf so I just went to Lululemon and picked up some shirts for him.  He loves Lululemon so I'm sure he'll be into it. 


For my bff, I got her some scrapbooking stuff that's baby themed since she's due in April. 

Re: What are you giving this year?

I have gone with 23andme dna ancestry kits for a few relatives. Im hoping this is a gift that will be informative and interesting and the knowledge gained will be something they dont forget unlike a gift of socks or hand lotion. I love Christmas but the older I get the more resentment I feel towards the commercial aspect of it and the need to seek out 'stuff' to give to people who pretty much have all the 'stuff' they need.Get off my lawn yo.

Re: What are you giving this year?

That is a fantastic gift, @grizzlymaze

Re: What are you giving this year?

D4mn, that's a really cool gift idea!  I wish I was getting one of those dna kits under my tree this year!

Re: What are you giving this year?

I don't have any one on my list that wears much make up but some of the gift I got are-Bath and body works hand soaps,a lamp,a kettle,earrings,a farmers almanac book,Yardley soaps,sneakers,pillows,plum pudding,snowman decorating kit,Mogs Christmas book,a print of beach glass fiddle heads,hair ties.I have more but that's all I can think of right now.


Re: What are you giving this year?

As a recent graduate, I am really hurting on money right now, but still wanted to get the girls in my family some cute makeup stuff so this is what I did:


I went on Ulta and only got lotion, makeup or fragrance that had gifts with purchases..   I stuck with sample sized products because they are cheaper, and my loved ones could pick if they really liked the product or not. (I also have a million sample sized products so I'm going to wrap those as well)... I made sure that the gifts with purchases came with makeup bags.. so that way everyone had there own makeup bag..


So basically what I am going to do, is give the girls their makeup bag first.. then as everyone sits around and opens presents, they will open what they got one at a time and fill their makeup bag up! Obvi. stuff like lotion won't fit.. but still.. 


A super great Christmas gift for someone on a BUDGET...

Re: What are you giving this year?

@KMinneyThat is a really good idea and sounds like a lot of fun!  It's kind of like Trick-or-treat meets Christmas!

person 1: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream person 2: ABH cream con...

person 1: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream person 2: ABH cream contour kit, Cover FX contour brush, IT cosmetics Bye Bye powder, IT cosmetics heavenly luxe brush, Origins Modern Friction (spoiling her bc she's had a tough year) person 3: Estee Lauder lipstick set, Estee Lauder ANR set person 4: sleek eyeshadow palette (still searching for something else, she's new to makeup) person 5: Clinique for Men exfoliating scrub (and some gamer t-shirts lol)

Re: person 1: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream person 2: ABH cream con...

wow, you sound like an expert gift giver ๐Ÿ™‚

RE: What are you giving this year?

Hi, my friend and I are sending each other gifts across the states, so I bought her the violet voss HG palette n the benefit primer along with other goodies. Hopefully she enjoys them ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Re: RE: What are you giving this year?

I hope she does too! It's awesome how friendships stay strong even miles away ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi! I bought my best friend the new UD Naked Heat Palette...

Hi! I bought my best friend the new UD Naked Heat Palette as it has been in her wishlist for awhile!

Re: Hi! I bought my best friend the new UD Naked Heat Palette...

That's awesome. You sound like a good friend to have ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: What are you giving this year?

Wow! You guys are such great gift givers!!!!! I know a lot of you guys were wondering what I got my friends and fam from Sephora, so here it goes (I won't say who just in case they see this)

-Tarte Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Bronzer set

-Clinique Take it all off Duo

-Too Faced More than Meets the Eye Duo
-Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora highlight palette (I got it for only $24 on Black Friday !!!!!! )

-Peter Thomas Roth Meet Your Mask 

And I also got a Lorac lipgloss gift set from Ulta.

 I'm still shopping so your guy's suggestions are very helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Re: What are you giving this year?

@Kohedges, what fun gifts!  Your friends and family will love them! 


I've gifted The Clinique Take It All Off Duo to friends and family often.  Love the PTR Meet your Mask set - to give as a complete set and also to break it up and use as stocking stuffers.

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